Shura's Wrath Chapter 836

Chapter 836

Chapter 836 The Truth  

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Even though she was somewhat prepared, when Qi Xing heard Qi Yue say the name Lachesis, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Impossible Impossible youre my big sister, so how can your godly soul be Lachesis soul Impossible Impossible!!  

Why cant it be possible? Qi Yue said calmly. Normally, godly souls are awakened after 20 years of age, and Lachesis soul reincarnated through the Variant Moon God Mirror. My godly soul completely awakened when I turned 20, and I also awakened a part of Lachesis memories. That was 1,200 years ago.  

1,200 years Qi Xing muttered before uncontrollably yelling, But even if you inherited her godly soul and memories, that was just her godly soul and memories. Youre Qi Yue, my big sister, not Lachesis! Why would you do this youve ruined my God Creating Plan and my entire life! Why?!  

Lachesis was the only being that had been reincarnated by the Variant Moon God Mirror. Qi Xing had considered the possibility that Lachesis godly soul had reincarnated and awakened, so she had tried to find it before. However, she never would have thought that the person who had inherited Lachesis godly soul and memories was her big sister, who she had been with for 1,200 years! Whats more if Qi Yue had not hidden the Godchild, she might have been able to step into the realm of True Gods by absorbing her power. If Qi Yue had not moved the moon here, she would not have died under Ling Chens hands.  

Her dreams and life had been destroyed by the person who she trusted and loved the most!  

Qi Yue did not directly meet Qi Xings gaze, and she said in a soft voice, Lachesis was the god of humans, and she became a True God with Rashus help. However, her nature did not change, and she was just as kind and loving. I thought that I would still be Qi Yue after inheriting Lachesis godly soul and memories, just with a godly soul and Lachesis memories. However, when your desire to become a True God grew and you used incredibly cruel methods to kill innocent people, I felt an immense pain and sadness within my soul... perhaps it was because I myself couldnt tolerate this, or perhaps it was because my heart was affected by Lachesis godly soul.  

During that time, I desperately tried to stop you but Xing, you were too powerful and determined. After your godly soul fully awakened, you had invincible power. With that sort of power, all words and methods were useless in front of you. You harmed more and more humans, and when you started the God Creating Plan that would destroy billions of lives, I had to use extreme methods to stop you to destroy your ambitions and life. The only way I could think of stopping you was to create a Shura! Only a Shura could defeat you!  

Qi Xings remnant soul slightly trembled, Shura that Shura called Ling Tian was was because of you?! No! Impossible The Shura is an existence that exceeds even gods, and it is thousands of times more difficult than creating a True God. How could he have been created by you?  

What if the person already had Rashus godly soul? Qi Yue slowly said.  

Qi Xing looked quite startled before her expression changed, crying out in shock, Rashu youre saying the Rashu that destroyed all gods! Could it Could it be that Ling Tian, he  

Thats right. Qi Yue closed her eyes as she said calmly, His soul is the reincarnation of Rashus godly soul!  

Qi Xing: !!!  

Lachesis became a True God because Rashu gave part of his godly soul to Lachesis. As such, theres also a sense of familiarity and intimacy between their souls. With Lachesis godly soul and memories, even if Rashus godly soul had not awoken, I would still know where he was. When you sent Rahu, Wan Chong, and the Mad Scientist to carry out their respective plans, I suggested the Shura Plan to control the Godchild and headed to Earth with the Mad Scientist  

However, before we arrived at Earth, I secretly changed our trajectory, causing us to coincidentally enter the Mystic Moon world because my godly soul detected the Lunar scourge and Lachesis there. Afterwards, I made him find the Lachesis on purpose, allowing him to discover the way to use the Lachesis after researching it. Then, I prompted him to use the Lachesis rules power to modify the Mystic Moon world, bringing earthlings souls to Earth, calling this the Mystic Moon Plan. Only that way could I allow the possessor of Rashus godly soul, who was on earth, to come into contact with the Lunar Scourge without anyone realising it.  

As Qi Yue slowly spoke, Qi Xings eyes continuously widened the incredibly intelligent and sinister Mad Scientist had been played like a fiddle by Qi Yue, and he had been used by her without even knowing it. Whats more, he had worked so hard and been so pleased with himself even until he died, he didnt know that his effort over all those years was just working for Qi Yue.  

Afterwards, everything went quite smoothly. With his genius intellect and my subtle hints, he created a whole new Mystic Moon world and the perfect way for earthlings souls to enter the Mystic Moon planet. As many of the earthlings entered the Mystic Moon planet, the inheritor of Rashus godly soul, Ling Tain, also entered. I had planned to attach half of my soul in the Lunar Scourge, but before I could think of how to do this perfectly, Ling Tian arrived incredibly quickly and found the Lunar Scourge of his own accord perhaps that was his destiny guiding him.  

At that time, when he touched the Lunar Scourge, his godly soul had not yet awakened. The Lunar Scourge took him to be a normal human, and it started to devour his mind, which was what I wanted. I wanted to control his soul, allowing me to control him to quickly become a Shura. However, unexpectedly, when his mind was about to collapse, his dormant godly soul was temporarily awakened. He opened the Shuras Eyes of Extermination, causing the Lunar Scourge to detect Rashus godly soul within him. It drew back its power and attached itself to him.   

