Shura's Wrath Chapter 791

Chapter 791

Mastermind (3) 

Translator: Mr Voltaire 

Editor: Modlawls123 

Ling Chen and Feys arrival caused the Demon Emperor to finally smell the scent of a living creature, and its massive power instantly locked onto Ling Chen and Fey. Though it didnt move, a wave of Darkness energy seemed to cover the sun and sky, and it rushed towards Ling Chen and Fey. End it quickly; we need to spend some time on finding out the origins of these demon beasts and the mastermind, Fey said calmly, not even blinking as she faced the Demon Emperors attack. Ling Chen simultaneously activated [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames] again, and without needing to attack, just the Shuras aura alone was enough to dispel the Demon Emperors Darkness attack. Purgatory Blades!! Blood-red blades condensed from the Shuras power rained down from the sky, mercilessly butchering and destroying all demon beasts within range, turning the area that they covered into a purgatory of destruction. Ling Chen rushed towards the Demon Emperor like a ray of light, a [Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation] cutting off the attack that the Demon Emperor was about to release, causing it to howl in pain. Following this, Ling Chen activated [Moon Shadow], freezing the struggling Demon Emperor in the air as he mercilessly rained down attacks on it, causing its HP to quickly fall. Bang!!!!

As the bloody light around Ling Chen exploded, just like the previous 59 Demon Emperors, the Demon Emperor in front of him was also obliterated into tiny pieces and turned into black fog. The demon beast army was also shredded by the Purgatory Blades so that nothing remained. Done! Ling Chens body flashed and returned to Feys side, putting away his weapons as he said with a displeased look, Its a pity that even the Demon Emperors dont drop a single thing and dont even give EXP. Otherwise, after killing so many Saint Destroyer grade beings, I would have levelled up to LV100 by now. Evidently, those demon beasts arent normal demon beasts that belong to this continent, so naturally, they wont give any EXP or spoils, Fey said. She frowned as she caressed her long and sleek fingers against the Lachesis rings. But Im sure that well be able to find the source of these demon beasts and the mastermind behind all of this soon. Noticing Feys actions, Ling Chen raised his eyebrows and said in surprise, You mean the Lachesis can do such a thing? The Lachesis has 3 rings: one controls space, one controls time, and the other one Fey suddenly paused, her expression becoming stiff. At the same time, Ling Chens expression also changed and soon, both of their expressions became horrified. Fey, do do you feel that? This sensation is Ling Chen grabbed Feys shoulder. Even with his strong mental state the Shuras power, his voice still lightly trembled. His trembling gaze evidently contained a hint of terror! Fey also grabbed onto Ling Chen because that was the only way to feel safe. I wont forget this feeling even if I die! Both of them deeply frowned, their bodies tense as their gazes became incredibly dark. This was the state that they revealed when feeling extreme danger. Since you detected it too, that means it wasnt a misperception no one can imitate the aura that can cause our entire bodies to tremble! Fey could feel Ling Chens body trembling, as did her own. Indeed, they were afraid well and truly afraid! Whether it was in the real world or in the virtual world, both of them were incredibly powerful and invincible existences. And yet, they were both feeling immense fear!! In this world, was there anyone who could make Ling Chen and Fey feel fearful just from detecting their aura? Indeed, there was but this person was not the powerful Instructor Hell but another person. This person did not have Hells incredible power; rather, he did not have the strength to truss up a chicken, but his absurd mental prowess controlled their fates, changed their lives, and gave them powerful bodies and strength, as well as pain that was worse than hell by a factor of 100. He did not know any martial arts, but he controlled, calculated, and grasped everything. In Ling Chen and Feys subconscious, they believed that he was an all-powerful monster. There was nothing that he could not achieve, and no one that he could not control. In fact, he most likely had the power to destroy the entire earth. The trauma that he left on them was deeply embedded in the deepest part of their souls. They felt an icy chill pass through their hearts just thinking about this person. Even though so many years had passed, this persons existence was like a poisonous needle stabbing into their hearts. Perhaps only if this person disappeared from the world could they completely be at ease however, with his terrifying intellect and methods, who in the world could cause him to disappear? At this moment, in this virtual world, they had clearly detected that persons aura and he was incredibly close as if he was right behind them! Adam Eve its you! Heh heheh heheheh its actually you!! A piercing and extremely unpleasant voice sounded out from behind Ling Chen and Fey. When this voice travelled into their ears, their pupils simultaneously contracted. Feys hand held onto Ling Chen even tighter, her sharp nails piercing into Ling Chens arm. They had not seen the owner of this voice for 10 years, but even if they died, they would never forget this nightmarish voice. Ling Chen held onto Feys shoulder and slowly