Shura's Wrath Chapter 840

Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Perfect Lie  

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Xiya Star.  

The sun rose, and it was a brand new day for the Xiya Star. From this day onwards, the Xiya Star officially said goodbye to the terrifying disaster. The survivors were all filled with sorrow, but they also had hope for the future.  

Big sister Fey, where did big brother go? Tell me, big sister Fey  

Tian Tian grabbed at Feys clothes, a look of worry and fright on her face. Ling Chen had still not returned after she woke up. After not coming back for so long, she couldnt help but feel frightened with the lack of news. Feys explanations, comforting, and stalling gradually became more and more useless.  

Fey, what happened? Li Xiao Xue asked worriedly. Ling Chen had left while they were sleeping and had not said anything before leaving. Even though Fey had tried to hide it, a look of worry would flicker on her face now and then, causing Li Xiao Xue to feel an ominous feeling. The other girls also felt the same, and they looked quite anxious.  

Dont worry, hell definitely come back, Fey could only reassure them again and again.  

Where did he go? Hurry and tell me, big sister Fey. Tian Tian cried out worriedly. In her desperation, tears started to sparkle in her eyes.  

Aiya, youre all up. I thought that youd all be sleeping until noon after how tiring yesterday was.   

An incredibly familiar voice came from the air, and they all looked up in joy. Ling Chen slowly descended in front of them and in his arms was Sha Sha, whose eyes were still slightly red.  

Seeing Ling Chen and Sha Sha, Fey felt as if the 1000-kilogram heavy rock weighing on her heart had disappeared. She stared at Ling Chen and soundlessly smiled You succeeded. Not only did you succeed, but you also brought back Sha Sha in that case, you, who even Qi Xing was unable to defeat, have truly become undefeatable. In this world, there will never be anything that can threaten you.  

Big brother Ah! Sha Sha? Tian Tian leapt towards Ling Chen, and when she saw Sha Sha, she became completely shocked and excitedly cried out, Sha Sha is it really you?  

Mm! Sha Sha nodded, looking at everyone as her eyes trembled, and her nose started running.  

Ahh! Tian Tian cried out in joy and tightly hugged Sha Sha. Awesome, awesome! Its really Sha Sha! I I was worried that I would never see you again where did you go yesterday? We suddenly couldnt find you, and I was worried to death.  


Sha Shas eyes once again became red. She looked at Tian Tian and the others as tears poured out of her eyes. Im sorry Im sorry for making you all worried. In the future In the future Ill be good and obedient, and I wont do anything that will make everyone worried. Will you all like me like before?  

Eh? Sha Sha, your words are so strange. Of course well still like you; youll always be my best little sister, Tian Tian held her hand as she said happily.  

Youre our cutest little angel; of course well like you, Xiao Qi giggled as she walked over.  

After seeing Sha Sha, I feel much happier even though I wasnt feeling very well before. How much do you think I like you? Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled.  

Its just that in the future, youre not allowed to run off by yourself, or youll get spanked. Fey said as she smiled, looking at Ling Chen as he looked at her. They shared a look of mutual understanding because only they knew who Sha Sha was. However, they would soon let the others know because there was no need to hide anything amongst themselves.  

Hearing their warm voices and feeling their loving gazes, Sha Shas heart was filled with warmth. She wiped away her tears and smiled, vigorously nodding, saying in a clear and determined voice, Okay!!  

Ling Chen and Sha Shas return caused the gloominess from Ling Chens sudden departure to disappear. Gu Qing Hans body was still quite weak, and she was still sleeping peacefully. The Queen of Xiya had personally brought them breakfast, but facing the delicious food, none of them had an appetite. All of the girls couldnt help but think of the destroyed Earth, the fact that they would never meet their family and friends again, and the memories that had been destroyed  

 So something so unbelievable happened to Earth, Sitting by Tian Tians side, the Queen of Xiya sighed and said gently. However, for you all to be safe despite such a massive calamity is an incredible blessing. No matter what, in the future, the Xiya Star will be your new home. Youre all our benefactors, so youll be our most distinguished guests. Well do our best to fulfil all of your needs and desires. Thats right, the climate here is quite similar to Earths, so Im sure that youll be able to feel at home again soon.  

Thank you, Your Majesty, Yun Meng Xin sincerely replied.  

The Queen of Xiya smiled as she shook her head. You dont need to call me that; that sounds too distant. Our Xiya Royal Clans surname is Tian, so you can call me Aunty Tian.  

