Shura's Wrath Chapter 793

Chapter 793

Mastermind (5) 



Why I did it? Heheheh The Mad Scientist narrowed his eyes, an ugly look of intoxication appearing on his face. Of course it was to give you lowly earthlings a glorious home! Over the past year, more and more earthlings have enjoyed themselves in the world I created to the point that they have forgotten their own homes. When the time comes, their spirits will be imprisoned here so that they cannot return to their real bodies. The puppets that these spirits are attached to will also disappear, and when that time comes, they will become spirits without a host. Theyll be taken into a cage that Ive prepared for them, turning into glorious sacrifices, aheheheheh for lowly earthlings to become such glorious sacrifices, they should be incredibly grateful to me, aheheheheh 

Ling Chen and Feys hearts rapidly thumped as a chill chaotically spread throughout their bodies. They now understood: the Mad Scientist had spent much effort to modify this world and attract players into this world through the Mad Scientists special equipment, players minds, or rather spirits, entered this world like they were going into a normal virtual game. The Mad Scientists goal was actually to cruelly cut the connection between their bodies and spirits, turning them into spirits with nowhere to go! 

Putting aside why the Mad Scientist would do something so devoid of conscience and so deranged, since this was part of his plan, he definitely had the ability to do this. Whats more, once he achieved this, with the Mystic Moons terrifying numbers, the billions of players online would become human vegetables with living bodies but no spirits!! 

This was an incredibly terrifying, soundless massacre!! 

Ling Chen suddenly thought of the news he had seen not too long ago, and he said hatefully, Was the Cosmos Corporations media announcement given by Smith part of your plan as well? Could it be that next month 

BINGO! As expected from the Adam that I developed, youre completely correct, The Mad Scientist insidiously smiled. Before, the beautiful Mystic Moon Plan was meant to be completed after a year because I wanted to use the earths environment to complete many experiments that I wanted to complete. Once this plan has been carried out, Ill have to destroy the earth, and I wont be able to conduct those wonderful experiments anymore. However, the glorious King has spoken: because of some unexpected events, we are to complete all of the plans within 3 months, heheh even though I dont want to give up on my wonderful experiments, Kings orders are not to be disobeyed, so I had to bring the time forward to next month heheh, old man Smith has given a perfect announcement: 10x EXP and drop rates. With earthlings ridiculous greed, theyll definitely create a new record for the number of logins, and at least 80% of the earths population will come into the world Ive created for them. That way, Ill be able to collect billions of spirits at once, aheheheheheh! 


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