Shura's Wrath Chapter 781

Chapter 781

Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb  

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Qi Yue sounded quite logical. After all, the Demon Emperors soul was not something that was inanimate or dead, and it could become quite unstable. However, Ling Chen could not accept Qi Yues words. He shook his head and decisively said, No! Before, you said that the resurrected person would not be revived with their full memories and senses if the Lunar Scourge was not complete. The Lunar Scourge is still missing the Sun God Orb, so if we do it right now  

No, no! Little master has misunderstood, Qi Yue smiled as she cut Ling Chen off. According to the recorded method of resurrection, as long as the Moon Goddesses blood, Demon Emperors soul, and Shuras tear are fused, they can create a special item that possesses utmost holiness, utmost evil, and utmost hatred. The natural laws make it so that although holiness, evil, and hatred can coexist under certain circumstances, they can never coexist in an item or creature. However, this special item is an item that contains utmost holiness, evil, and hatred, and its existence is something that breaks the natural laws and has heaven-defying effects.  

If it is consumed by a deceased being, it can reverse the natural order and cause the deceased being to come back to life. The Lunar Scourges power determines the strength of this special item. The stronger the power of the Lunar Scourge, the more powerful the effects of the resurrection. With the complete Lunar scourge, creating this special item will give them the best results. I know how much little master wants lil sis Shui Ruo to be perfectly revived. However, the Lunar Scourge is not the most important thing for the creation of this item even though the item will not be perfect, if you can find the Sun God Orb afterwards and touch it to the item, it will be as if it was created with a completed Lunar Scourge.  

At the same time, by fusing what you currently have, you can test whether the legend is true or not. If the Lunar Scourge really can combine those ingredients to create a heaven-defying item that contains utmost holiness, evil, and hatred, it should be sufficient to prove that the legend is real and that lil sis Shui Ruo really can be awakened.  

The final thing that Qi Yue said deeply tugged at Ling Chens heartstrings. He fell silent for a while before lightly nodding. Alright.  

Fairy Realm.  

Ling Chen floated above the Fairy Fountain and looked down at the pure and beautiful girl sleeping in the water. Her eyes were shut, looking as if she was sleeping peacefully, and she did not know that she was continuously in a mans heart and dreams  

Ruo Ruo, I havent seen you in a month, and Im sure youre definitely missing me desperately like how I desperately miss you. Its not that I dont want to come to see you, but that I dont dare to because every time I see you sleeping like this, my heart aches to the point that I cant breathe. Every time, I want to stay here forever and be with you, and I keep you in my vision so that you wont be alone each time I take my eyes away from you, it takes all of my willpower, and it makes me feel even more pain than 10,000 blades stabbing into my body  

Now, just looking at you, I feel an indescribable happiness. I cant even begin to imagine how happy Ill feel when you wake up again. Im sure that day will come soon, so wait for me  

Dad Mum Even though youre not my biological parents, the fatherly and motherly love that you showed me was complete, and you gave me a complete family. To become your son was one of the greatest blessings in my life. It was just that fate cruelly took both of you away I dont dare to forget a single sentence that you said before you passed away, and your gazes often appear in my mind its a pity that I let you down and wasnt able to take care of Ruo Ruo properly I know that in these years, youve been watching over us from heaven. In that case, watch as I awaken Ruo Ruo; after all, I cant be without Ruo Ruo and Ruo Ruo cant be without me  

Many memories from before appeared in Ling Chens mind. His happiness and bliss were shattered by the Isrock Disease, and no matter how powerful he was, he could only howl in despair in front of that nightmare. He had lost his father, mother, and Ruo Ruo afterwards, Shui Ruo had become the most important thing in his life, and his only desire was for her to get well. However, in the end  

Those painful memories also appeared in his mind, causing Ling Chens body to slightly tremble as his breathing became erratic. Slowly, Ling Chens eyes, which were looking at Shui Ruo, became hazy, and a tear condensed at the corners of his eyes and soundlessly fell followed by a second, third until the tears became unstoppable  

At his side, Qi Yue quickly moved and used a mysterious power to guide the teardrops into the Lunar Scourge. After collecting 5 teardrops, Qi Yue stopped and excitedly called out, Well done, little master, thats enough.  