As such, I had to change my plans from controlling to guiding him afterwards, I tried to think of many ways to control his soul because only that way would I be able to execute my plans perfectly. Over this period of time, I tried 3 times. I even tried to use Enchanting Moon, but I failed all 3 times. Only after did I find out that it was because of the Godchild that I failed those 3 times.  

After the Lunar Scourge was reunited with its owner, its lost power was also brought back to it by fate. Adding on Ling Tians enormous effort, the whole process only took a single year. Only the Lunar Scourge could bring out the Shuras power within Rashus soul under certain circumstances.  

During this period of time, I gave the Lachesis to a girl named Fey. Of course, there was a reason for that. Only later did I find out that Ling Tian had fallen into the Mad Scientists hands while he was on Earth, becoming one of his experiments, and his companion was Fey. They survived extremely cruel experiments and obtained monstrous mental energy Ling Tian was able to endure because he had Rashus godly soul, and Fey was able to endure as well because she also had an unawakened godly soul.  

The last owner of this godly soul was called Yue Fei Fei, and she was the daughter of the Variant Moon God Clans Godking! She was Rashus childhood lover and fiance before he met Lachesis!  

She loved Rashu wholeheartedly, but Rashu met Lachesis, who he was completely attracted by. After the tragedy, Rashu became the Shura and killed all of the gods, and he naturally killed Yue Fei Fei as well. However, dying under the Shuras spear, Yue Fei Fei did not feel any hatred towards him at all. Perhaps her infatuation moved the reincarnation cycle, allowing her to once again meet Rashus reincarnation, and their fates became intertwined. I temporarily gave her the Lachesis, which can count as Lachesis apologising to her, and allowed her to help Ling Tian however, I greatly limited the Lachesis because I needed to store enough energy to complete the final stages of the Shura Plan.  

Afterwards you told Rahu to kill everyone by his side to arouse his hatred, causing him to become a Shura? Qi Xing asked as she gnashed her teeth.  

Of course, it wasnt so simple. Qi Yue shook her head and continued, I first used the Lunar Scourges baleful aura to turn him into a fake Shura so that he had the constitution and soul to inherit the real Shuras power. Afterwards, I stimulated feelings of pain, hatred, and despair, causing him to release the Shuras power within his godly soul causing his willpower to enter the way of the Shura. Even now, his godly soul has not truly awakened. Perhaps after his godly soul awakens, adding on his terrifying willpower hell be able to reach the True God realm that youve dreamed of.  

Qi Xing:   

The Godchilds escape caused you to come here quickly, so I had to bring forward the final stage of the Godchild Plan. I made him feel lied to and betrayed and stole the Fate-Defying Heavenly Orb that he viewed to be as important as his own life, and then I told him many cruel truths. I made him believe that everyone who was important to him had died, and then I made him realise that he was unable to take a single strike from you the hatred, fury, and despair caused him to finally fall into the way of the Shura 

As for the people by his side, I indeed told Rahu to kill them, and I told Rahu to tell him the truth about their deaths. However, that was an illusion: they did not die; rather, when Rahu was about to kill them, I used the Lachesis power to move them all to the Xiya Star. Whenever Rahu kills people, he always causes massive destruction, leaving nothing behind. After Ling Tian became a true Shura, I also moved him to the Xiya Star.  

I chose the Xiya Star because I wanted to use the Shuras power to resolve the Xiya Stars crisis and kill Wan Chong and Rahu, those 2 evildoers. The other reason was because the Xiya Star was very close to here!  

Even though the conclusion was what I was aiming for, no one can perfectly plan everything. Over the course of everything, there were many deviations from my plan. For example, I had no idea that Sha Sha was the escaped Godchild, and after I moved the girls, I consumed large amounts of the Lachesis spatial energy, which took time to restore, and during that time, the Shura destroyed Earth  

Qi Xings expression became dull. Looking at this big sister of hers who she had known for more than 1,000 years, she felt that she was incredibly terrifying and unfamiliar.  

I always thought even though youre my big sister my power, intelligence, looks, and soul everything have been superior to yours Qi Xing pitifully laughed. Only today did I realise that I was just a joke in front of you for 1,000 years, you did not reveal the fact that you had Lachesis godly soul in the slightest, and even though I had 80% Godhood, because of your schemes, Im just a remnant soul that will disappear at any moment you must be feeling very pleased even the Godchilds escape that time must have had to do with you.  

I did have a part to play in the Godchilds escape I injected a bit of spatial energy into the God-Sealing Barrier that she could make use of. However, I never saw the Godchild, nor did I know her aura, so even though the escaped Godchild was by my side, I never knew but why would I be pleased?  

Seeing Qi Xings transparent figure, Qi Yue smiled incredibly sadly, tears flashing in her eyes. Youre my  little sister, my only relative in this world! If it wasnt for this method, I wouldnt be able to stop you I would rather destroy myself than hurt you  


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