Shura's Wrath Chapter 788

Chapter 788

Divine Might, Underworld God Cannon  

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Back then, in order to kill the Demon Emperor and destroy the Demon Beast Clan, the Fairy Clan, as well as holy beast Golden Crow, had expended a great amount of thought and effort, and it had taken many years.

To all who were watching, those 10 seconds made them feel as if the heavens and earth were splitting and the rivers were flowing backwards. This was especially so for the Fairies who knew just how powerful the Demon Emperor was their jaws nearly hit the ground.

When Ling Chen flew back and landed before them, no one said anything for a long time, and their gazes towards Ling Chen became completely different the Moon Goddesses were referred to as gods, and no one had ever doubted their reputation as gods, while the Demon Emperor was an existence on the same level as them. Today, Ling Chen had completely suppressed those Demon Emperors, so what did that make him? A god among gods?

Ling Tian, y-y-y-you should change your name to Ni Tian! Yun Feng shrieked. [TLN: Ni Tian/ means heaven-defying/against the heavens/against the sky]

Err, but thats my name, Skyfall Dynastys Against The Sky said weakly.

Who cares! Skyfall and Judging Sky simultaneously slapped Against The Sky. In terms of strength, Against the Sky was definitely one of the top players, and he was among the top 20 in China. However, compared to Ling Chen he was more worthless than a fart.

Big brother Ling Tian! Youre so, so, so, so, so powerful!! You can even insta-kill Mysterious God grade demon beasts, and even the terrifying Demon Emperors were easily defeated by you Wow!! Youre simply invincible! Xiao Qi cheered with a slightly pink face, her eyes full of little stars of worship and adoration.

Mhmm, mhmm! SuEr rapidly nodded, her hands clasped in front of her chest with just as many stars in her eyes as Xiao Qi.

Chief Greenwood sighed in amazement, When you broke through the Fairy Realms barrier, I knew that you were destined to be extraordinary. However, in less than 1 year, youve grown to a height that we can no longer comprehend. The power youve displayed is something that no one has ever obtained in the past, nor will anyone obtain in the future. Im very curious just what you experienced to reach a height that we cant even look up to.

So amazing Xuanyuan Dia Wu gave a light smile that was filled with delight and pride.

Yun Meng Xin quickly walked up and said somewhat worriedly, Ling Tian, I just received news that its not just our Ling Tian City that has been attacked: the Forgotten City, Azure Dragon City, Vermillion Bird City, Black Tortoise City, and White Tiger City have all been attacked by many ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors, and there are even more of them than the ones that appeared at Ling Tian City. Even though the Moon God Clan has moved out, including the 3 Moon Goddesses, the Demon Emperors are simply too powerful, and the Moon Goddesses are unable to stop them. Right now, the Royal City and the 4 main cities are facing a crisis Ling Tian, only you can save them.

Hearing Yun Meng Xins words, Ling Chen did not feel surprised at all. Since ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors had even appeared at Ling Tian City, it was extremely likely that they would appear at the other main cities and that there would be even more of them. Even if White Snow, Blue Heart, and Purple Dress personally fought, it would be impossible for them to defeat them. It was just that Ling Chen looked at the rapidly-nearing demon beast army, and he didn't nod. He did not know many more of these demon beasts there would be, nor could he guarantee that ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors would not reappear. If Demon Emperors came again while he wasnt here, Ling Tian City would face a terrible disaster. To him, even if he combined the other main cities, they could not compare to the city behind him.

Fey saw his hesitation and said, Go. There probably wont be anymore ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors, and weve already resolved the crisis within the city. Well be enough to deal with these remaining demon beasts, and if any ancient demon beasts or Demon Emperors appear again, Ill immediately notify you. Even though the Forgotten City has done despicable things to Ling Tian City, its still the Royal City of the Forgotten Continent, and the other 4 main cities are important too, so

Fey slowly breathed out and spoke in a voice that only Ling Chen could hear, You should have known since long ago that the Mystic Moon world was not just a game. Every resident here is a real being, and they are all innocent. Back then, we killed many of their people, and even though we can disregard it, we still owe them. If you save them, not only will you pay back that debt, but youll also be doing something virtuous for yourself and the people around you.

This caused some changes within Ling Chen.

Mm! You should go, big brother Ling Tian, we are still here. Xiao Qi raised her Vermillion Bird Magic Staff. These demon beasts all fear fire, so Ill burn as many that come.

Hahaha, theres us too!! Ahahaha

A peal of wild and coarse laughter sounded out from behind them. Suddenly, the tightly-closed city gates opened as an elderly but vigorous-looking Dwarf swaggered out. Seeing him, Chief Dilo yelled out excitedly, Elder Dita, why have you come out ah! Could it be that the Underworld God Cannon

Hahahaha! Elder Dita laughed, looking so excited that he couldnt even close his mouth. He pointed upwards as he loudly laughed, Thats right! With the blueprints left behind by our ancestors, with the actual thing to use as reference, and with the best materials as well as the most important thing, our Dwarves talent and wisdom, weve finally created the Underworld God Cannon that our ancestors created in a few years, in just a few months! Hahahahaha!

