Shura's Wrath Chapter 829

Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Pursuit  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Prepare to die!!  

Ling Chen completely released the Shuras power, the black fog around his body madly swirling around as he gave off a baleful aura.  

As he roared, Ling Chen rushed towards Qi Xing, his body filled with berserk power, looking like a berserk demon god. Qi Xings expression became quite unsettled, and facing Ling Chens sudden attack, she frowned and cried out, I dont believe that a Quasi-God like me, who has awakened her 80% Godhood for 1,000, will lose to a tiny Shura that has only just awakened his 80% Godhood!!  

Nirvana Wheel!! The Falling Star madly spun, meeting Ling Chens Lunar Scourge Divine Spear. Qi Xing directly met Ling Chens attack, wanting to prove that she would not lose to him in pure battle strength!  

The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and Falling Star once again clashed, creating an explosion of silver light. In that instant, Qi Xing felt as if a massive, 10-thousand-kilogram heavy hammer had slammed onto the Falling Star, causing her to be blasted backwards. Her arms became numb and almost completely lost feeling, causing her to almost lose her grip on the Falling Star.   

How is this possible how can he be so much stronger than me?! How is this possible?!  

Just then, Qi Xing had used her full strength unreservedly in using the Falling Star, but she had been reduced to a sorry state by Ling Chen in just a single attack. She flew tens of thousands of metres away, her arms still feeling incredibly numb. Qi Xing gritted her teeth and looked at Ling Chen, who was chasing after her, an expression of fury and savageness appearing on her face. She raised the Falling Star with both hands and threw it out. As it shot out, it released tens of thousands of grey lights, shooting towards Ling Chen like a meteor shower.  

Facing this sea of lights, each of which could destroy an entire world, Ling Chens gaze became serious as he quickly brandished the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, creating a blinding curtain of light. As the grey lights from the Falling Star hit the curtain of light from the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, they soundlessly disappeared.  

If it was the Ling Chen from before, even though this sort of attack from Qi Xing would not be able to injure him, it was enough to make him pause or show an opening. However, now that he had completely released the Shuras power, his battle power was far above Qi Xings. He was able to perfectly dispel Qi Xings attack, not slowing down in the slightest, and in the incredibly short instant that Qi Xing could not attack again, he arrived in front of her and thrusted the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear towards her.  


Space was instantly shattered, and countless spatial cracks extended around Ling Chen. Qi Xing coughed up a mouthful of blood as she was sent flying backwards. The Falling Star was sent flying from her hand, sent so far by the impact that they could no longer see it. Despite seeing Qi Xing beaten back by him again and again, Ling Chen did not reveal an expression of delight. His face remained just as calm and still, and he once again raised the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear  

Extreme Shuras Death Domain!!!  

Ling Chen coldly spoke those 5 words as a blood-red glow exploded out from his body, making him look as if he was bathing in a pool of blood. His eyes became a pure blood-red colour as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear was dyed red by the light. An incredibly monstrous power instantly locked down the space around them.  

Ling Chen hadnt forgotten the humiliating scene of his Extreme Shuras Death Domain in the Mystic Moon world being easily dispelled by Qi Xing. The world became red to him as a berserk sense of ruthlessness rushed out from within his heart, filling his body and mind Ling Chen stared at the injured Qi Xing, inwardly roaring, lets see you take this attack!!  


Even the people in the Mystic Moon world, which was extremely far away, heard this explosion. However, this explosion did not attract their attention because the Mystic Moon world had fallen into complete chaos, because the Otherworlders had all simultaneously disappeared!!  

The residents of the Mystic Moon world had grown accustomed to the existence of the Otherworlders, and seeing that they had suddenly disappeared, the residents tried to guess what had happened and felt quite unsettled.  

On the other hand, the Xiya Star trembled for a long time, waking up Tian Tian and the others. When they walked out, they saw that a blood-red sun had appeared in the night sky!! This bloody sun lasted for 30 seconds before shrinking and disappearing.  

13 nearby planets were destroyed by Ling Chens attack.  

As the energy exploded out, Ling Chen remained where he was, not moving at all. He could sense that Qi Xing had been swept into the energy storm from the Extreme Shuras Death Domain. He was sure that the Extreme Shuras Death Domain would be able to leave a trauma that she would never be able to get rid of. When the berserk energy and blood-red light slowly dissipated, he looked over with a cold, devilish smile.  

