Shura's Wrath Chapter 830

Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Dark Sun God Domain  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Qi Xing continuously headed directly east and avoided all of the obstacles quickly. This caused Ling Chen to feel even more suspicious.  

3 hours later, a dark planet appeared in front of them and grew bigger and bigger as they approached it. This time, Qi Xing did not go around it and instead continued onwards. Soon, the planet filled their vision.  

Could it be that she wants to go to this planet? Qi Xings actions caused him to become alert. He concentrated and followed her, not allowing her to escape from his vision.  

The planet came closer and closer, and soon, they entered its atmosphere. At this moment, Qi Xing glanced behind her, looking at Ling Chen who was still tightly chasing her, a cold smile appearing on her face. She suddenly stretched out her hand and performed an action that Ling Chen did not expect at all.  


Qi Xing pushed her hands forwards, and after gathering energy for a while, a grey orb of energy shot towards the planet.  


Qi Xings actions greatly shocked Ling Chen, and he slightly paused as his eyes widened because he knew what this meant even though the orb of energy was quite small, it contained incredibly dense energy, and it was enough to destroy this planet, which was 10% the size of Earth!  

However, he could not stop her, and he could only watch as that small but blinding orb of energy quickly shot towards the planet  


As the orb of energy touched the planet, the nameless planet instantly turned into a grey-white colour before exploding. The fragments were reduced to nothing by the destructive power, and countless spatial cracks appeared all around them, devouring the fragments that had not been fully destroyed.  

Even Qi Xing, who had rapidly flown for 3 hours, suddenly stopped. She turned around and looked at Ling Chen with a smile despite the fact that she had been running for her life. Behind her was a scene of a planet exploding, and this peerlessly beautiful, naked woman being in this scene looked incredibly shocking and unbelievable.  

Ling Chen did not immediately launch a fatal blow. Instead, he also stopped and coldly stared at her, feeling quite confused. At this moment, as the planet disappeared, a blinding light shot out from ahead, illuminating this region and causing Ling Chen to raise his arm to shield his eyes.  

That was  

The spatial cracks quickly closed and disappeared, and the nameless planet was completely gone. Hidden behind this planet was a sphere burning with golden-yellow flames, and it was bright to the point that Ling Chen could not look at it directly. At the same time, he could clearly feel the temperature rising and becoming hotter.  

Could that be the sun!!  

Indeed, the only body that could release such light and heat from such a distance was the sun! Because they were so close to it, the sun in front of Ling Chen was 7 to 8 times bigger than what he saw on Earth. Before, the sun had been hidden by this planet, but after Qi Yue had destroyed it, the sunlight rushed to where they were, unobstructed.   

From where Ling Chen was, he saw that Qi Xing had stopped in the middle of the sun, making her seem as if she was fusing with the sun. Under the golden sunlight, she looked as if she was shining with a golden light, making it difficult for Ling Chen to even look at her.  

What was she doing?  

Dark Sun Domain!!  

As Ling Chen watched on in shock, Qi Xings slightly smiling mouth opened and cried out. At the same time, her body shot out countless rays of light, instantly covering the entire space, forming a spherical barrier with her and Ling Chen at the centre.  

What are you doing? Ling Chen looked at this barrier around him as he roared.  

Heh Qi Xing coldly laughed and said in a low voice, Do you know what a Life Domain is?  

This is your Life Domain? Ling Chen frowned. He naturally knew what a Life Domain was. He had encountered quite a few Life Domains in the Mystic Moon world, such as the White Tigers Thunder God Barrier and Blue Hearts Rainbow Glass Barrier. A Life Domain was a domain formed using ones lifeforce as the source, meaning that the domain was linked to ones life. If one wanted to destroy the domain, they would have to kill the person who had created it. Unless the creator of the domain died or cancelled the domain, the domain would be impossible to destroy. At the same time, because it was created using ones lifeforce, it cost a lot of ones life as a cost.  