Everyone looked up and found that without them even knowing, a jet-black cannon had appeared on the city walls. The cannon was about 4 or 5 metres long, and it was twice as big as the Underworld Kings Underworld God Cannon. There were also mysterious inscriptions around the cannon, which gave off a faint light.

T-T-T-Thats our Underworld God Cannon? Chief Dilo stared at the cannon, his voice trembling as his beard quivered and his body shook.

Thats right! Whats more, its an upgraded version of the Underworld God Cannon, and it is even more powerful than the one created by our ancestors! We can proudly say that weve surpassed our ancestors and have created the greatest creation in Dwarf history! Elder Dita excitedly waved his hands about, spittle flying everywhere. His voice and expression were filled with immense joy and pride.

These demon beasts have come at the right time; its time to try out our Dwarf Clans greatest creation! According to the proud Elder Dita, these terrifying demon beasts had become experimental subjects for them. He pointed at the demon beast army in the distance and yelled, Disi, Dilu, make preparations! Fire! Show these demon beasts that want to destroy our home our Underworld God Cannons power!!



An explosion sounded out as a dark orb of light flew out from the Underworld God Cannon, streaking through the air like a meteor and landing in the army of demon beasts kilometres away.


There was a massive explosion that could make the heavens fall and earth shatter. Within the explosion, the entirety of Ling Tian City trembled, and nearly half of the defending players fell onto the ground. The entire area to the north was so bright that no one could open their eyes, and a wild gale was kicked up

Everyone was once again completely dumbfounded, and even the Dwarves who had created the Underworld God Cannon stared in silence. Even they did not think that the Underworld God Cannon would have such monstrous effects.

No less than expected from the ultimate weapon that was given the title of a God-Killing weapon. Weve even heard of the Underworld God Cannon in the west, Fey said with amazement. 

Holy crap! Even atom bombs might not be so powerful! Skyfall exclaimed.

After the light disappeared, all of the demon beasts within their vision had disappeared, replaced by an incredibly vast and deep crater the crater extended as far as the eye could see, and the depth could not be fathomed either the number of demon beasts destroyed by that single attack was simply too numerous to be counted.

If this sort of attack landed within Ling Tian City, half of Ling Tian City would instantly disappear.

Hahahaha! Did you see that? Did you see that?! This is the might of the Underworld God Cannon! The Lady of the City gave us many energy cores of high-grade beings, which I used to create 16 Underworld God Cannonballs. We can fire this sort of attack another 15 times! Ahahahaha, I dont believe that we wont be able to destroy all of those demon beasts with 16 cannonballs, hahahaha!

Seeing the massive crater that spanned many kilometres, Ling Chen also stared for a full 3 seconds. With that sort of might, even if the demon beasts gathered en masse, it would still annihilate them instantly. Ling Chen finally felt at ease, and he nodded and said, Alright! Ill leave Ling Tian City to you then, and Ill go to the Forgotten City. Let me know immediately if any Demon Emperors appear!

Go, go! I promise that not a single demon beast will be able to get near Ling Tian City! Elder Dita said confidently as he patted his chest.

Ling Chen did not dally and took out a Spatial Orb, disappearing from in front of Ling Tian City.

A massive explosion sounded out as 3 balls of Darkness energy and a ball of holy energy collided in the air. Most of the Darkness energy was dissipated, but Moon Goddess White Snow was blasted back like a broken kite, flying quite a distance before falling to the ground.

The level of the battle between a Moon Goddess and 3 Demon Emperors was extremely fearsome. Even though the Moon Goddess White Snow was doing her best to protect the Forgotten City, just the shockwaves alone had destroyed nearly 10% of the Forgotten City. She did not hold back at all against the 3 Demon Emperors, but that meant her strength was quickly being sapped. Despite this, she could not contend against the 3 Demon Emperors at all and this was especially so with 7 ancient demon beasts around.

Just what was abnormally making these ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors appear? What was controlling all of this

White Snow wanted to know the answer. Seeing the 3 Demon Emperors draw near again, she wanted to condense her power, but she found that she had used up more power than she had expected. Now, even standing was not so easy for her.

At this moment, a dark light shot towards her, containing the combined might of the 3 Demon Emperors. Let alone her current state, she would not be able to escape without severe injuries even at full strength. Right now, she did not have any strength to block or evade it, and she could only close her eyes

The Forgotten Continent and the Mystic Moon world are they going to be destroyed? She sorrowfully thought to herself. 

As the dark light was about to hit Moon Goddess White Snows body, a figure shot down and blocked in front of her. The person raised his weapons and roared as he slammed them towards the dark light



As a muffled explosion sounded out, the attack from the 3 Demon Emperors that even a Moon Goddess could not resist was destroyed like a soap bubble. Dust filled the air, but neither Ling Chen nor Moon Goddess White Snow were injured in the slightest. 

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