Shura's Wrath Chapter 794

Chapter 794

Truly Dead?  



As Ling Chen suddenly roared, a blinding light shot out from the Lunar Scourge, condensing into the Lunar Scourge in Ling Chens hand.  

The instant that the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared, the spatial lock around Ling Chen and Fey that the Mad Scientist claimed was the most powerful spatial lock in the Mystic Moon world suddenly disappeared, allowing Ling Chen and Fey to regain their freedom On Feys right hand behind Ling Chen, the red, yellow, and blue rings of Lachesis simultaneously lit up.  


As Ling Chen yelled out, the Lachesis light shone to its extreme, and all of its power covered the Mad Scientist, who could not react in time.  

Ultimate Dimensional Domain!!  

Time seemed to flow incredibly slowly. The instant that the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared, the Mad Scientists wild laughter suddenly froze as his face twisted and his pupils dilated. His body slightly leaned back as if he was trying to do something, but before he could do anything, his body stopped in place, unable to move at all, as if he had been locked down just as Ling Chen and Fey had been before.  

From when Ling Chen and Fey had escaped from the spatial lock to when the Mad Scientist had been locked down, everything happened in the blink of an eye. The Mad Scientist did not have any battle capabilities, so he naturally did not have any battle sense. At that sort of speed, he could not react at all, and the frozen Mad Scientists eyes were opened wide, staring at Ling Chen and Fey. At this moment, he finally saw Ling Chen and Feys Lunar Scourge and Lachesis, a look of deep shock appearing in his eyes as he choked out the words, Lachesis and Lunar Scourge! Impossible! This is impossible!!  

Mad Scientist! Ling Chen gritted his teeth as he breathed raggedly. I admit that youre powerful to the point that Im afraid! Youve always been incredibly proud and confident, and indeed, you have the right to be arrogant but today, youve fallen because of your confidence and arrogance! Just then, you said too much to us because you believed that there was nothing that could escape from your control and that it would be impossible for us to break free, and you even told us your only 2 weaknesses the Lachesis and Lunar Scourge! At the same time, you were too arrogant to consider that the Lachesis and Lunar Scourge could be controlled by other people at least, definitely not by earths players, who you look down on so much. However, were going to have to disappoint you! You control this world apart from 2 things which are on Fey and myself!  

Impossible! Impossible!! The Mad Scientists eyes became bloodshot. This was the first time that Ling Chen and Fey had seen the Mad Scientist look so shocked, and they never thought that the terrifying Mad Scientist could have such a reaction. The Lunar Scourge is an item of utmost evil, and anything that goes near it will be turned into a puppet or destroyed! How can it be on you and the Lachesis energy was completely used up by me, and it could not even recover 0.1% of its energy over these years how is this possible?! How is this possible?!  


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