Shura's Wrath Chapter 824

Chapter 824

The Godchild Who Disappeared Again (2)  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


A mysterious space.  

Wheres the Godchild? Where did the Godchild go?  

What is it, Xing? Hearing Xings slightly panicked voice, Qi Yue rushed in, finding that the blue crystal orb was empty. The God-Sealing Barrier was empty, causing her to deeply frown.  

The Godchild the Godchild disappeared! How could she disappear? Qi Xing looked around, unable to find the Godchild.  

Impossible! Qi Yue shook her head in confusion. The Godchild couldnt have escaped from the God-Sealing Barrier. Just then, both of us were close by, so its impossible for anyone to have snuck in. Even if the Godchild managed to escape, we would have detected any fluctuations in the God-Sealing Barriers power.  

Qi Xing already knew everything that Qi Yue was saying. However, the Godchild had truly disappeared. After bringing the Godchild here, she had been only an instant away from the Godchild. At this distance, she believed that no one in the world could come close without her noticing even if that person had 80% Godhood. There was no one around except Qi Yue, but Qi Yue had been by her side this entire time, so she could not have done anything. Moreover, even if Qi Yue wanted to take the Godchild away, with her mere 20% Godhood, she could not do anything.  

Qi Xing looked around, unable to find any traces of the Godchild. Even her aura had completely disappeared. With Qi Xings abilities, nothing in the surrounding 10,000 kilometres could escape her divine sense. And yet, even within this range she still could not detect the Godchild  

It was as if the Godchild had silently evaporated from this world.  

Just what happened? A look of rage and savageness appeared on Qi Xings face.  

Qi Yue thought for a moment before saying in a low voice, Xing, calm down. You should know that the Godchild has True God-level power and the wisdom of countless people combined. Didnt she escape without you noticing before? This time, she definitely used some unknown method to escape again, but she definitely didnt just disappear into nothing. In order to avoid our detection, she didnt use her divine power, so even if she escaped, she cant have gone very far in fact, she might be hiding nearby! For example, she might be using some sort of True God-level concealment ability!   

Youre right. Qi Xing slowly nodded. Neither of us detected anything, so she cant have gone far Yue, Ill go east and you go west. If you detect her, let me know immediately!   

After speaking, Qi Xings body flashed and vanished. Qi Yue slightly nodded and also disappeared.  


I feel like I just listened to a legend the era of gods so gods werent something that humans made up, and they actually existed in the past Sha Sha is the Godchild, and she saved countless people who suffered from Isrock Disease Qi Yue, who was with us for such a long time, actually had such a terrifying history and no wonder the Mad Scientist had monstrous abilities and technology that was so much more advanced than Earths technology Fey continuously marvelled at what she had heard. Even though she had incredible mental fortitude, it took her a long time to slowly process and accept everything that Ling Chen had told her.  

It is the age of humans right now, and even though gods existed in the past, they shouldnt appear again. Now, they only exist in legends and stories. Even if some people are the reincarnations of True Gods, they can only awaken a part of that strength, but their thoughts and personalities are still human, just like the Mystic Moon worlds Moon Goddesses. As time passes, each reincarnation will become weaker and weaker until their Godhood completely disappears. However, there was an anomaly, which is Qi Xing   

Ling Chen raised his head and said with a sigh, I dont know what went wrong, but after being reincarnated, having 50% Godhood is already incredible, yet the godly soul that Qi Xing awakened had 80% Godhood, and she gained some of the godly souls memories. As such, Qi Xings thoughts were more god than human. This caused her to be unsatisfied with not being able to control the worlds that the gods created, and it made her want to make True Gods descend again, controlling these worlds, which belonged to gods.  

As such, she started the God Creating Plan. The Pegasi Star and Galois Star were destroyed, and billions of innocent humans died. The Xiya Star also suffered a disaster, and Earth was also indirectly destroyed as a result. From all of this, Sha Sha was born how many people have died, and how many tragedies have occurred? Even if Qi Yue completes the God Creating Plan, she wont become a god, but a demon filled with sins! When the time comes, who knows what the universe will be like in her hands.  

Its simply unimaginable, Fey said with a melancholy tone. She suddenly thought of something and said as she looked over, Come to think of it, how did you come here after destroying Earth?  

