Shura's Wrath Chapter 835

Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Lachesis

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ahhh what is that?!

It was early in the morning and still quite dark. However, the sky suddenly became incredibly bright as if it was daytime. Countless Xiya people subconsciously raised their heads and looked at the silver sun in the east in shock.

A silver sun? What Whats going on? No records have mentioned such a thing! One of the Xiya Stars Elders said in shock.

It really is a silver sun! Tian Tians mouth widened as she stared at the sky. She stretched out her hand towards the silver sun. But this silver suns rays feel so warm, and it feels quite familiar.

Really? Tian Tians words caused the Queen of Xiya to smile. Perhaps this is a good omen for our Xiya Star since we are making a new start after the disaster.

Thats right, thats right! Her Majesty is completely right! The people by the Queen of Xiyas side agreed excitedly.

At this moment, the silver sun became smaller and the light on Xiya Star became dimmer. Fey did not say anything as she stared eastwards as if her soul had left her body.

The last traces of light from the moon finally disappeared.

After the God-Killing Moons light wildly exploded, it finally disappeared after a while. The Lunar Scourges 15 orbs also became dim, and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear returned to the Moon God Orb in the next 3 months, he would not be able to use it.

At this moment, Qi Xings Sun God Domain also completely disappeared. As Qi Xings Life Domain, its disappearance meant that Qi Xings life had ended.

There had been many stars and planets around, but now, there was nothing. Everything had been reduced to nothing by the God-Killing Moon without even a trace left. At the centre of the emptiness, Ling Chen silently floated there. His eyes were half open, his body was drenched with sweat, and every muscle on his body was trembling this was a sign of extreme fatigue. Just then when he had unleashed the God-Killing Moon, he had released it with all of his strength.

Ha haha hahahahaha Even though he was on the verge of fainting, Ling Chen still laughed extremely loudly and wildly. Indeed, he had reason to laugh like this: in a single day, he had ascended from being a human to a Shura and had defeated an enemy who he shouldnt have been able to defeat the most powerful and terrifying Quasi-God in this universe!

Even though the process had been incredibly complicated, dangerous, and difficult, he had won! After the God-Killing Moon covered Qi Xing, he could clearly detect Qi Xings body and soul being instantly destroyed.

I finally prevented Sha Sha from falling into that demonesss hands and I can finally go and see Fey and the others smiling Ling Chen closed his eyes as he smiled. He crossed his arms, his left hand on the Lunar Scourge as he inwardly muttered, My friend, youve saved me once again.

Ling Chen remained with his eyes closed for a while, gradually recovering his strength. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and stood up, looking towards the Xiya Star. Just as he was going to fly away, he suddenly looked behind him. As he looked over, he saw a transparent figure about 3,000 metres away from him it was a womans figure Qi Xing!!

Ling Chens gaze became cold as he coldly harrumphed, quickly approaching. He stood in front of the transparent figure as he coldly smiled and said, What a surprise; you still have a trace of your remnant soul remaining. He looked at the sun in the east, coming to a realisation. So its like that. Just like you said before, if youre destroyed under sunlight, youll be protected by the power of the sun. Heh its a pity that your remnant soul has been badly damaged under the God-Killing Moons might, and it will disappear in less than 10 minutes how about I personally send you on your way!

Qi Xings remnant soul didnt say anything. It looked down, its eyes lifeless and completely resigned to its fate Ling Chen was right even though a remnant of her soul had survived due to the suns protection, it would only last for 10 minutes at most before disappearing.

Just as Ling Chen was about to attack, a woman in black suddenly appeared beside Qi Xing and stepped in front of her, looking at Ling Chen and saying, You dont need to do anything; her soul will dissipate soon, so just let her go.

Qi Yue!! Seeing the woman in black, Ling Chen froze, berserk emotions welling up from within him.

He liked Qi Yue very much, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he had fallen for her. With her looks, figure, and seductive and enchanting nature, no man could resist her, much less Ling Chen, who had spent 1 year with her. During that year, she had kept him company and given him a lot of help and advice. When he fell into despair, she often gave him surprises and hope.

He unknowingly started to fall for her, and his wariness towards her gradually became a deep trust. Even though there were some things that he was suspicious about, he did not ask. He knew that she had her own thoughts, but he trusted that she would not harm him.

However, what he had never expected was that everything she had given him was lies and betrayal, and she had been using him the whole time over the past year she had stolen the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb, which was his hope in reviving in Shui Ruo, and she had even cruelly ordered everyone important to him to be killed!

Right now, he only felt a deep hatred as well as heartache towards Qi Yue.

