Shura's Wrath Chapter 786

Chapter 786

Demon Emperors Everywhere  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Even though the Sky Demon Beast and Shadow Demon Beast were incredibly powerful and could destroy the entire Forgotten City together, against a Moon Goddess, who was a grade above them, they were unable to retaliate at all. Moon Goddess White Snow flicked her hand, sending the 3 demon beasts sprawling kilometres away.  

The ground in front of the Forgotten City had been greatly ravaged. Wave after wave of demon beasts flooded over from the distance, but before they could come close, they were completely obliterated by Moon Goddess White Snows power. If they were real demon beasts, they would have long since been scared witless and escaped pitifully. However, these demon beasts did not have any consciousness, and they only wanted to destroy more creatures. As such, even though they were continuously destroyed by Moon Goddess White Snow, they continued to rush up and attack.  

If the Sky Demon Beast and Shadow Demon Beasts had turned and ran, in order to protect the Forgotten City, Moon Goddess White Snow would not have been able to do anything to them. After all, even though she was a Moon Goddess, she would not be able to kill them quickly, but their refusal to run away was a death sentence for them. Their HP quickly fell from Moon Goddess White Snows holy attacks. In less than 15 minutes, they, and a large group of normal demon beasts, were finally vanished amidst a white cleansing light.  

As expected As expected from Lady Moon Goddess shes even more powerful than the legends say The Forgotten Emperor looked up into the air with a trembling gaze, looking at this legendary figure as he muttered in excitement. Today, he had seen how powerful a god was.  

After the Sky Demon Beast and the 2 Shadow Demon Beasts were vanquished, no matter how many of the remaining demon beasts there were, they were unable to threaten the Moon Goddess White Snow at all. She looked into the distance, but even with her extraordinary eyesight, she could not see where the demon beast army ended. She sighed and was about to advance when suddenly, a dark light flashed where the Sky Demon Beast and 2 Shadow Demon Beasts had disappeared, causing her to pause and frown.  

Within the flashing dark light, multiple figures started to take form. When the dark light disappeared, 7 figures appeared before White Snow  

Earth Demon Beast, Flame Demon Beast, Ice Demon Beast, Rage Demon Beast, War Demon Beast, Wind Demon Beast, and Tyrant Demon Beast!  

After the 2 Shadow Demon Beasts and Sky Demon Beast disappeared, another 7 of the 10 ancient demon beasts simultaneously appeared. This caused even White Snow, who had 18,000 years of experience, to feel deeply shocked. However, this shock did not mean that she felt any fear. With her strength, even if the 10 ancient demon beasts all appeared, they would not be a match for her.   

However, the 7 ancient demon beasts appearing was not the end of things. Just as White Snow was about to release her cleansing light, the darkened sky suddenly became completely dark, and the chaotic airstream seemed to freeze in the distance, even the clamouring demon beast army suddenly fell silent  

The atmosphere became incredibly suppressive, and the silence was like the moment before a massive storm came.  

What Whats going on? White Eagle and Black Demon pressed up against the city wall, their bodies violently trembling. As peak existences in the human world, there were very few things in the world that could cause them to feel fear. However, at this moment, their whole existences trembled from their bodies to their souls even though they didnt know what they were so fearful of. This was an instinctive fear that came before a terrifying catastrophe.  

Dark clouds swirled in the sky, forming the face of a savagely laughing demon. Following this, 3 orbs of dark light that were darker than the darkest night appeared, revealing 3 tall figures, and it was as if they were the most fearsome demon emperors from hell. A powerful dark and evil aura covered the land and seemed to cover the entire Forgotten Continent  

The figures in the dark light were humanoid, but they were taller than a normal human. The 3 faces were exactly the same, and they looked like a normal humans face. However, they gave off a chilling and savage air, and their skin was a terrifying black colour. The sinister aura coming from them was powerful enough to cause the space around them to tremble.  

Seeing these 3 descended figures, Moon Goddess White Snows expression stiffened, and her pupils contracted until they were as small as a needles point. A shocked cry escaped from her lips.  

Demon Emperor?!  

The Demon Emperor, the Emperor of the Demon Beast Clan. It had incredible power, and its strength was at the same level as the 3 Moon Goddesses. 10,000 years ago, it had died due to the Golden Crows flames, which had devoured its lifeforce, as well as the 3 Moon Goddesses combined attacks. Its death also represented the demise of the Demon Beast Clan. Over the past 10,000 years, only 3 beings that could stand on the same level as the 3 Moon Goddesses had appeared: the Underworld King, the Sea Emperor, and the Demon Beast Clans Demon Emperor. Back then, White Snow had personally fought with the Demon Emperor and had seen it die, so even though 10,000 years had passed, her memories of the Demon Emperor were still incredibly clear.  

This figure in front of her, no matter if it was its appearance, strength, or aura was exactly the same as the Demon Emperors from back then!!  