Ling Chen felt a bit surprised upon hearing this question, and after thinking back, he could only hazily shake his head. I dont know either I was suddenly transported from the Mystic Moon world to Earth through a spatial black hole so perhaps it was another spatial black hole that brought me here.  

But if a spatial black hole had brought him here was it really a coincidence? That he had been brought to the exact spot on the Xiya Star where they were but then again, how did they arrive here?  

Just what was going on?  

Fey did not say anything, and she also fell into deep contemplation.  

Adam, I have a question, Fey said as she looked over with a sincere expression. Can anyone become a Shura if they fall into absolute despair and hatred?  

Why do you ask? Ling Chen asked, feeling quite surprised.  

Fey calmly replied, There are billions, if not trillions, of creatures, and just on earth alone, there are almost 10 billion people. If you add the people who have lived in the past, the number is simply too great to be counted. While many of these people have lived in peace and happiness, many others would have lived in pain and despair. In fact, some people would have felt even more pain and despair than you but why have Shuras never appeared in earths history? Why did you  

It should be because of the Lunar Scourge. The Lunar Scourge was born from being affected by the Shuras baleful aura, and I only obtained the Shuras power in the Mystic Moon world because of it. The reason I fell into the way of the Shura should also be because of it, Ling Chen said as he raised his right wrist.  

You said that the first Shura was during the era of gods, and the Shura brought it to an end. A god becoming a Shura was powerful enough to destroy the world of gods. This means that after becoming a Shura, ones power increases 10, if not 100, times. Even though you cant compare to the True God Shura, as a Shura, your power should have increased dramatically as well. In that case, right now, are you able to defeat Qi Xing? Right now, youre a super-monster who can even destroy Earth! Fey looked at him and said earnestly.  

Before, Qi Xing had displayed absolute power in front of him, making him believe that he could never defeat Qi Xing. However, now that Fey had reminded him of this, he realised that he wasnt the same. After becoming a true Shura, he had obtained incredibly terrifying strength strength that allowed him to destroy an entire world with a single blow! Even though this had not reached the level of True Gods, it was definitely close. After he regained consciousness, he felt that the power within him had not decreased at all  

In that case, with his strength now, he might be able to defeat Qi Xing!  

If he could defeat Qi Xing, he could take Sha Sha and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb from Qi Yue Qi Xings ambitions would be destroyed, and the tragedies from her God Creating Plan would not continue. He would be able to take revenge and they would not have to live in fear!  

Youre right! Youre absolutely right! In my current state, I might be able to defeat Qi Xing! Ling Chen stood up, his expression becoming resolute as he said, Wan Chong had 40% Godhood and Rahu had 50% Godhood, but I was still able to instantly kill them. In that case, my Godhood must completely exceed theirs, and it should be at least 70%! Qi Xing has 80% Godhood, so even if I have 70% Godhood, with the Lunar Scourge, its possible Ill be able to defeat her!  

Seeing how Ling Chen looked, Fey knew what sort of decision he had made. She slightly regretted reminding him of this, but deep down, she knew that he still would have made this decision for Sha Sha and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb whether she reminded him or not. However, could he really defeat the monstrous Qi Xing if he lost, the result would be   

Are you able to find where Qi Xing is? Her position isnt something we can use Earths measurements to determine, and with how big the universe is, we might never be able to find or see her, Fey said slowly.  

Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as if he suddenly thought of something, and he said in a low voice, I might be able to find her. After I became a true Shura, my mental energy rapidly grew, and Qi Xing is the only person with 80% Godhood, so her aura should be far more powerful than any other beings. If I concentrate, I should be able to find her rough location.  

As he spoke, Ling Chen closed his eyes, and by the time he finished speaking, he opened his eyes, looking towards south  

Did you find her? Seeing his reaction, Fey asked in surprise.  

Thats right; I really found her. Ling Chen nodded. And shes very close to the Xiya Star, less than 20,000 kilometres away.  

20,000 kilometres was a shocking distance to most people, but Ling Chen had said this incredibly calmly. This was because the level he was at had completely exceeded the limits of humans. 20,000 kilometres was not very far to him, and it was comparable to tens of kilometres to normal humans.   


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