Shura's Wrath Chapter 784

Chapter 784

Shura's Might 

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Thunderclouds suddenly gathered above Ling Tian City, becoming a deep purple colour. Following this, as countless terrified cries sounded out, innumerable purple bolts of lightning fused into a massive curtain of lightning, descending towards Ling Tian City


The sound of countless lightning bolts piercing through the air caused the air in the surrounding 10 kilometres to violently tremble, and Ling Tian City was instantly bathed in a purple light.

Terrified screams filled every corner of Ling Tian City, and everyone closed their eyes in fear as they saw the lightning descend. At the same time, they all thought that Ling Tian City was finished! The descending demon beasts were already a horrifying catastrophe, and this lightning, which covered the entirety of Ling Tian City, was thousands of times more terrifying. Under this sort of lightning, everyone would be completely annihilated, and Ling Tian City would also turn into dust.

However, 1 second passed 2 seconds passed the ground trembled and the crackling of lightning could be heard, but no players felt any discomfort, nor did they hear the system announcement telling them that they had died. They opened their eyes in surprise and discovered that the space around them had become a pure purple colour. However, the demon beasts that they had been desperately fighting against were struck by the lightning, turning into black fog. Players and NPCs were completely fine, and even the structures were not damaged at all.

Apart from some attacks, which did not differentiate from friend and foe, AOE attacks could lock onto certain targets and avoid certain targets. That way, one could hit all enemies within an area while not hitting their allies. However, the larger the area of a skill, the more difficult it would be to control. If one did not precisely lock on to their targets, it was likely that they might injure allies or structures unintentionally.

Controlling an attack that covered an entire city to only fall on demon beasts and not harm anyone else or the structures was like an impossible story to anyone who heard about this. However, Ling Chen, with his monstrous mental energy, had done it. This lightning, which had covered the entirety of Ling Tian City, had only precisely struck demon beasts, and it had not mistakenly hit a single player, NPC, or structure. Moreover, this was not normal lightning. It was tribulation lighting that even the powerful Shura from 10,000 years ago could not resist; the highest-grade lightning in the entire Mystic Moon world. When Ling Chen had first become a Shura, he had received a baptism of tribulation lightning and had absorbed all of it into his Thunder Gods Bulwark. This time, he unreservedly let it all out even though it covered the entire city, it was still tribulation lightning even if it was spread 10 times more, it would still have incomparably destructive power.

From the low-grade 1 Star Elites to the high-grade Celestial grade demon beasts, 70,000 or so demon beasts were completely obliterated by the tribulation lightning.

After the lightning disappeared, the fighting within Ling Tian City also ended, and the entire city fell into a few seconds of silence. Almost everyone stared around them, unable to believe what they had just seen very soon, they subconsciously looked up into the air after the lightning disappeared, there was only an orb of lightning that had not yet disappeared, and a figure proudly stood within it.

Ling Tian its City Lord Ling Tian! Hes back!!! The Dwarf Clans Chief Dilo hoarsely cheered.

Just then, that calamity that destroyed the demon beasts no, that lightning, which was even worse than a calamity, was released by him? How could a human have such terrifying power even the 3 Moon Goddesses wouldnt be able to do such a thing! Chief Greenwood looked up in the air. As he cried out in shock, the Fairies beside him also looked up, their hearts trembling.

As for the players, they were so shocked that they could not manage a single word the demon beasts, which had forced them into a bitter battle and were almost unkillable, had disappeared in the blink of an eye was this really done by Ling Tian? As players who belonged to Ling Tian City, none of them were unfamiliar with the name Ling Tian, and none of them doubted his strength. However, they simply could not believe that a players strength could reach such shocking levels just then, that was an attack that had covered the entire city!! Even in sci-fi movies, they had rarely seen such a thing; how could such an attack come from a player?

Not all demon beasts within the city had been killed by the lightning. After Ling Chen briefly rested his mental energy, he felt that there were still 23 auras belonging to demon beasts within the city, and all of them were at least Heavens End grade. The tribulation lightning from just then had not been able to kill them instantly. Even though the other demon beasts had all perished, Ling Tian City was still unable to deal with these 23 powerful Heavens End grade demon beasts, and every second that they existed for could cause massive damage to Ling Tian City. 

Fey, I need to borrow your spatial power! Ling Chen quickly said as he quickly rushed over to Fey.

Fey understood what Ling Chen wanted from his expression alone and gave a slight nod. She held onto Ling Chens arm as the Lachesis flashed with the light of spatial power.


As the light flashed, Fey and Ling Chen simultaneously appeared at the eastern part of Ling Tian City. In front of them was a Heavens End grade 7-Winged Demon Beast. Ling Chen instantly rushed up and did not even bother using the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear. He swung the Shura Emperor Sword and smashed it against the Heavens End demon beasts face


Insta-killed in just a split-second!