turned around. Without them realising it, a short and skinny hunchbacked old man wearing a white Chinese-styled garment and white-framed glasses had appeared behind them. His hair was white and his body was hunched over, and he was only about half as tall as Ling Chen. He looked at least 90 years old, and his face was even uglier and more withered than bark of a tree that had been dead for more than 10 years. However, the eyes behind the white-framed glasses were not turbid at all, and they instead gave off a sinister and venomous light. Mad Scientist!! Ling Chen and Fey cried out the old, hunchbacked mans name, their hearts uncontrollably trembling. He stood there, looking as if a strong gale could blow him over, but Ling Chen and Fey froze, not daring to move. They knew that he was even more terrifying than 100 Demon Emperors no! He was even more terrifying than even 100 Instructor Hells! Heheheh The Mad Scientist walked with his hands behind his back, giving a sinister and eerie laugh. To Ling Chen, his laugh was even more unpleasant than a demons laugh by 100 times. This is an incredibly wonderful chance encounter; it must be something arranged by the heavens. From when I sent you from heaven to hell, it has already been 10 years. 10 years, what a wonderful period of time. Both of you are my proudest creations, and not only are you still alive, but youve also grown into adults and have appeared before me together. Ling Chen took a step forwards, standing in front of Fey as he coldly said, After 10 years, youre still alive. Aheheheh! The Mad Scientist wildly laughed and said condescendingly, Even if everyone on earth died, I would not die! Heh The Mad Scientist suddenly gave a frightening smile as he adjusted his glasses, his eyes narrowing into slits. Adam, 9 months ago, Instructor Hell went to China to find you after he was perfected by me. Afterwards, I detected that he had been destroyed... so it was like this. No wonder you were able to destroy Hell, who was modified by me you broke free from my mental restrictions as expected from my proudest creation, heheheh! Ling Chen: Back then, when Hell had found him, he had not broken free from the Mad Scientists mental restrictions. Rather, he had been injured by Hell to the point that he had been on his last breath, and even now, he did not know how Hell had died. He only faintly felt that he had used some sort of special method to kill him as his consciousness was disappearing. If Hells dead, then hes dead. He was only an experimental subject; I can modify as many creatures as I want. You two are my successful experiments, and Ive spent many years to completely modify your bodies and minds. Honestly speaking, Im quite reluctant to destroy you. Thats why I didnt search for you over the past 10 years. I decided to find you two after I completed the great Mystic Moon Plan, allowing you to be two great killing machines that would destroy all life on earth but because of fates plans, I had to bring this time forwards because you destroyed my cute diseases that I spent so much time and effort developing!! The Mad Scientists face twisted. He was furious not because his diseases had been destroyed, but because with his methods, he would be able to recreate them with enough time. What made him furious was that this was completely outside of his plans, resulting in failure and humiliation! No one had ever caused his plans to fail in such a way this was something that he could not tolerate. Even if you two are my most successful creations, I need to give you a punishment that youll never forget wait, no! A reward! No matter what it is, my rewards should fill you with incredible honour and glory! Heheheheh!! Diseases? Ling Chen stared in confusion before suddenly realising something and saying, Could the demon beasts that invaded the Forgotten Continent have come from you?! After saying these words, Ling Chen did not feel shocked at all because with how terrifying the Mad Scientist was, no matter how impossible something sounded, it would be something incredibly casual and normal if it was him. Thats right, The Mad Scientist savagely laughed. After the Mystic Moon Plan is finished, the earth and Mystic Moon will both be destroyed. The two of you are the tools Ive prepared to destroy the world, while those cute diseases are what I was planning on using to destroy the Mystic Moon world. I brought them here ahead of plan because this continents lowly creatures have broken the perfect balance that I designed; this is an unforgiveable crime. I never thought that the ones who were killing these cute diseases were you Adam and Eve!! Ling Chen and Fey looked at each other, filled with shock. Mystic Moon Plan? The earth? Mystic Moon Destroy the earth and Mystic Moon Those few words deeply stirred up their nerves. If anyone else had said the crazy words destroy the earth, they would be taken as a joke or be seen as crazy. However, hearing this from the Mad Scientist, Ling Chen and Fey did not find those words to be amusing at all, and they instead felt a deep fear. Mad Scientist! What are you saying?! Destroy the earth? Mystic Moon Plan? What perfect balance? And how did you bring those demon beasts here?! Ling Chen roared in a low voice. He had to receive an answer for these questions; otherwise, even if he escaped from this terrifying madman today, he would not be able to be at ease. However, in his heart, he already knew that the answer would be terrifying.

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