Shura's Wrath Chapter 811

Chapter 811

Godchild (7) 


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123


Of course she was replaced by me, Qi Yue said and smiled as if it was something insignificant. The first thing that I needed to do in order to carry out the Mystic Moon Plan and fulfil my goals was to control the Lunar Scourge. This should have been quite difficult, but luckily, when I found the Lunar Scourge, there was an item soul that had been in there for over 10,000 years. As such, I used my godly souls special power of control to split a part of my soul into the Lunar Scourge, and I took all of her memories before killing her, replacing her as the Lunar Scourges item soul. Oh that item souls name was indeed Ye Yue, and her father was indeed the Night Emperor Ye Wu Ya. Come to think of it, little master should thank Ye Yue. Even though she was killed by me, everything I know about the Forgotten Continent comes from her memories. Without her memories, little masters journey wouldnt have been so smooth.  

An explosion seemed to go off within Ling Chens mind, and he furiously roared, You You killed Ye Yue?! She only had her soul left and was sealed away for so many years, an incredibly pitiful existence. Since you were able to replace her, you must have had ways to help her escape from the Lunar Scourge as opposed to killing her!  

Oh youre right, I could have done that. However, if I let her go, that might have caused problems for me in future, so it was much simpler to just kill her. Oh, and that boring 3-year arrangement: that was just an excuse to avoid trouble. If you meet the Night Emperor again, you can tell him that his daughter died long ago, and its fine if you tell him that I was the murderer, Qi Yue said uncaringly.  

You!! Ling Chens eyes widened, staring at Qi Yues remorseless and guiltless smile. He felt a chill within his heart was this really the Qi Yue that he had known for more than 1 year?  

No! Impossible Youre not such a cruel person, impossible Ling Chen stared at Qi Yue and slowly shook his head. He was unwilling to believe that Qi Yue was such a cruel person who purely used and toyed with him. They had experienced much together, and they had spent almost every day together during that period of time. Even if he didnt know her fully, he understood her quite well. Even though Qi Yue was quite mysterious and devious, from everything she had done and said she shouldnt be this sort of person! Ling Chen had experienced much in his lifetime, and he was very rarely wrong about someone, making him quite confident in his judgment of people.  

If you were purely using and lying to me, why did you that night  

That night? Oh! You meant that incident. Qi Yue immediately understood what Ling Chen was talking about, and she smiled enchantingly. Are you asking why I seduced you into having sex with me that night if Ive been lying to you and using you? And you even found out that I was a virgin.  

Ling Chen:   

Hahahaha, poor little Ling Tian. Now I feel bad about telling you the truth. Qi Yues eyes narrowed into 2 slits as she smiled. The next day after that night, did you feel quite dizzy and weak? Also, did you feel as if something had happened, but you couldnt remember the details?  


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