Shura's Wrath Chapter 825

Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Long Familys Secret  

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You really found her. Fey stood up, feeling slightly unsettled. After finding Qi Xing, it was evident what Ling Chen was going to do next. Perhaps he wouldnt wait a single minute because every minute that he waited, Sha Sha continued to be in danger, and the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb might be used.  

What are you going to do then? Fey asked.  

Of course Im going to find her! Ling Chen looked south, his gaze becoming more and more determined.  

Right now? Even though she had expected it, hearing Ling Chen say those words, Feys heart still trembled.  

Thats right! Ling Chen nodded without hesitating. Since I can detect her, Im sure she can detect me. In fact, she might have sensed me when Rahu and Wan Chong died. When someone who thought herself undefeatable suddenly detects a person who can threaten her and adding on a womans cautiousness, she would feel a sense of uneasiness. Adding on Wan Chong and Rahus deaths and the fact that the Burning Heavens Plan cant continue, she would definitely take that person to be her archenemy. In that case, what would she do?  

Fey thought for a moment before understanding what he was saying. Youre saying that shell feel uneasy and will not wait for the Godchild to fully mature, and she will immediately absorb her power?  

Thats right! Ling Chen clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. If Qi Xing absorbs Sha Shas power, her lifeforce might be absorbed as well no! I cant let this sort of thing happen! I have to immediately find her! Even if I cant defeat Qi Xing, Ill use my life to save Sha Sha!   

Fey grabbed his hand. Are you really going to go right now  

Big brother, Aunty Gu woke up!   

Before Fey finished her sentence, Tian Tian ran out from the house and excitedly called out. Ling Chen and Fey turned around, and Ling Chen hesitated for a moment before rushing in.  

Gu Qing Hans body was still quite weak, but her face had a healthy red glow, and she was on the way to making a full recovery. Seeing Ling Chen quickly rush in and the excitement and worry in his eyes, she warmly smiled. Ling Chen, they said that you woke up thank goodness.  

Facing Gu Qing Hans gentle gaze and smile, Ling Chen felt a throbbing in his chest. He remembered thrusting the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear into her body before that, he was not completely sure if she was his mother, but when her blood fell on his hands, his entire body and soul had intensely reacted. It was as if there was a voice howling in his ears this is the blood of your closest kin! Shes the closest to you your biological mother!  

That sort of thing felt completely indescribable perhaps that was what it meant to have a blood connection.  

Standing in front of Gu Qing Hans bed, Ling Chen continuously looked away. His lips moved soundlessly for a while before saying with great difficulty, Im sorry  

Gu Qing Han smiled as she shook her head. You didnt do it on purpose, so why are you apologising? Moreover, my life isnt in danger anymore and even the wound has mysteriously vanished, so you dont need to blame yourself.  

Gu Qing Han was publicly acknowledged to be the most amazing person in Southern China. Her gaze was usually incredibly sharp and majestic, and even most men in high positions did not dare to meet her gaze. However, at this moment, her gaze was gentle like the way a mother looked at her son. Under this sort of gaze, Ling Chen felt an indescribable warmth throughout his body. After saying the words Im sorry, Ling Chen wasnt quite sure what to say. Only after a while did he ask the question that he had buried in his heart for a long time, What happened after I was born? Long Zheng Yang told me that someone said that I had a Fortune of Great Calamity and you nearly died, so  

Gu Qing Han felt quite startled, and she hadnt expected him to suddenly ask this question. She fell silent for a while before softly answering, This is the Long familys greatest secret. Even though I hate the Long family, I never thought about divulging this secret. However, since the Long family and all of Earth have disappeared, this secret doesnt matter anymore. Moreover, even though you dont want to admit it, the Long familys blood flows in your body, so you have the right to know.   

Li Xiao Xue, who had stayed by the bed this whole time, got up and prepared to leave.  

You dont need to leave, Xiao Xue. Right now, were the only people left, so theres no need to hide anything from each other, Gu Qing Han said when she saw this.  

Aunty Gu Li Xiao Xue smiled in gratitude and sat down by Gu Qing Hans side, looking at Ling Chen. Indeed, only they were left Earth had been destroyed that was not a joke, illusion, or dream  

Gu Qing Han collected her thoughts before starting to talk about the Long familys secret, No matter how prosperous or powerful a family is, therell always be a day when it falls. There have been many powerful families that have lasted for 100 years, and any family that could do so was already quite incredible. After all, in Chinas ancient times, the dynasties only lasted for a few hundred years or less. However, the Long family has lasted for almost 1,000 years and rose from anonymity to fame, going all the way up to the peak of China. It has remained at the peak for hundreds of years and has not shown any signs of decline. This does not conform with the patterns in history, and the reason for this is unimaginable for most people.  

