Shura's Wrath Chapter 812

Chapter 812

Extreme Shuras Death Domain  


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123


Sun God Orb! How could When Ling Chen saw the orb in Qi Yues hand, his mind once again felt as if it had been hit by a 10,000-kilogram heavy hammer.  

The orb that he desired so greatly He hadnt even known where to start looking for it, and even SuErs Heavens Secrets power could not find it And it had actually been on Qi Yue this entire time! 

At that moment, Ling Chen realised just how pitiful and laughable he had been from when he had obtained the Lunar Scourge to now, it had been 1 year and half a month. Because he had the Lunar Scourge and Qi Yues guidance, he grew at an incredible speed. He had killed Celestial grade beings, slayed Heavens End grade beings, and slaughtered Mysterious God grade beings and he had even surpassed the Moon Goddesses, the highest existences in the Mystic Moon world. He was completely invincible among players, and after resolving the demon beast disaster, his fame had soared within the Forgotten Continent to unimaginable heights. He could now look down on the heavens and the earth, and he felt immense satisfaction and pride.  

Only today did he realise that he had always been used as a tool and had not even realised it... He had trusted the one who had been controlling him like a clown, and he had worked so hard  

Hahaha, hahahaha Ling Chen started to laugh incredibly mockingly. Even then, he had held a trace of hope towards Qi Yue, hoping that she had been putting up an act because of how powerful Qi Xing was. However, now, this trace of hope had been completely destroyed. So it was like this So it was like this I was actually the stupidest, most laughable person in the world hahahahahahaha  

Seeing how Ling Chen looked, Qi Xing coldly laughed, Yue, youve really toyed with this human. I can feel that his mind is about to collapse.  

But of course. To him, the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb is more important than even his own life, Qi Yue said as she played with the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb and smiled. When we were just missing the Sun God Orb, I made up an excuse to create the incomplete Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb because I knew that he would never use it even if it was created and completed. Moreover, he would never find the Sun God Orb. With my godly souls control ability, how could those humans find anything that I wanted to hide? Afterwards, I used much of my control ability and time to obtain the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb. Adding on the Sun God Orb I have, its enough to complete the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb, which I can use to revive our mother.  

Apologies, little Ling Tian, I stayed in the Mystic Moon world for such a long time for the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb. Asking me to give it to you is impossible. However, you should thank me even though lil sis Shui Ruo will never wake up, I at least gave you a year of hope. Hope is something thats very precious you know, hehehehe.   

Qi Yues laughter was like a heavenly sound, but when Ling Chen heard it now, it sounded like a savage demons laughter. He lowered his head, the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear trembling in his right hand as he said in a low voice, Qi Yue, immediately return the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb to me or Ill kill you as well leaving behind nothing!!  

Aiya! Qi Yue slightly shrank back, a wronged expression appearing on her face. What about the feelings for each other built up over one year? Now, youre saying that you want to kill me I feel so sad but you seem very confident in killing us. Hehehehe, who understands your power more than me? Are you so confident because of the Lunar Scourge and your Yama Curse?  

Ling Chen: ?!"  

Its a pity that I dont think your trump cards will be useful against Xing.  

Ling Chen did not say anything else. He was completely infuriated about the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb being stolen so shamelessly and that he had been played with this entire time, making him feel as if his chest was going to explode. He slowly raised the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear  


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