Shura's Wrath Chapter 789

Chapter 789

Mastermind (1)  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


In this world, the only thing that could destroy a combined attack from 3 Demon Emperors was a Shura.   

Moon Goddess White Snow, who had completely despaired, heard an explosion, but she did not feel any Darkness power hitting her. She opened her eyes, and after seeing the figure standing in front of her, she cried out with joy and surprise, Ling Tian!  

Behind her, the Forgotten City had been greatly damaged, but due to White Eagle and Black Demons protection, the Forgotten Emperor was safe. Seeing Moon Goddess White Snow easily defeat the 3 ancient demon beasts, he had thought that the crisis was over. However, when the 3 Demon Emperors appeared and Moon Goddess White Snow had been badly injured, he had completely despaired and fell to the ground even a Moon Goddess, who represented the peak of the Mystic Moon world, had been defeated anyone who saw this would feel all of their hopes crumble.. indeed, even a Moon Goddess had been defeated. What could stop this nightmarish catastrophe?  

The Forgotten Emperor crumpled to the ground, his eyes dim, preparing for destruction. Even though Ling Tian had appeared, the Forgotten Emperor did not feel any hope at all. Ling Tian was powerful to the point that the Forgotten City had trembled in front of him, but no matter how powerful he was, he could not be more powerful than a Moon Goddess if even a Moon Goddess had been defeated, what could he do?  

Go to somewhere safe and leave the Demon Emperors to me. Ling Chen stretched out his hand and helped White Snow up, his aura locking on to the 3 Demon Emperors and 11 ancient demon beasts.  

As a high and mighty Moon Goddess, who had always controlled everything and looked down on all beings, when had she ever needed to be saved or protected? Whats more, even if she did, no one would be able to do so. In that instant, White Snow experienced for the first time a womanly sense of weakness and dependence, as well as a sense of warmth and satisfaction. Her gaze trembled and she lightly nodded. These 3 Demon Emperors arent any weaker than the Demon Emperor from 10,000 years ago you need to be careful.  

The 3 Moon Goddesses had fought with Ling Chen before, so they knew his strength. Moon Goddess White Snow knew that perhaps the only person who could resolve this crisis was him. As such, even though she was worried, she did not stop him. She gently gazed at Ling Chen before floating up and retreating.   

The 3 Demon Emperors came within 100 metres of Ling Chen, and their bodies suddenly flashed with a dark light, causing the surrounding air to seem to freeze from their power. The 11 ancient demon beasts also rushed up as they unpleasantly howled Ling Chens eyes narrowed and he flicked his right wrist as a light shone from the Lunar Scourge.  

Moon Grief!  

As the dark silver light flooded out, the dark light around the 3 Demon Emperors bodies disappeared, and the ancient demon beasts, who were just about to attack, all paused with confused looks on their faces.  

Regardless of whether they were ancient demon beasts or Demon Emperors, in front of Moon Grief, they became absolute noobs, and they could not use any of their skills. Ling Chen cast aside any hesitation and appeared before the 3 dumbfounded Demon Emperors, sending out a [Shattered Moon] and [Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest] towards them.  

A massive explosion sounded out in front of the Forgotten City, just like the one that had erupted in front of Ling Tian City. In the 5,000 metres in front of Ling Chen, apart from the Demon Emperors, all demon beasts, including the 11 ancient demon beasts, were obliterated without even their corpses remaining. The 3 Demon Emperors suffered heavy damage, and their HP greatly fell.  

Seeing the demon beast army and ancient demon beasts disappear without a trace, the Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon stared with bulging eyes. They then simultaneously performed the same action: they brought their hands up and vigorously rubbed their eyes  

Full-strength Demon Emperors were nothing in front of Ling Chen, and this was even more so for Demon Emperors who had forgotten their skills. Ling Chen rushed up, and he dealt more than 20 rounds of [Shuras Exterminating Slashes] in less than 10 seconds, blasting the 3 Demon Emperors from above the Forgotten City to many kilometres away. During this entire process, let alone retaliate, the Demon Emperors had not even been able to stand properly. Following this, Ling Chen simultaneously activated [Sacrificial Slaughter] and [Soul Demise], clearing out the 3 Demon Emperors HP bars.  

The 3 Demon Emperors had appeared at the same time and had also died at the same time. Under Ling Chens [Sacrificial Slaughter], they were reduced into countless fragments and turned into balls of black fog as they disappeared.  

Seeing the 3 Demon Emperors die so easily, Moon Goddess White Snow stared for a while. She had personally experienced the Shuras might before, but even the Shura from 10,000 years ago, which had given them a tough battle, definitely could not do such a thing. Back then, the 3 Moon Goddesses had thought that the Shura from back then was the most powerful creature, but even though the Shura in front of her did not give off the same bloodlust and berserkness, he was much, much stronger than the Shura from before.  

The Forgotten Emperor, White Eagle, and Black Demon were peak existences among humans, and they felt absolutely petrified; their eyes felt like they were going to fall out. After a while, the Forgotten Emperor reacted as if he had woken up from a dream, and he shrieked, Ling Ling Tian! P-P-P-Please save our Forgotten City our Forgotten City will forever submit to Ling Tian City please save the Forgotten City  

Even the monstrous enemies that a Moon Goddess could not resist had been easily defeated by Ling Chen. The Forgotten Emperor, who had fallen into complete despair, now saw Ling Chen as the Forgotten Citys last hope, and he even knelt down to him. Ling Chen completely ignored him and rose into the air, looking towards the Forgotten City. In just a few seconds, he had seen the entire situation in the Forgotten City.  

