Shura's Wrath Chapter 772

Chapter 772

Returning To The Novice Village  

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Editor: Modlawls123  


The Rainbow Glass Barrier would last for 6 hours, and even if Blue Heart wanted to, even she was unable to remove it. As such, even though Ling Chen had used the [Soulstealing Curse] to leave his mark on their minds, he was still unable to immediately leave the Rainbow Glass Barrier. As such, he could only wait another 6 or so hours until the barrier disappeared.  

However, if Ling Chen did not make full use of his time with the 3 naked Moon Goddesses, who would not resist him at all, then he was not a real man. Within those 6 hours, he used 3 minutes to ask the Moon Goddesses what he wanted to know, started to lay his hands on White Snow during the 4th minute, and by the 5th minute, he had sprung on top of her.  

Compared to last time, when the 3 Moon Goddesses could not move and he only had thirty minutes, Ling Chen enjoyed himself fully this time. He barely stopped during those 5 hours, and putting aside their moans and embarrassed looks as they united with him, just the thought that the women under him were the high and mighty Moon Goddesses made Ling Chen so excited that he couldnt stop  

When the Rainbow Glass Barrier disappeared, Ling Chen, with his incredibly tough and vigorous body, did not feel tired at all. On the other hand, the 3 Moon Goddesses faces were completely red, making them seem less sacred and more enchanting.  

This worlds too wonderful Ling Chen closed his eyes and raised his face to the sky, spreading out his arms as if he was trying to hug the sky. Now, he truly felt that he was invincible within the Mystic Moon world. Putting aside his invincible fighting power, even if he was a LV0 normal player, with the 3 Moon Goddesses protecting him, he could do anything he wanted in the Mystic Moon world.  

The places that your ancestors created the Novice Villages that we arrive at when we first come here are you able to find them? Ling Chen asked with a smile after muttering to himself. After conquering the 3 Moon Goddesses, the problem that he had been fretting about could be easily solved the only way to return to Novice Village 49554 was for the Moon Goddesses to send him back. This was impossible before, but now, it was simpler than simple.  

Those places were created by our ancestors, and each of them still has our Moon God Clans aura; it is quite simple to find their locations. Where do you want to go? White Snow said softly, her gaze no longer filled with hostility but gentleness and infatuation.  

Hearing White Snow say this, the last trace of worry in Ling Chens mind disappeared. In that case, can you send me to Novice Village 49554?  

Blue Heart immediately replied, Of course we can; going there will be incredibly simple. But why do you want to go there? Only the weakest creatures exist there, and theres nothing fun there.   

I want to go there to find something. If you can do it, just send me there, Ling Chen said. Of course, doing this as soon as possible would be for the best.  

White Snow lightly nodded. Alright, since thats what you want, we definitely wont refuse. In that case, do you want us to come with you? That way well be able to protect you.  

No. Ling Chen shook his head. Going by myself will be enough. In this world, apart from you 3 working together, theres essentially nothing that can threaten me anymore. Thats right you said before that the Lunar Scourges Sun God Orb was destroyed by your ancestors using a special method; is that true?  

White Snow and Purple Dress looked at each other, and Purple Dress expressionlessly replied, Its true, though we didnt see it ourselves. However, since this was what our ancestors told us, it should be true.  

Ling Chens chest lightly heaved according to what Qi Yue had said, reviving a person required 4 key ingredients. If he had the other 3 ingredients, the Lunar Scourge with only 12 God Orbs would be sufficient to revive someone. However, that person would lose all of their memories and 3 out of their 5 senses. If he was missing a Saint Orb, the effects would not be as bad, but the revived person would still lose one third of their memories and one of their senses.  

If the Sun God Orb really had been destroyed, then the Lunar Scourge would never be complete, and even if he had all of the other ingredients and the legend about resurrection was really true, Shui Ruo would still be missing some of her memories and would lose one of her senses. If Shui Ruo was missing some memories, her life would not be complete.  

Okay, send me to Novice Village 49554 then, Ling Chen said lightly.  

Alright. The 3 Moon Goddesses simultaneously closed their eyes and locked onto Novice Village 49554 in a few moments. As they moved their hands, a holy energy covered Ling Chen before disappearing along with him.  

Ding you have arrived at Novice Village 49554.  

