Shura's Wrath Chapter 773

Chapter 773

Night Emperor  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


The strange old mans sudden yell gave the Village Chief a big fright, and seeing him rush over, the Village Chief blocked his path to Ling Chen and hurriedly said, This persons very dangerous; hurry and leave this place.  

Back then, when Ling Chen was about to leave the Novice Village, he had seen a very similar scene. This old man had yelled strangely while charging at him, and back then, he had felt quite afraid because he had casually slapped another player for an astronomical amount of damage and that had been an incredibly simple attack without using any weapons or skills. That was why the Village Chief had quickly sent him away back then.  

However, the current Ling Chen was no longer afraid of anything in the Mystic Moon world.  

When the crazy old mans yell sounded out, Ling Chen focused his attention on the old man and did not move despite the Village Chief yelling at him to get away. This was because he noticed that as the old man was rushing over, his eyes were staring at the Moon God Orb and the Lunar Scourge!  

Come to think of it, last time, when he had charged over, Ling Chen had been showing the Village Chief the Lunar Scourge and asking him if he had seen it before. Could it be that this crazy old man recognised the Lunar Scourge?  

If he did recognise the Lunar Scourge, he had to have lived for over 10,000 years. After all, even the knowledgeable Village Chief knew nothing about the Lunar Scourge, so did this crazy old man know about it? If that was the case, why would he react in such an exaggerated way?   

The crazy old man brought with him a putrid smell. Even though he was incredibly old, he moved like a flash of lightning, moving past the Village Chief in an instant and springing towards Ling Chen. His hands, which were as dry as tree bark, grabbed onto Ling Chens right foot and ankle, and it was as if he was afraid of Ling Chen running away. He raised his incredibly dirty face, his eyes staring fixedly at Ling Chens right wrist  

Lunar Scourge Lunar Scourge Lunar Scourge Yue my daughter my daughter  

The old mans words caused Ling Chen to feel quite shocked he had evidently called out the name Lunar Scourge! This meant that he knew the Lunar Scourge and that he had lived for over 10,000 years!!  

Even people like the War God Chi Xuan Wu Hen and Xiao Feng Chen, peak existences among humans, had only lived for 2,000 to 3,000 years, and that was also the lifespan for Moon God Representatives. That range was already the limit for humans. Moon Goddesses also counted as humans, so from that aspect, the Moon Goddesses were the only humans that could live for over 10,000 years. Whats more, they possessed Saint Destroyer grade power or even surpassed that, but this old man was he really more than 10,000 years old?  

This This hurry up and let go of this young man; hes our villages guest. The crazy old mans actions caused the Village Chief to feel at a loss as to what to do, and he hurriedly grabbed at the old mans arms, trying to drag him away from Ling Chen. However, he was much weaker than the crazy old man, and even though he used all of his strength, he couldnt make his hands budge even an inch.  

Wait, Village Chief. Ling Chen shook his head and stretched out his hand, motioning to the Village Chief. I dont think he has any ill intent by grabbing onto me; maybe he even has something important to say to me.  

As Ling Chen spoke, he suddenly felt a strange sensation from his right wrist. As he looked over, he saw that the Lunar Scourges 13 Orbs were letting out a faint silver light.  

Ling Chen instantly felt dumbfounded because the Lunar Scourges Orbs were reacting, this meant that there was a Lunar Scourge Orb nearby!!  

The only thing that had come close to him was this crazy old man who was grabbing onto him. Could it be that this crazy old man had an orb on him?  

Ling Chen suddenly remembered that Qi Yue had suddenly said that she had detected a Saint Orb as they were being sent from the Novice Village to Azure Dragon City. When she said that, this crazy old man had been leaping towards him. After that, he had been transported from the Novice Village to Azure Dragon City.  

You recognise the Lunar Scourge? Ling Chen brought his right wrist closer to this crazy old man, displaying the Lunar Scourge to him fully. Immediately, the old man madly nodded, grabbing onto his right wrist with a steel-like grip as he muttered, Lunar Scourge Lunar Scourge my daughter my daughter can you hear my voice oh, my daughter   

This This Whats going on? Ive never seen him like this before, The Village Chief said in confusion.  

Your daughter? Ling Chen asked in surprise.  

My daughter shes inside oh, my daughter Ive searched for you for 10,000 years 10,000 years Tears flowed down the crazy old mans face as his grip on Ling Chens wrist tightened, making Ling Chen feel as if his wrist was going to snap.  

His daughter was inside the Lunar Scourge? 10,000 years could it be Qi Yue?  

This guess caused Ling Chens heart rate to increase. He frowned and hesitantly asked, Whats your daughters name? Why would she be in here?  