Ling Chen didnt seem to hear Qi Yues voice, and he continued to stand there. After a while, he finally slowly turned around, and dispiritedly said, Do you know how to combine them?  

Of course I know; the method is recorded in depth in the records. As the item soul of the Lunar Scourge, of course I know this. Well then, lets begin, Qi Yue said as she smiled.  

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.  

Ling Chen had no idea what the result of the fusion would be. However, the results were simply too important to him. If that reviving item could really be created, it would mean that the legend of resurrection was true. If he could then find the Sun God Orb, he could perfectly awaken Shui Ruo.  

However, if there was no result from the fusing or if it was impossible to fuse such a thing, that meant that the legend was a lie. Everything that he had been working so hard for would be for nought, and the hope of awakening Shui Ruo would turn into an impossible dream.  

As Qi Yue placed her hand on the Lunar Scourge and started to activate the Lunar Scourges power to combine the Moon Goddesses blood, Demon Emperors soul, and Shuras tears, one could only imagine how intense Ling Chens emotions were. This was because the result of this meant the difference between heaven and hell to him. Looking at Qi Yue, there was also a nervous expression on her face, her 5 snow-white fingers lightly trembling, afraid that she would make a mistake in the process.  

Neither person said anything, and they held their breaths, silently waiting for a reaction from the Lunar Scourge.  

As Qi Yues fingers lightly moved, the Lunar Scourge flashed with a faint silver light. As the light grew, the Moon Goddesses blood, Shuras tears, and Demon Emperors soul silently started to combine in the space within the Lunar Scourge. Slowly, the silver light started to flash, and Ling Chen continued to stare at it, not daring to blink. Every time the light flashed, his heart leaped, and Qi Yue was not much better off either. In just 10 or so seconds, both of their foreheads were beaded with cold sweat.  

She seems to be just as nervous as me. Perhaps she really hopes that Ill be able to successfully awaken Shui Ruo Ling Chen thought, detecting Qi Yues emotions.  

Look, little master! Qi Yues incredibly excited voice sounded out, causing Ling Chen to come back to his senses. He immediately looked at the Lunar Scourge and saw a tiny, transparent, crystal-like orb where the Sun God Orb should have been. It was as big as a rice grain, and it slowly grew.  

What What is that? Ling Chen said somewhat hoarsely.  

In the records, the 4 ingredients fused together can create something that can resurrect dead beings, and it is called the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb. Qi Yue stared at the transparent object, a look of excitement on her face that Ling Chen had never seen before. In the legends, its said that the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb is a transparent orb that is much smaller than the Lunar Scourges Orbs this must mean that the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb of the legends is being created! If this really is a Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb, that means the legend of resurrection is true! And its happening right before our eyes.  

Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb Ling Chen did not dare to move his right wrist at all, afraid that he might disturb the transparent object. Seeing it grow, waves of shock crashed within his heart after such a long time, as he searched for the Lunar Scourges Orbs, he desperately avoided thinking about the possibility that the legend of resurrection that Qi Yue spoke of was just a story. This was because Qi Yue said that this legend came from ancient times and that there was no way of testing if it was true. At the very least, within all recorded history, no creature had ever been revived before.  

However, hearing Qi Yue talk about the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb and seeing the transparent orb growing on the Lunar Scourge, Ling Chen felt so excited that he wanted to scream because after desperately struggling for 1 year, he had seen true evidence of hope today.  

Within the light, the crystalline orb continued to slowly grow. After a few minutes, the orb grew from being the size of a rice grain to being as big as a nail until it became a perfect sphere. Following this, its growth started to slow down. Qi Yue put her hands over it and softly said, I can feel it utmost holiness, utmost evil, and utmost hatred are about to gather in this orb, and they are about to perfectly fuse within it. This completely goes against the laws of nature, and it is a heaven-defying event that shouldnt happen!  

This is it! This is it! This is exactly as the legends say! The legends from the ancient times are actually true; this is definitely the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb that can bring about resurrection!  


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