Thats right, this is my Life Domain. More accurately speaking, this is a domain that belongs to the Dark Sun Gods! Qi Xing slowly spread out her arms, tilting her head back as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being bathed in the sunlight. Her extremely beautiful body seemed even more enchanting under the light. My godly soul comes from the ancient Dark Sun God Domain, and its the godly soul of the Dark Sun Godking. After the gods all died, there was only a 0.0001% chance of awakening a godly soul, and the limit for most people is 50% Godhood. However, I awakened 80% Godhood and a portion of my memories.   

That was because the Dark Sun God Domains power comes from the sun, and under the sun, their divine power becomes much more powerful. If the soul of a Godking of the Dark Sun God Domain is illuminated by sunlight when he or she dies, they will be protected by the light of the sun. The light of the sun is the most powerful thing in the universe, and even True Gods can be incinerated by it; its power can defy even the laws of reincarnation. When the owner of my godly soul died, they were under intense sunlight, which is why I was able to awaken 80% Godhood.  

Ling Chen:   

This is the Life Domain of the Dark Sun Gods, and even though it cost half of my lifespan to activate heh, as long as I can destroy you, therell be nothing in this world that can threaten me, so this price was worth it. This is the first and last time Ill ever use this domain! Killing a Shura within this Dark Sun Domain will be revenge for the Dark Sun Gods who fell under the Shuras spear back then!  

As Qi Xing spoke, Ling Chen already used his mind to detect the strength of this barrier. What surprised him was that he could not sense anything else apart from the light ions and the temperature increase, whether it was buffs or debuffs. He disdainfully said, Just with this domain?  

What? You think its not enough? Qi Xing, who had run away for 3 hours, slowly floated near Ling Chen. As she moved, Ling Chen realised that the golden light was not her skin reflecting the sunlight but her body releasing a mysterious golden light.  

Under sunlight, the power of the Dark Sun Gods greatly increases, and the Dark Sun Domain can only be created under sunlight. Apart from locking the space, it can also quickly gather the power of the sun. Havent you noticed that the light in here is becoming brighter and brighter as the temperature increases? The greater the power of the sun, the more my strength will increase. Right now, my power has increased by 50%, and in 10 minutes, it will have increased by 100%. If it continues, my strength can increase by 300%, if not 400%! As long as I dont die or cancel this domain, it wont disappear, and youll never be able to escape from it when I activated the Dark Sun Domain, you already lost all hope of killing me, hahahaha 

Qi Xing wildly laughed as the golden light shining out from her rippled, her aura continuously becoming stronger. As it became stronger, the golden light coming out from her body also became more intense.  

Falling Star once again appeared in her hand, turning into a golden colour like her body. The damage dealt by the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear quickly closed and disappeared. Qi Xing coldly smiled, her arm moving and swinging the Falling Star, creating a vacuum around her and forming a black hole. The Falling Star exploded out with a golden light, which passed through the black hole and spiralled towards Ling Chens body.  

Ling Chens gaze became cold and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared in his hand. Ling Chens body turned into a ray of light and rushed towards the Falling Star  


A massive explosion sounded out as a white-gold light burst forth between Ling Chen and Qi Xings bodies. The massive energy explosion filled the entire Dark Sun Domain, causing even the sunlight to become slightly dimmer.  

This was the most intense collision between Ling Chen and Qi Xing so far, and within the white-gold light, the 2 of them retreated, expressions of shock appearing on both of their faces. Ling Chen had gone all out and Qi Xing had also attacked without reservations, but neither of them had gained the upper hand they were still evenly matched!  

With the sunlight behind her and adding on the Dark Sun Domain, Qi Xings strength had increased by 50%. She had thought that it would be enough to suppress Ling Chen, but he had actually blocked her attack.  

As for Ling Chen, he had completely felt Qi Xings increase in strength, and his heart sank because Qi Xing had said that her power would grow 400% as the power of the sun gathered in the Dark Sun Domain!!  

Qi Xing who has 400% stronger even if he was a Shura, he had no chance of victory!   


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