Seeing Qi Yue, his gaze darkened as he said with a voice filled with coldness and hatred, Qi Yue, youve come at a perfect time! Today, Im not only going to destroy Qi Xing, but Im also going to kill you! Hand over the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb immediately, and Ill leave you a whole corpse at least. Otherwise otherwise

Otherwise he couldnt say anything. When thinking about killing Qi Yue, he felt an ache in the deep recesses of his heart. He slammed his fist into his chest, furious at himself for being so unwilling to kill the woman who had toyed with him.

Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb? Qi Yue emotionlessly smirked. I already destroyed that thing because it didnt actually have the ability to bring people back from the dead. Even if you took it, it would be useless to you.

What did you say?! Ling Chen became furious and rushed up, his body radiating killing intent. Even though he had only recovered a portion of his strength, it was enough to destroy Qi Yue and Qi Xings remnant soul.

Wait! If you kill us, youll never find Sha Sha! Qi Yue said coldly.

Ling Chen immediately stopped, his eyes widening as he said hatefully, You shameless and evil woman! Where did you hide Sha Sha! Hand her over immediately!

A slight look of hesitation appeared in Qi Yues eyes before she nodded. Fine, Ill tell you because Im afraid of dying!

After speaking, she waved her hand as a tearing sound sounded out. To the right of Ling Chen, a spatial crack that was 5 or 6 metres tall appeared. The spatial crack sizzled as if it was being maintained by some strange power, and it did not mend itself.

We imprisoned her in this super dimensional space! You can go in to find her. However, after the truth about her was exposed to you, she might not have the face to meet you anymore. Its possible that she has fallen into complete despair, and adding on the fact that she does not want to become something that Qi Xing uses to destroy everything, she might want to destroy herself. Who knows? She might do it in the next second

Before finishing, Qi Yue took Qi Xings remnant soul and quickly flew away. Whether you want to chase after us and kill us or save Sha Sha from destroying herself its up to you!

Qi Yue, you!!

Seeing Qi Yue take Qi Xings remnant soul and run, Ling Chen subconsciously stepped out, but he immediately stopped and gritted his teeth as he rushed into the spatial crack.

Before Qi Yue had flown very far, Qi Xing struggled out of her grasp. She looked at Qi Yue incredibly darkly. Yue! What was with that spatial crack! Opening a super dimensional spatial crack without True God level power, only the godly item Lachesis can do such a thing! Whats going on? And also is the Godchild really inside there?

Compared to Qi Xing, Qi Yue was much calmer, looking like a pool of incredibly still water. She slowly replied, That was indeed a super dimensional space, and the Godchild Sha Sha is indeed inside there. As for why I was able to open a super dimensional spatial crack just like you said, only the Lachesis can do such a thing which is on my body.

Qi Yue stretched out her right hand, a red, yellow, and blue ring on each of her fingers the 3 Lachesis rings!

You! You Qi Xings remnant soul took a step backwards as her pupils contracted. The current Qi Yue seemed incredibly unfamiliar to her. No wonder No wonder the Godchild disappeared right before my eyes, and I could not find her no matter where I looked. So you soundlessly used Lachesis power to transfer the Godchild to a super dimensional space. Why Why did you do such a thing? Wait Qi Xings eyes widened. You have the Lachesis so was that moon just moved over by you, using the Lachesis?

Thats right, it was me. Without the Lachesis, how could the moon move so far? Qi Yue calmly nodded.

You Yue! Do you know what youve done? Why? Why?! Qi Xing started to lose control of her emotions. She had never thought that all of this would be because of Qi Yue her only big sister, her only relative!

Qi Yue sighed, saying, Xing, arent you first going to ask me why I can use the Lachesis power?

Qi Xing:

Actually, you can work out the answer if you think about it carefully, Qi Yue said slowly as she closed her eyes. The Lunar Scourge and Lachesis are true godly items, and normal people are unable to control them at all. At most, theyll become their puppets. However, the Mad Scientist was able to use the Lachesis power to modify the Mystic Moon world didnt you find that strange? Didnt you find it strange either that I was able to enter the Lunar Scourge and guide the Lunar Scourges master?

Qi Yues words caused Qi Xing to feel quite stunned. Her expression suddenly changed as she asked in a trembling voice, Could it be Could it be that your godly soul is is

My godly soul is something that the Lachesis will unconditionally obey, and it is something that the Lunar Scourge will not reject. The owner of this godly soul was reincarnated through the Variant Moon God Mirror, allowing me to not only obtain this godly soul but to also awaken the owners memories when I turned 20 years old. Because its owner is the person who gifted the Lunar Scourge to Rashu, the owner of the Tricolour Saint Rings


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