Shura's Wrath Chapter 799

Chapter 799

Birthday (3)  


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123


Mm! The wish-making is done after making your wishes in front of so many beauties, even if you dont want your wishes to come true, theyll still come true.  

Hehe, come sit over here, big brother. Tian Tian moved the chairs that Chao Ying and Chao Xi had prepared over, pulling Ling Chen to sit. She and Shadissika sat on either side of Ling Chen, looking like little angels.  

In order to wish our birthday boy Ling Chen a happy birthday, each of us have brought you a gift. Im sure that youre very excited and have been looking forward to this, right?  

Ling Chen opened his mouth, not sure what to say. After all, he had only ever spent his birthdays with Xuanyuan Dia Wu before. This was the first time he had experienced such a heartwarming scenario before, and he could only dumbly nod.  

Wow! Big brothers going to get so many presents; you must be happy to death. Tian Tian blinked with happiness and admiration.  

Of course he looks calm now, but inside, hes probably smiling like a blooming flower, Li Xiao Xue said as she grinned, then turned to look at Gu Qing Han. Aunty Gu, as our senior, you should be the one to start.   

Wow! I wonder what Aunty Gus present is. Xiao Qi sat up and looked on expectantly.  

A slight trace of nervousness appeared in Gu Qing Hans eyes as she stretched out her tightly-clenched right hand she had kept this present gripped in her hand because she had wanted to give this to him personally since a long time ago.  

After slowly opening her hand, everyone saw a small jade pendant.  

It was an extremely ordinary-looking jade pendant and was the same shape and size as an olden-day copper coin. There was a very thin red string threaded through it, and it was a snow-white colour, making it look like it was made of white jade.  

Ling Chen, this is Aunty Gus birthday gift for you. I hope I hope you wont dislike it, Gu Qing Han slightly smiled as she said softly.  

Wow! Its a jade pendant!   

Yun Meng Xin examined the jade pendant for a while before smiling, It looks like it was made from an extremely pure and high-grade Hetian Jade, and it contains no impurities at all. Jade pendants are usually given for safety, and Hetian Jade was used as sacrifices in the past, so jade pendants made from Hetian Jade have the meaning of praying to the heavens for ones blessings and safety. Aunty Gu has spent much thought on this.  

Just as Ling Chen was about stand up and reach over, he saw Li Xiao Xues complicated gaze looking at him as she said, No less than expected from Meng Xin, well observed. Thats right, a jade pendant made from Hetian Jade has the meaning of praying to the heavens for ones blessings and safety. Aunty Gus jade pendants craftsmanship and its purity are both top-notch, and it is worth entire cities. However, thats not the main point. The main point is that this jade pendant was personally carved by Aunty Gu.  

Eh? Personally carved by Aunty Gu?  

Thats right. Li Xiao Xue lightly nodded. Moreover, there are 23 of these jade pendants in Aunty Gus home. Each of them was personally carved by Aunty Gu.  

Ling Chen: !!!......  

Eh? Aunty Gu had such a hobby? Xiao Qi asked in surprise. With the Gu familys strength and Gu Qing Hans status in the family, how easy would it be for her to purchase such a jade? Why would she carve it herself?  


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