After he had arrived, the crisis outside the Forgotten City had been resolved, but there was still a crisis within the city. Many demon beasts still ran rampant within the city, causing disasters. Looking at the Forgotten City and locking on to all of the demon beasts, Ling Chen spread out his hands as the flames from the Fire Gods Bulwark started to gather around his body  

Phoenix God Heavenly Flames!!  

A berserk wind blew, and it started to become hotter. The flames around Ling Chen grew, dyeing the sky above the Forgotten City red. As the searing wind blew around Ling Chen, countless fireballs rained down from the sky towards the Forgotten City then accurately landed on demon beasts, not affecting the Forgotten Citys structures or residents in the slightest.  

Ling Chen had exhausted all of the energy from the Thunder Gods Bulwark in Ling Tian City, but he still had the Fire Gods Bulwark. Whats more, the fire within the Fire Gods Bulwark was not normal fire but the terrifying Phoenix God Heavenly Flames. In just an instant, the Forgotten City became lit up with fiery light, and it was filled with howls from countless demon beasts.  

Fire was a natural counter to demon beasts, and this was even more so due to the fact that it was one of the most powerful types of fire. As the flames touched the demon beasts, they were incinerated in an instant, and even high-grade, high-level demon beasts were insta-killed. However, after the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames touched them, they did not immediately extinguish they continuously burned the demon beasts bodies and souls, causing their lives to flow away in pain and despair. Compared to the tribulation lightning, the Phoenix God Heavenly Flames were much crueller.  

When the flames covered the entire city, the Forgotten Emperor had initially been terrified. However, he soon heard the howls of countless demon beasts, and he did not receive any news about residents or structures being destroyed, allowing him to let out a sigh of relief as he sat there, feeling paralysed. He looked up at Ling Chen in the air, feeling incredibly complicated he realised more and more just how stupid of him it had been to attack Ling Tian City.  

Ling Tian, ancient demon beasts and Demon Emperors have also appeared near the 4 main cities. Purple Dress, Blue Heart, and the Moon God Representatives are unable to stop them at all, so please go to help them. Since there are no Demon Emperors here anymore, Ill be able to deal with the situation, White Snow said hurriedly as she came to Ling Chens side.  

Looking at the flames and the Forgotten City, which was no longer in danger, Ling Chen nodded and took out a Spatial Orb, arriving at the Azure Dragon City.  

Compared to the Forgotten City, the Azure Dragon Citys defences were weaker by nearly 10 times, and the situation within it was much worse than the one that had been in the Forgotten City. When Ling Chen arrived, Moon Goddess Purple Dress was currently facing off against 3 Demon Emperors. Within the 3 Moon Goddesses, White Snow was overall the most powerful, but in terms of attack power, Purple Dress held the advantage. However, no matter how strong she was, she could not defeat 3 Demon Emperors. She used time and spatial power to desperately fight, not allowing the 3 Demon Emperors to come close to the Azure Dragon City. However, she was covered with countless injuries, and she had used up much of her strength. Behind her, due to the shockwaves from their battle, nearly 20% of the Azure Dragon City had been destroyed.  

The crisis was naturally resolved after Ling Chen arrived. The 3 Demon Emperors, who had been coming closer and closer to the Azure Dragon City, were beaten like dogs by Ling Chen. Afterwards, he froze them with a Moon Shadow before smashing them into dust, and all the demon beasts and ancient demon beasts within Ling Chens field of vision were annihilated immediately after. The Azure Dragons Mayor, as well as the City Guards who had despaired, felt as if they had turned to stone, unable to accept what had just happened.  

After asking CaiEr to use her Natures Songs to heal Purple Dress, Ling Chen immediately went to the Black Tortoise City and saved Blue Heart, who was fighting against 2 Demon Emperors, and then went to the Vermillion Bird City and the White Tiger City   

The Demon Emperors were undoubtedly the greatest threats, and without the Demon Emperors, no matter how many demon beasts or ancient demon beasts there were, the Moon God Clan was powerful enough to suppress them and resolve the crisis.  

Ling Chen quickly cleared the Demon Emperors in and around the Royal City and 4 main cities, but apart from these places, the massive Forgotten Continent still contained many demonic beasts. Ling Chen returned to Ling Tian City and used Ling Tian City to request players and residents of the Forgotten Continent to report sightings of Demon Emperors and ancient demon beasts. Wherever one was found, Ling Chen went there with the help of Feys spatial power and quickly kill them. As Demon Emperors and ancient demon beasts were continuously killed, Ling Chen and Fey felt more and more shocked.  

From when the demon beasts had descended until now, only 3 hours had passed, and the numbers of the demon beasts gradually decreased. As Demon Emperors and ancient demon beasts were discovered, Ling Chen quickly moved to destroy them and within the 3 hours, Ling Chen had killed 57 Demon Emperors and 732 ancient demon beasts!!  

It took thousands of years for a Saint Destroyer grade existence to be born, and for existences like Moon Goddesses that surpassed the Saint Destroyer grade, it took over 10,000 years. In light of this, the number of the Demon Emperors and ancient demon beasts was simply terrifying to the point of being indescribable. In the end, Ling Chens heart even started to lightly tremble if it was just as Qi Yue had said, that these Demon Emperors, ancient demon beasts, and demon beasts had been cloned, with how powerful the Demon Emperors were, cloning even a single one was an extremely heaven-defying act. After all, Demon Emperors were like terrifying weapons of mass destruction.  

However, there were 57 Demon Emperors, and there might even be even more!!  

Just what sort of person had the ability to do such a thing? And why would they do this to the Forgotten Continent if it wasnt for Ling Chen, the entire Forgotten Continent, if not the entire Mystic Moon world, could have been destroyed!   


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