Qi Xing was about 3,000 metres in front of him. Within the energy storm, she was brought closer to Ling Chen instead of being sent flying backwards. At this moment, there was a long trail of blood coming out of her mouth, and her jet-black hair was dishevelled beyond description. There was nothing left on her body, her nakedness fully revealed to Ling Chen all of her clothes and equipment and been completely destroyed without exception by Ling Chens attack.  

Qi Xings looks were incredible as Qi Yues little sister, her looks were not any inferior to Qi Yues, and even her body could compare to Qi Yues. Her skin was as white as jade, and every inch of her body was flawless without any imperfections, giving off an air of temptation that no man could resist.  

Facing the completely naked Qi Xing, Ling Chens gaze did not change at all. In front of him was indeed a peerless beauty, but she was also a demon who had committed countless sins and had caused immense pain and suffering to him!  

Qi Xings face was incredibly pale, and her chest heaved, causing the 2 half-moons on her chest to continuously shake. She looked up with her eyes filled with rage and hatred.  

She had lost she had actually lost!  

In the first ten thousand strikes or so, she had tested Ling Chen and had gradually increased the amount of strength she used. However, when she used her full strength, she was still unable to suppress him. This was enough to greatly shock her, but what she did not expect was that he had not been using his full strength only 70% of it after releasing his full strength, she felt restrained, and in just 2 attacks, she had been completely suppressed, and his third attack had injured her quite heavily.  

This was the Shuras true power?  

A grey light came flying from the side this was Qi Xings Falling Star. After catching it, her expression changed as she looked at the Falling Star on it, she could see 2 finger-length black cracks!   

Qi Xings expression grew darker.  

This is the difference between a Shura and other creatures. If you had 90% Godhood, I might not be able to defeat you, but since we both have 80% Godhood, youll never be a match for me! Ling Chen said coldly as he looked at Qi Xing in her sorry state. Hand over Sha Sha and Qi Yue immediately, and Ill give you an honourable death. Otherwise Ill let you taste the Shuras cruellest methods!  

Hahaha Qi Xing coldly laughed. Ive indeed underestimated you. More precisely speaking, Ive underestimated Shuras. No less than expected from the sort of being that destroyed the world of gods. I cant help but admit that Im weaker than you when both of us have 80% Godhood but, heheh, you just reminded me I have the Godchild! A sinister smile appeared on Qi Xings face. Even though the Godchild is still in her juvenile form, once Ive absorbed her power, I might be able to become a True God. Even if I cant, Ill at least attain 90% Godhood. When that time comes, even if youre a Shura, all that will be left for you is death!!  

After saying this, Qi Xing wildly laughed before shooting backwards and disappearing from Ling Chens vision in an instant.  

What wishful thinking! Ling Chen roared. I definitely definitely wont let you harm Sha Sha!!  

As Ling Chen roared, his body shot forwards explosively towards where Qi Xing had gone. Knowing that Sha Shas safety was on the line, he flew as quickly as he could. However, he was not any faster than Qi Xing, and despite chasing her as fast as he could, he could not close the gap between them. However, Qi Xing was unable to shake him off either, and they continuously flew through space.  

You cant escape, Qi Xing, Ling Chen roared in a low voice. Even if he had to chase her to the ends of the universe, he wouldnt allow her to escape.  

Hmph, you can say that after youve caught up to me! Qi Xing flew like a meteorite eastwards, passing many asteroids.   

This was an unbelievable chase because it was in the boundless universe. They passed planet after planet, and 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours passed, but the chase still had not concluded, nor did they slow down at all. Qi Xing could not stop, and it seemed that she didnt have an opportunity to absorb the Godchilds power. This was because once she stopped, Ling Chen would immediately catch up to her and deal a fatal blow. Similarly, Ling Chen could not stop either, and this chase would only conclude when one of them ran out of strength.   

However, from 2 hours ago, Ling Chen had sensed that something was off from the beginning, he and Qi Xing had maintained the same distance between each other. He had been unable to catch up, nor had she managed to pull away from him it was impossible that their speeds were so similar. Rather it was as if Qi Xing was controlling the distance between them, making it so that he could not catch up or allow him to give up. 

Even though he felt that something was wrong, he did not hesitate or slow down. This was because once he stopped, Sha Sha would face great danger, and the consequences would be unimaginable!  


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