This is because there have always been 3 special guardians behind the Long family; 3 people that the family leader only finds out about after taking the mantle. I only know about their existence because of your birth, and I was nearly killed for it no one knows the 3 peoples names, only their titles: Dragon Claw, Dragon Scale, and Dragon Blood [TLN: Just a reminder that the surname Long means dragon].  

So these 3 names were references to 3 people? Li Xiao Xue couldnt help but interject. She had mentioned these 3 names to Ling Chen before, and they were secrets that she had paid a great price to obtain. However, just because she knew these names didnt mean that she knew anything useful.  

Indeed, theyre 3 people. They were the Long familys leaders 3 most loyal guardians 1,000 years ago, and they continued to loyally protect the Long family generation after generation  

1,000 years? Youre saying theyve lived for at least 1,000 years? This Li Xiao Xues face was covered with shock and disbelief. She started to understand why Gu Qing Han had said that the reason was unimaginable by most people.  

It sounds ridiculous, but this is the truth. Those 3 people not only have monstrous lifespans, but they also have monstrous power. Theyve been guarding something called the Dragons Vein, and as long as the Dragons Vein is not damaged, the Long family will never decline. When the Long family faces destruction, they will appear and quell the disaster Ling Chen, do you believe all of this?  

I do, Ling Chen nodded without hesitation.  

Lifespans of thousands of years Dragon Lifeline to most people, these things would sound like things from a story. However, Ling Chen believed them completely, and he thought of another possibility  

That... those 3 people were the reincarnations of the godly souls of True Gods from the era of gods, and they had awakened their godly souls. That was the only explanation for why they had such long lifespans and incredible power to preserve the Long family for such a long time.  

After you were born, the 3 of them suddenly appeared that was how I knew that they existed. They said that you had a Fortune of Great Calamity, and when you were born, the Long familys Dragons Vein trembled. They claimed that you had to be disposed of, or you would affect the Long familys fortune and may even cause the Dragons Vein to crack and the Long family to decline.  

Those 3 people had utmost authority, and even though you were his own son, Long Zheng Yang did not dare to disobey. He was unwilling to dispose of you or to give you away, so under his insistence, the 3 people gave in you were allowed to remain in the Long family, but you were not allowed to have the Long surname, and no one was allowed to go near you. Moreover, you were not allowed to study or learn martial arts only that way could they reduce the impact of the Fortune of Great Calamity on the Long family.  

As for me, they told me that there was deathly aura remaining within me and that if I stayed too close to you, the chances of the deathly aura growing would increase, endangering my life. They said that I had to leave you for at least 10 years until the deathly aura was completely gone  

Ling Chen: south 

What Gu Qing Han said was exactly what Long Zheng Yang had said to him. But Fortune of Great Calamity those 3 guardians had said he had a Fortune of Great Calamity, as had Daoist Tian Qing in the Mystic Moon world and he had experienced and caused great calamities in his life he had massacred countless beings and even destroyed Earth.  

Indeed, this is completely true. On Earth, theres no one with a worse fortune than my Fortune of Great Calamity Ling Chen thought self-mockingly.  

At that time, I didnt believe what I considered to be nonsense, but Long Zheng Yang believed it, and his father, Long Yun Ting, believed it even more I was forced to leave you and return to the south. Those years, I thought about you every day, wanting to know how you were doing or what you looked like. I hoped every day that time would pass faster so that I could see you again after 10 years. I hated the Long family during those 10 long years, but after 10 years passed, what I received was was  

Gu Qing Han stopped speaking and remembered the nightmarish news she had received that night, causing her to choke up. Waiting for 10 years and hearing that her son had died was an incredibly heavy and cruel blow to her.  

Ling Chens heart ached. He didnt ask Gu Qing Han to continue after all, she was still recovering from a serious wound, and if she continued, she would overexert herself. He leaned over and said softly, Rest well, mum Im going out to do some things, and Ill be back soon.  

After saying this, he quietly walked out and softly closed the door.  

Only after a long time did Gu Qing Han come back to her senses. She looked at Li Xiao Xue and asked with a hazy look, What did he just call me?  

Li Xiao Xue smiled. He just called you mum, loud and clear.  

Gu Qing Han pulled up her blanket, covering her tear-stained face. She did her best not to cry out loud, and her shoulders continuously trembled.  


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