Shura's Wrath Chapter 787

Chapter 787

Demon Emperor x 2  

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What are those? Even more powerful demons? Seeing Ling Chen personally rush up, Xiao Qi asked hesitantly.  

The Demon Beast Clans most powerful ancient demon beasts are only Mysterious God grade at most! This time, 11 of them appeared! Fey said seriously. After gazing at the 2 Demon Emperors behind the ancient demon beasts, her frown became even deeper.  

11 Mysterious Mysterious God grade monsters?! Yun Feng gulped as he started to stutter. Even Heavens End grade monsters were invincible existences to them, while Mysterious God grade monsters were simply things of the legends.  

If it was just those 11 Mysterious God grade monsters, then things wouldnt be so bad, but those 2 behind them their auras are above the Saint Destroyer grade, and they aren't weaker than the Moon Goddesses! Within the Demon Beast Clan, only the Demon Emperor is this powerful! Fey continued to say.  

W-What?! This time, everyones faces were covered with shock.  

But according to the Forgotten Continents Chronicles, werent the Demon Beast Clan and Demon Emperor destroyed 10,000 years ago? How could they suddenly appear, and how could there be 2 Demon Emperors? Yun Meng Xin asked in shock. She was the person who was most familiar with the Forgotten Continents Chronicles.  

Fey shook her head, a complex look in her eyes. I want to know the answer to this more than anyone.  

W-What should we do then? Thats 11 Mysterious God grade ancient demon beasts, as well as 2 monsters that are as powerful as the Moon Goddesses so scary, I dont think anyone can defeat them. Will big brother Ling Tian be in great danger? Xiao Qi said worriedly.  

Thats right, this sort of line-up is simply too heaven-defying, Li Xiao Xue said as she slightly nodded. If this is the condition at Ling Tian City, then there must be many more of these ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors throughout the entire Forgotten Continent. Even if the Moon God Clan descends, it will be difficult to take care of all of them. She paused before looking at Ling Chen, who was rushing towards the 11 ancient demon beasts and the 2 Demon Emperors. We can only hope that the current Ling Tian has surpassed the Moon Goddesses and can now suppress these ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors.  

Surpass the Moon Goddesses everyone felt completely sceptical was it really possible to surpass the most powerful beings in this world?  

None of them really dared to think of such a thing. Even Fey, who understood Ling Chen the most, did not fully believe that Ling Chen could really surpass the Moon Goddesses. After all, the level of the Moon Goddesses was simply too high to the point that they were at the absolute peak, and there was nothing that could surpass them.  

However, the following scene caused everyone to feel as if they had been petrified.  

Burning Heart Blood Massacre!  

Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames!  

The dark clouds in the sky rumbled and gathered above Ling Chen this was the scene before tribulation lightning would strike. However, after gathering, no lightning descended. By this time, Ling Chen had reached the 11 ancient demon beasts and 2 Demon Emperors. He did not waste any words, and he held the Shura Emperor Sword in his left hand and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear in his right as 2 powerful lights of power covered the ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors  

Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest!!  

Shattered Moon!  

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] and [Shattered Moon]s cooldown times have been reset.  

Ding the Aries Orbs effects have been activated, [Peerless] and [Shattered Moon]s negative effects have been nullified.  

The War God, Shura and Lunar Scourges power simultaneously exploded out, causing the heavens to tremble and earth to quake, as the 5,000 metres around Ling Chen became a destructive hell  

-5,314,264,000, -5,668,548,000, -5,668,548,000.  

-5,314,264,000, -5,668,548,000, -5,668,548,000.  


[Shattered Moon]s effects could cover the 5,000 metres around Ling Chen, and adding on [Peerless], which activated it twice, the low-grade demon beasts to the 11 powerful ancient demon beasts were all instantly crushed into nothing. Within the berserk energy, they were repeatedly crushed into smaller and smaller pieces until they became as small as dust in the end, there was not even a trace of those demon beasts left.  

The area in front of Ling Tian City became deathly silent. Seeing this scene, all players felt as if they had lost their souls, and they gaped with their mouths open.  


I-Insta-killed those Mysterious God grade demons were all insta-killed?!  

Am I hallucinating?  

Did you see that damage? That was more than 5 billion damage i-it was in the billions!!  

Are your eyes broken? Those were 3 damage figures that were all in the billions and with such a large range my goodness, have I gone mad?!  

Can the Moon Goddesses insta-kill those ancient demon beasts? Li Xiao Xue muttered in a low voice beside Fey.  

After remaining silent for a while, Fey slowly shook her head. Of course they cant; in this world, theres nothing that can insta-kill an ancient demon beast this sort of power is hundreds of times more powerful than the Moon Goddesses! Let alone the ancient demon beasts, even the Demon Emperor or Moon Goddesses cant take a few of those hits!! Whats more, that was an AOE skill. If it was a skill with a smaller AOE or even a single-target attack, perhaps his power is even more terrifying!!  

This is the Shuras power? No its much more terrifying than the Shura recorded in the legends if the Shura from 10,000 years ago was this powerful, the Moon God Clan and the Void Dragon God would not have been able to kill him. The shock on Feys face did not disappear. After being completely fine despite being hunted by the Moon God Clan for a month, Fey had suspicions that Ling Chen had become as powerful as the Moon Goddesses after obtaining the Shuras power, if not slightly more powerful. She had never thought that he would have reached such a heaven-defying level.  