A smile appeared on the girls faces, but they only felt gratitude their home, families, friends, and memories were simply irreplaceable. Even though everything had settled down, the sadness of losing their family and friends completely hit them. Even Li Xiao Xue, who was the strongest among them emotionally, did not smile many times during the day, and even when she did smile, it was quite forced.  

At this moment, a light flashed on Feys fingers as the red, yellow, and blue Lachesis rings appeared on her hand, causing her to feel quite shocked.  

Lachesis, how how  

Following this, the Lachesis flashed again, and as the 3 different-coloured lights combined, a pocket-sized girl appeared within Feys opened hand and said with a tender and clear voice, Master, Im back.  

Ah! Isnt that the item soul of big sister Feys item in the game? Why is she here? Xiao Qi asked in shock when she saw MoEr 

Compared to everything that has happened over these 2 days, this isnt so shocking anymore, Yun Meng Xin said softly.  

MoEr, how could you werent you stolen away by that woman, Qi Yue? Fey asked in surpise and delight as she lifted MoEr up.  

Stolen away by Qi Yue? Hearing this, Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as he asked, Fey, the Lachesis was in Qi Yues hands before?  

Thats right! Fey nodded as she frowned, saying, When she ordered Rahu to kill us, she actually took the Lachesis away from me.  

Mm, thats what happened. Little MoEr hurriedly nodded, after which a pleased look appeared on her face. But Fey is my master, so even if someone takes me away, Ill still be able to return.  

A strange feeling suddenly appeared in Ling Chens mind. However, this feeling was too hazy, and it was to the point that he could not think of anything. When he finally realised where this feeling came from, he suddenly asked, Going from Earth to the Xiya Star is incredibly far, and wanting to send someone from Earth to the Xiya Star is almost impossible. However, the Lachesis is a true godly item, and it possesses the most powerful spatial energy in the universe. If something can do this, it must be the Lachesis MoEr, were Fey, the others, and I sent here through the Lachesis power?  

Of course! MoEr raised her little chest, looking extremely pleased with herself. Youre completely right! Apart from the Lachesis and me, nothing could do such a thing. Even though I was stolen by that woman, my divine sense remained with master. As such, when master was in danger, I used my spatial power to move master here. Because the person who master cares about the most is you, I had to move you here as well, or master would be sad.  

Ah! MoEr, so it was you who saved us! Fey cried out before frowning and asking in confusion, But MoEr, from when I obtained the Lachesis, its power had always been nearly empty, and at most, it would be able to send things a few thousand kilometres and could only be used again after a while. How could you have sent us so far?  

Hehe, it was a coincidence, MoEr once again laughed in delight. A lot of my power was sealed off before, and after Qi Yue stole me, she tried to forcefully use my power. She and Qi Xing were very powerful, using immense power to bombard me. However, they accidentally undid the seal restricting my power, letting me suddenly recover all of my power. It wasnt just my spatial power even my time and rules power have fully recovered.  

So its like that. I knew that MoErs power would only listen to me. Even if Qi Yue stole you away, itd be impossible for her to use you. Who would have thought that her actions would actually help me and MoEr, Fey said as she smiled.  

Then, the one who moved the moon here was you? Ling Chen asked the question that everyone was wondering about.  

Hohohoh, but of course! Apart from me, who could move it so~~~ far? MoEr raised her little nose. Im the Lachesis item soul, and I also understand the Lunar Scourge. When I saw that you couldnt defeat Qi Xing, I intelligently thought about moving the moon here so you could destroy her thats right, when Qi Yue stole me away, I discovered the Sun God Orb on her, so I used the spatial power to send it to you. If it wasnt for me, you would have been destroyed by the terrifying Qi Xing, so you really have to thank me!  

This was the perfect lie that Qi Yue had told MoEr to say. It perfectly answered all of their questions, and there were not any gaps in the explanation at all. A godly item could only have one master, and none of them would have thought that the Lachesis true master was not Fey but Qi Yue. Whats more, they had firmly decided that Qi Yue was an evil demon, so how could they think that this was all done by her  

Thank you, MoEr, so it was you who saved everyone. Youre simply too amazing, Fey said sincerely. After touching MoErs body, she felt an incredible amount of power to the point that it exceeded anything she could imagine. It was many times more powerful than the Lachesis that she knew, causing her to instantly understand that this was the true strength of a godly item.  

Thats right, when I arrived, I heard you talking about Earth master, how long has it been since the earth was destroyed? MoEr suddenly asked a strange question.  

This question stabbed at everyones hearts, and Fey sighed as she replied, Nearly a full day.  

So not a whole day yet. MoEr blinked before saying something incredibly shocking, If thats the case, I have a way to restore Earth!   


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