Shura's Wrath Chapter 821

Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Reunion   

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123


Hearing their gentle voices, Tian Tians tense heart also relaxed. She knew better than anyone that she could definitely not defeat Wan Chong in her current state, much less Rahu. Even stalling for time so that the others could run away was impossible. With her current strength, no matter how much she struggled, she would not be able to change the outcome.  

Tian Tians heart became incredibly peaceful, and she did not feel anxious anymore. She did not struggle anymore, and she instead leaned against Gu Qing Han behind her, enjoying the warmth. Aunty Gu, are you really big brothers mummy?  

Thats right but we were separated when he was born, Gu Qing Han softly replied.  

Thank you, Aunty Gu.  

Gu Qing Han felt quite surprised. Why are you thanking me?  

Tian Tian smiled. Because Aunty Gu is big brothers mummy. Without Aunty Gu, big brother wouldnt exist, and I never would have met big brother  

Gu Qing Hans body slightly trembled. She could not say anything, and she could only gently hug this little girl. She could feel this girls resignation, but in the final moments of her life, what she displayed was her love for Ling Chen. With just a few words, she melted Gu Qing Han and all of the girls hearts.  

Heheh, what are you doing? I cant believe you were able to receive an 80% blow from me using your Skyfall Demon Clans power, which isnt suited to physical fighting at all. However, it looks like you used half of your life to receive that blow. Wan Chong coldly smiled as he spoke arrogantly, swinging his arms about as he started to laugh, Girl, Ill only use 80% again this time, so try to receive it again. If you cant, apart from you, everyone will turn to dust, hahahaha oh?  

Wan Chong suddenly stopped laughing as a look of surprise appeared in his eyes. This was because he found that the gazes of the people in front of him had suddenly changed. Their hateful looks became hazy as they stared ahead, and their eyes all widened as if they had seen the most unbelievable scene in the world and they were clearly looking behind where Wan Chong and Rahu were.  

Rahu also detected the change in their gazes, and he turned around at the same time as Wan Chong.  

Even though it was midnight, the bright stars made it easier to see in the darkness. In the dim lighting, they could see a grey figure. He was tall and seemed to be wearing a thin armour that gave off a dark silver light. In his hand was a silver spear that was longer than his body.  

The instant they saw this person, Rahu and Wan Chong felt their hair stand on end. This was because the figure was less than 5 steps away from them, but they had not detected him at all, and it was as if he had appeared extremely silently and stealthily. This was the first time they had experienced such a thing, and they felt a chill through their bodies.  

Big brother Big brother is it you? Is it you?  


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