Indeed, even though he was a Shura, Ling Chens current overall strength had far surpassed the Shura from 10,000 years ago. This was because Ling Chen had 2 more Saint Orbs than the Shura from back then, which meant that he had the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour. Putting aside the stats that these 2 Saint Orbs gave, just those 2 pieces of equipment were so heaven-defying that the system could not tell their grade, and they were sufficient to allow Ling Chen to cover the sky with one hand in the Mystic Moon world.  

After Ling Chens first round of attacks, the mighty demon beast army vanished into nothing, with only the 2 newly-arrived Demon Emperors left. Facing these 2 Demon Emperors, who had peak level strength, Ling Chen calmly smiled and did not look nervous or fearful at all.  

[Demon Emperor]: Type: Emperor of Demon Beasts, Grade: Super Saint Destroyer, Level: LV100, HP: 96,000,000,000. A being of utmost evil created from evil Darkness power. It madly absorbed evil Darkness power for 30,000 years, growing into a extreme demon-type creature that contains Darkness power that can destroy the heavens and ruin the earth. After it appeared in the Forgotten Continent, it attracted many demon-type followers, and it created the massive Demon Beast Clan, causing a disaster in the Forgotten Continent 10,000 years ago. However, it was heavily injured by the Moon God Clan and burned and tortured to death by the Golden Crows flames of the Nine Suns. It has reappeared with destructive intent through unknown means.  

Passive Abilities: Immune to all debuffs and abnormal statuses, absorbs 100% of Darkness attacks, and possesses 80% Resistance to Water, Wind, Lightning and Earth. All Darkness attacks contain a powerful Corrosion and Destruction element. When in dark environments, Physical Attack Damage and Magic Attack Damage are increased by 10%. Recovers 1,000,000 HP per second and 100,000 MP per second.  

Attack Skills: [Swallow the Heavens and Devour the Earth], [Darkness Abyss], [Pale Hell], [Ghost Prison], [Heavens Weep], [Cursed Claws], [Death Spiral], [Demons Wings], [Divine Demon Possession], [Demon Absolute Command], [Demon Blade] 

Ultimate Skills: [Darkness Funeral Song], [Eternal Calamity Reincarnation Formation]  

Weaknesses: Fears Fire and Light attacks  

The Demon Emperor was undeniably powerful, and putting aside its powerful and destructive attacks, just its HP, which was nearly 100 billion, was enough to make most creatures faces pale. After looking at its stats, Ling Chen gave a condescending, cold laugh, So its really the Demon Emperor. Screw off back to where you came from!!  

Moon Shadow!!  

Just as the 2 Demon Emperors were about to attack Ling Chen, they were frozen by Moon Shadow. However, this was not because Ling Chen feared their attacks with the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, even if 10 Demon Emperors attacked him together, he would not even frown. It was just that the Demon Emperors attacks were simply too monstrous, and a wave of Darkness power would be able to deal massive damage to Ling Tian City, which was behind him. Moreover, they were simply too close to Ling Tian City, so Ling Chen did not even want to give them an opportunity to attack. The instant Moon Shadow took effect, he rushed up and slashed out 2 [Shuras Merciless Slashes] at the 2 Demon Emperors.  

-1,417,000,000, -1,417,000,000, -1,417,000,000.  

-1,417,000,000, -1,417,000,000, -1,417,000,000.  

With [Burning Heart Blood Massacre], Ling Chens Attack Speed was 300, meaning that he could unleash 3 rounds of attacks every second. Adding on the fact that he could dual-wield and had [Peerless], it was not an exaggeration to describe his attacks as a tempest. The rapidly rising damage figures caused all of the players in front of Ling Tian City to feel completely dumbfounded.  

Eight Directions Annihilation Shuras Instant Hellish Annihilation Shuras Exterminating Slash  

Ling Chen weaved some ultimate skills amidst the Shuras normal attacks, and he landed 5 rounds of attacks in 5 seconds. Adding on the massive damage he had dealt from the 2 ultimate skills previously, he had reduced the 2 Demon Emperors HP from over 96 billion to less than 60%. When Moon Shadows light was about to disappear, Ling Chen once again coldly laughed as a bloody light exploded from his body, and his weapons lightly slashed out  

Sacrificial Slaughter!  

Soul Demise!!  


-34,560,000,000, -24,000,000,000!!  

-34,560,000,000, -24,000,000,000!!  

One attack reduced their HP by 36%, while the other wiped out 25% of their HP. The 2 Demon Emperors, which had more than half of their HP remaining, were instantly killed. After finally escaping from Moon Shadow, they did not even have the chance to move their bodies or cry out before they turned into 2 balls of black fog and vanished.  

From the moment that the 11 ancient demon beasts and the 2 Demon Emperors had appeared, only 10 or so seconds had passed. The Shura and the Lunar Scourges might had been fully revealed during those short 10 seconds.  

Seeing those 2 disappearing balls of black fog, Ling Tian Citys players stared with incredulity, unable to believe that the 2 Demon Emperors, who were each as strong as a Moon Goddess had been annihilated by Ling Chen so effortlessly.  

Ling Tian has really surpassed the heavens, as his name claims. This disaster, which should have been impossible to resolve, has been perfectly dealt with by him, Fey muttered to herself while smiling as she looked at Ling Chen. 10,000 years ago, the Shura caused a catastrophe, while today a Shura is going to save the world.  


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