Shes called Yue my YueEr she doesnt have a body anymore her soul was devoured and locked in here these years, Ive continuously searched for her Ive finally found my daughter 10,000 years, a whole 10,000 years  


Qi Yue  

Ling Chens heart started to tremble. When he had first met Qi Yue, she had told him that she had no body, that she was only a soul that was attached to the Lunar Scourge, and that her name was Yue. In that case, she was definitely this crazy old mans daughter! This crazy old man was Qi Yues father!!  

This was a shocking conclusion that Ling Chen had never expected.  

Since this old man was most likely Qi Yues father, Ling Chen naturally couldnt act violently or rudely towards him. He grabbed the old mans arms and said slowly, Elderly one, please get up I wont run away; at the very least, lets talk somewhere else. The Lunar Scourge has been on me for the past year, so Ill try to answer any questions you have. Perhaps your daughter is the person I know.  

The crazy old mans body quivered and stared at Ling Chen for a while before shakily getting up and following Ling Chen. The Village Chief stared at them as they left, his gaze filled with confusion.  

By the time Ling Chen stopped walking, they had reached a quiet area with no one else around. The old man, who had remained a few steps behind him, rushed up and his body trembled as he emotionally cried out, My daughter is my daughter in the Lunar Scourge? Have you met her already? Yes she has to be in there as long as the Lunar Scourge doesnt disappear, she wont disappear has she been well over the years? Has Has she suffered a lot does she hate me  

Elderly one, dont get too emotional, Ling Chen said calmly as he asked, Is your daughters name Qi Yue?  

Qi Yue? Hearing this name, the old man paused, then tears started flow down his face again. Qi... Yue Qi Yue thats right, staying for 10,000 years in that dark place without seeing the sun, who can imagine that sort of bleak pain, and who could stand it the only thing shes felt over these years is bleak painthats why shes called Qi Yue perhaps she hates her useless father for not being able to save her hates me so much that she doesnt want to be called Ye Yue but Qi Yue my poor daughter, its my fault [TLN: The Qi in Qi Yues name means bleak or mournful]  

The old man once again started to weep, while Ling Chen felt quite startled. Ye Yue? His daughter was called Ye Yue was this Qi Yues name in the past? Did Qi Yue rename herself to that because of the bleak and mournful pain she had felt?  


Ye Yue Ye?!  

In the Forgotten Continents Chronicles, the only family with the surname Ye was was  

Ling Chen quickly summoned Xiao Hui behind him and used Xiao Huis Eye of the Holy Spirit to see the crazy old mans information.  

[Ye Wu Ya]: Type: Night Emperor, Grade: Saint Destroyer, HP: 32,000,000,000. A male Moon God birthed by the previous generations Moon Goddess, and his power was weaker than the female Moon Goddesses. However, he had an unruly and free personality, and he wished for living creatures to be equal instead of there being a hierarchy. He advocated for powerful creatures to be able to join the Moon God Clan.  

Because his ideologies differed too much from the Moon God Clans ideologies, he split away from them and wandered by himself. Afterwards, he established the Xiao Yao Sect. Later, his daughter Ye Yue was devoured by the Lunar Scourge, which greatly needed an item soul. When he finally found a way to save her, the Moon God Clan had already destroyed the Lunar Scourge and sealed its main body into a remote place. He flew into a fit of rage, becoming enemies with the Moon God Clan, and he changed the Xiao Yao Sects name into something that went against the Moon God Clans name, the Night Demon Clan, becoming the Night Emperor. [TLN: Xiao Yao means free and unfettered]  

In order to save his daughter, Ye Wu Ya attacked the Moon God Clan many times, hoping to force the Moon God Clan to tell him the location of the Lunar Scourge. However, the Night Demon Clans overall strength was far below the Moon God Clans, and after many battles, it was annihilated by the Moon God Clan. Afterwards, Ye Wu Ya heard that the Lunar Scourge was sealed in a remote place, and he spent thousands of years searching for it fruitlessly. Finally, he fell into despair and remained in Novice Village 49554, living crazily and aimlessly. [TLN: Ye means Night]  

Passive Abilities: (Omitted); Attack Skills: (Omitted); Weaknesses: (Omitted)  

Even though Ling Chen was somewhat prepared, when the information from Xiao Huis Eye of the Holy Spirit appeared in his mind, his jaw still dropped, almost spitting out a mouthful of saliva.  

This incredibly dirty, smelly, and crazy old man, who looked worse than a beggar, was that mysterious Night Demon Clans Night Emperor!! A Saint Destroyer grade peak existence!  


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