If it was just the Demon Emperor appearing, White Snow would have felt shocked but not to the point that she was completely dumbfounded. However, right now, there were 3 Demon Emperors in front of her and all 3 of them were exactly the same as the Demon Emperor in her memories and were just as powerful. Currently, she felt suppressed by the 3 Demon Emperors combined power. Against a single Demon Emperor, she would not have felt any pressure, but despite being a Moon Goddess, it was impossible for her to deal with 3 Demon Emperors. Feeling the suppression from their auras, White Snows face started to pale.  

Just what was going on? How could the Demon Emperor appear here and 3 of them at once could it be that all of this was a horrible nightmare?    

As waves of shock crashed within White Snows heart, Purple Dresss deeply shocked voice sounded out within her mind, White Snow, 13 ancient demon beasts have appeared over here, as well as 3 Demon Emperors I swear Im telling the truth; hurry and come support us over here!  

As Purple Dress voice sounded out, Blue Hearts panicked voice also rang in White Snows mind, White Snow, Purple Dress the Demon Emperor! There are 2 Demon Emperors on my side, as well as many, many ancient demon beasts ahh whats going on hurry and help me; its impossible for me to defeat 2 Demon Emperors  

Lady Moon Goddesses! 2 terrifying demons have appeared at the White Tiger City, and theyre exactly like the records of the Demon Emperor Lady Moon Goddesses, please come and save us  

Lady Moon Goddesses! 3 terrifying demons have appeared at the Vermillion Bird City, and theyre exactly the same as the records of the Demon Emperor its impossible for us to stop them  

White Snow: !!!!  

The large numbers of ancient demon beasts had already left her greatly shocked, and even Demon Emperors, which were far stronger than the ancient demon beasts, started appearing in large numbers the Demon Emperors strength was also at the peak in this world, and perhaps only 1 such creature would appear in 10,000 years. Whats more, it had already been destroyed by the 3 Moon Goddesses, and even if it had survived and the Demon Beast Clan had been in hiding for 10,000 years, it was impossible for so many more Demon Emperors to appear. If such peak level power could appear so easily, how could it be called peak level power? It was because of their peak level power that the 3 Moon Goddesses and the Moon God Clan were able to reign above everything else in the Mystic Moon world.  

However, the reality was that this sort of peak level demon had appeared in large numbers.  

White Snows heart trembled. There were more than 10 Demon Emperors that they knew of 10 Demon Emperors with peak level strength were enough to suppress the entire Moon God Clan and destroy the entire Mystic Moon world. This sort of power should not, and could not, exist. The Demon Emperor, who had definitely died, simply couldnt disobey the laws of order and reappear and these Demon Emperors were completely the same, as were the ancient demon beasts it was as if they were clones!  

These 10 or so Demon Emperors were only the ones that had been reported; there were definitely more throughout the Forgotten Continent White Snows heart sank if this wasnt a nightmare, it might not just be the Forgotten Continent that could be destroyed but the entire Mystic Moon world.  

Purple Dress, Blue Heart, do your best; we have no other choice After giving a long sigh, White Snow sent a message to Purple Dress and Blue Heart. A holy light shone from her body as Moon God Spears appeared in her left and right hands before she rushed at the 3 black figures that were about to land on the ground.  

In front of the Forgotten City, the battle between the Moon Goddess of Fate and the 3 Demon Emperors erupted  


The news that the Forgotten Continent had suffered an invasion of demon beasts quickly spread across the whole world. Amidst all of the shock and dismay, most players from other countries felt a sense of schadenfreude. This was especially so for the players from countries who had felt threatened by the Chinese players growth they felt incredibly joyful and refreshed. When they heard that this disaster might result in the disaster of the entire Forgotten Continent, they became delirious with joy. They were almost unable to do anything except stare at media reports, enjoying the scenes of the Forgotten Continent being ravaged by demon beasts.  

Half an hour after the demon beasts descended, the Chinese government sent a complaint to the Cosmos Corporation but was completely ignored. The other countries started to mock them, calling it a random disaster event from the game, that it was a test for the Chinese players, and that there was no reason for the Chinese government to blame the Cosmos Corporation.  

In front of Ling Tian City.  

Under Xi Lings flames, the number of demon beasts who had been incinerated were too many to count. However, the demon beasts numbers were simply innumerable, and they continuously flooded towards Ling Tian City. However, not a single one of them had been able to break past Xi Lings defensive line. Millions of players defended in front of the city gates, but they did not need to attack at all, and they almost fell asleep.  


10 or so glows of dark light suddenly appeared within the demon beast army. Following this, 11 ancient demon beasts appeared, savagely roaring. Behind them, 2 Demon Emperors silently appeared.  

Eh? Demon Emperor?  

The instant the Demon Emperors appeared, Qi Yue cried out in surprise.  

The pressure that these 2 Demon Emperors gave off were no weaker than the Underworld Kings aura or the 3 Moon Goddesses auras, causing Ling Chen to frown, and he shot forwards like a bolt of lightning.  

Xi Ling, come back!!  


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