The 2 Fairy Clans elders, who had been desperately defending against this powerful Heavens End grade beast, had almost been unable to hold on. They saw a light flash as a massive explosion sounded out, following which the Heavens End grade demon beast roared and turned into a black fog. When they saw Ling Chen standing there, holding the Shura Emperor Sword, their eyes bulged and lips trembled. They were so shocked that they could not speak.

With another whoosh, Fey brought Ling Chen elsewhere, and only after a long time did the 2 elders look towards each other and gulp.

That damage just then d-d-d-did you see it?

I I saw it even the Chief even 10 Chiefs wouldnt be able to deal that kind of damage and that looked like a casual attack from City Lord Ling Tian he didnt even use his other weapon

Oh heavens, City Lord Ling Tian has become so so powerful! To the point that its incomprehensible! Could it be that the Moon God Clan was unable to do anything to him after hunting him down for so long, so they could only give up? That lightning from just then must have come from him as well hes not just our Fairy Clans benefactor, but our Clan following him is simply our blessing





The explosions sounded out rhythmically around Ling Tian City, and Fey would accurately bring Ling Chen in front of a Heavens End grade demon beast each time. In the next second, the powerful Heavens End grade demon beast would be insta-killed by Ling Chen. Even the 10 ancient demon beasts could not receive a single attack from Ling Chen, much less these Heavens End grade scraps. At first, Fey was greatly shocked, but after insta-killing 10 in a row, she became numb to it and only focused on quickly bringing Ling Chen to more Heavens End grade demon beasts.

After teleporting 23 times, the final Heavens End grade demon beast fell at the Shura Emperor Sword. The whole process took less than 2 minutes. 

This nightmarish crisis for Ling Tian City was resolved in just 3 minutes after Ling Chen had arrived.

This was the first time he had displayed a portion of the Shuras power after he had obtained it at the Moon God Island. Up until the final demon beast was killed, everyone was still unable to come back to their senses. After all, even though this disaster had come quite quickly, it had disappeared even faster to the point that it all felt like a dream.

Is that really Ling Tian?!

Li Xiao Xue, Yun Meng Xin, and SuEr were standing on the top floor of the main building in the Administrative District, and they had clearly seen Ling Chen release the lightning. When the purple lightning flashed and started destroying the demon beasts, they felt like it was simply a dream.

Even the most powerful Boss in the Mystic Moon world shouldnt be so outrageously powerful, Li Xiao Xue muttered, a look of disbelief on her face.

Thats why hes a man who no one can match, Yun Meng Xin laughed, her laugh filled with warmness and pride.

Li Xiao Xue gave her a deep look and also laughed before looking into the distance. I was filled with anxiousness just then, but now, theres not even a trace of worry left. Every time he comes back, he gives us a massive surprise, and this time was no exception he nearly scared me to death. With such a monstrous existence, I suddenly feel sorry for those demon beasts gathering outside.

Yun Meng Xin lightly smiled and nodded before picking up her communication device and saying softly, Big brother, Alliance Master Xiao, and the 3 Heavenly Kings, the crisis within the city has been resolved; immediately transfer all of our defensive forces to the city gates. There are more and more demon beasts, and the Mountain Giant should not be able to hold out for much longer.

When Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng, Skyfall, and the others hurried to the city gates, the scene they saw left them completely dumbfounded.

A birds cry continuously sounded out, and the region in front of the city gates had become a sea of flames. There was a brilliant gold within the flames, and they extended as far as the eye could see, seeming simply boundless. Within the sea of flames, countless demon beasts struggled and howled before they turned into black fog.

The Mountain Giant stood by the side, dumbfoundedly staring at Xi Ling, who was continuously beating her wings. The Mountain Giants body was massive, and any casual attack could cause the earth to shake and mountains to tremble. However, Xi Ling, who was less than 0.001% of its size, could casually release blinding golden flames that extended so far that the Mountain Giant could not see the end of them. Whats more, flames were the counter to these demon beasts, and the demon beasts all perished wherever the golden flames extended. The Mountain Giant, who had almost been overwhelmed, did not even have an opportunity to attack anymore. 

Ling Chen floated above the city gates, silently looking ahead. Xi Ling could easily kill anything below the Mysterious God grade, and she was 10 times more efficient than him at attacking like this. However, if there were any Mysterious God grade demon beasts, he would have to personally act the War Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast had already appeared, so it was possible that there were even more powerful demon beasts.

Looking at Ling Chen and Xi Ling, Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Feng, and Skyfall stopped running, their expressions becoming stiff.

Hes too overpowered too overpowered Thinking of the lightning that had covered the entirety of Ling Tian City, Yun Feng couldnt help but tremble.

I suddenly feel non-existent. The Cold Magistrate Xiao Qiu Feng, one of the members of the Heaven Rankings, felt completely speechless.

Goddamnit how are we meant to play this game in the future?! Skyfall sharply breathed in.

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