It was an ancient-looking village and had only a few buildings. The roofs were all made from yellowed bricks, and the main bodies of the houses were made from wood, looking quite old. The air was quite fresh and clear, and there was not a single trace of pollution. If one raised their head, they would be able to see a blue sky with scattered clouds, as well as a few birds happily flying over now and then.  

The system announcement in Ling Chens ears announced that he had returned to Novice Village 49554. Ling Chen opened his eyes, looked around the familiar village, and then deeply breathed in the fresh air here. As a region separated from the rest of the continents, the air here was incredibly fresh, and this place was a heaven-like existence.  

The only difference was that the once-bustling village that had been filled with players was now exceptionally quiet. Looking around, apart from a few buildings and a few NPCs, there was not a single player. This didnt mean that there were no new players, but that the number of new players entering the Novice Villages had decreased as less and less new players entered the Mystic Moon world. Currently, Chinas players would only be placed in the first 5000 Novice Villages, and from half a year ago, no new players had been sent to Novice Village 49554.  

The clue that SuEr had given him was only 49554, and it most likely referred to this Novice Village. Even though it was only a Novice Village, it was fairly large, and even with Xiao Huis help, finding an orb in such a large area would take quite some time.  

Ling Chen decided to first ask the villagers for any clues after making up his mind, Ling Chen walked forwards, and not too long after, an elderly but well-built man appeared in his vision. Ling Chen immediately recognised him and walked over.  

Hello, Village Chief, long time no see, Ling Chen greeted the Village Chief as he took off his Evil Gods Mask. Even though he had not seen him for a year, he was the first player in the entire world who had left the Novice Village, so the Village Chief most likely had an impression of him and might still remember him.  

Hello, young man oh! Oh? After blankly replying, the Village Chief suddenly came to his senses and stared at Ling Chen. From 6 months ago, new players had stopped being sent to Novice Village 49554, and Ling Chen was evidently not someone from the village. As such, the Village Chief was quite shocked, and he asked in surprise, May I ask who you are? Could you be an adventurer from another world? Wait young man, why do you seem so familiar? Have we met before?  

Thats right, weve met before. It was about a year ago, Ling Chen said as he smiled.  

A year ago? Oh ah! Thats right! Youre the first adventurer to walk out of a Novice Village! The Village Chief quickly remembered and said excitedly, Thats right, its you. I remember youre called called Ling Tian! Thats right, Ling Tian!  

Its my honour that Village Chief still remembers me after such a long time, Ling Chen said as he smiled.  

The Village Chief laughed loudly, How could I not remember you? The first adventurer to walk out of a Novice Village was actually from my Novice Village; I was quite proud about that for a long time. Following this, a confused look appeared on his face. I remember that it should be impossible for otherworlders to come back here after they leave for another continent, so how did you come back?  

Haha, Im here to find something. Ling Chen did not give a direct answer, and he took off the Moon God Orb from the Lunar Scourge, showing it to the Village Chief. Village Chief, have you seen something that looks similar to this orb in the village? Ive come back to look for this; its very important to me.  

Oh, what a pretty orb; its light has a mysteriousness thats hard to describe, the Village Chief exclaimed after looking at it for a while before shaking his head. But its a pity that Ive never seen a similar orb before. If Ive seen one before, I definitely would have some impression of it.  

So its like that Ling Chen nodded in slight disappointment and put the Moon God Orb away. Since the Village Chief said that he had not seen it, it was most likely not in the village itself but perhaps in the wilderness region outside of it. However, if it was in the wilderness, finding it would be quite troublesome. Ling Chen did not know just how big this Novice Village was because when he had left, he had not explored the entire region.  

Thanks for your time, Village Chief, I think the thing Im looking for might be in the wilderness.  

Oh! The Village Chief nodded. For you to come back and look for it, it must be very important to you. May the Moon Goddesses bless you so that you find it soon. Ill also have a look around for you.  

Alright, thank you Village Chief. Ling Chen thanked the Village Chief before preparing to re-socket the Moon God Orb into the Lunar Scourge.  

At this moment, at the northeast of the Novice Village, the door of an incredibly tattered grass hut was opened as an old man wearing ragged clothing stiffly walked out, giving off a putrid smell. Suddenly, his body paused and he quickly looked around, his dirty hair covering his face as his turbid eyes sharply fell on Ling Chens body, the Moon God Orb, and the Lunar Scourge.  

In that moment, his body started to tremble, and he madly cried out and stumbled before rushing at Ling Chen  


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