Shura's Wrath Chapter 841

Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Turning Back Time  

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The boundless space.  

As a light flashed, Ling Chen and Sha Sha simultaneously appeared here. This was no longer the Xiya Star but a completely different galaxy, which they had arrived at with the Lachesis spatial power. However, there were only 7 out of the 8 planets visible Earth was gone.  

MoEr, will that method you talked about really work? Ling Chen opened his hands, where the 3 Lachesis rings were giving off a faint light. Just then, MoEr had shockingly told them that she had a way to restore the earth, which was to use Lachesis spatial energy to turn back Earths time until before Earth was destroyed. This method sounded even more fantastical than a fantasy story, but little MoEr had said it with great certainty so Ling Chen, holding everyones hopes, came to where Earth was with Sha Sha and MoEr. 

A three-coloured light appeared, turning into MoEr. She patted her chest and said confidently, Trust me!  

In that case, Ling Chen looked down, suppressing his deep hope, if you can turn time back, can you turn it back to 1 year ago?  

1 year ago was when Shui Ruo was still alive.  

1 year ago? Ahhhh! W-W-W-W-What sort of joke is that?! Little MoEr became furious. Do you know how terrifying it is to turn back time? Only I can do such a thing, and its something that completely goes against the rules of the heavens and earth. To turn back time a single day is already the absolute limit, and even then, it needs the Godchilds help afterwards, itll take my time energy at least 2,000 years to recover! 1 year? Even 100 Lachesises wouldnt be able to do such a thing!  

Even though he didnt feel much hope towards this, hearing MoErs words, Ling Chens heart plummeted. Sha Sha sighed and said, Alright, you can start now, MoEr 

Mm. The longer it has been, the more dangerous it becomes. MoErs expression became serious. She floated over to Sha Sha and said earnestly, Little Godchild, Ill need you to share all of your divine source energy me because with my own power, Ill only be able to turn time back a few minutes but after sharing your power with me, it might take you decades to recover.  

Its fine. With Ling Chen protecting me, Im not afraid of anything. Sha Sha was not reluctant at all. She took the Lachesis rings from Ling Chens hands and carefully held them.  

Alright, lets be-  


Just as MoEr was about to begin releasing the time energy, Ling Chen suddenly stopped her and frowned as he asked, MoEr, I suddenly thought of something. Yesterday, Fey, the others, and I were on Earth. If you turn back time, wont a duplicate of us appear?  

Hehe, you dont need to worry about that. MoEr gave a relaxed smile. Order can be changed or even reversed, but karma cannot be defied. Otherwise, the universe would descend into chaos. Lachesis can turn back time, but I need to first use the rules power to seal this spaces karma before turning back time. However, this only applies to this space. If anything was not in this space during that time, then their karma wont be sealed, so even if time is reversed, they wont reappear on Earth.  

#$%... Ling Chen did not understand what she said at all.  

Ahhh! All in all, since you all left the earth before the explosion, master and the rest of you will be protected by karma, so the reversing of time wont affect you all! Dont worry.  

Ling Chen still did not understand, but he at least felt that it sounded quite incredible.  

Since MoEr was so confident, Ling Chen could rest at ease.  

A faint yellow light started to cover MoErs little body, and Sha Sha also closed her eyes, sharing her divine source energy with the Lachesis time ring. Because she was still young, her divine power had not matured, so she was far weaker than Ling Chen. However, she was still a True God, and her source energy was the energy of True Gods.  

As Sha Sha shared her power, the yellow light around MoErs body became tens of times brighter before soundlessly exploding. In a few breaths of time, it completely covered where Earth had been before. Immediately, a boundless time energy rushed out from the Lachesis, causing that space to freeze.  

This was only the beginning.  

As Sha Sha continuously shared her True Gods source energy, cold sweat started to quickly appear on her forehead. Ling Chen stood by her side, wiping the sweat off her face he wanted to use his own power to help the Lachesis and replace Sha Sha, but even though his power was far stronger than Sha Shas, it was completely focused on destruction. If he really did that, not only would he not be able to help the Lachesis, but he might also even destroy it.  

The yellow light became more and more intense, and MoEr continuously cried out. At this moment, all of the elemental essence in that region stared to go berserk. As Ling Chen watched, a few small meteorites flying from east to west stopped before suddenly flying backwards  

Ling Chens eyes widened because he was personally watching time being rewound.  

Time was being defied and rewound, and this continuously sped up  

1 minute passed, 2 minutes passed, 3 minutes passed  

Fragments floating through space quickly flew back towards the same location, unbelievably piecing themselves together and fusing. Ling Chen watched as countless cracks, explosions, and heaven-shaking sound appeared before a light-blue planet formed.  

Success Success!!!! Ling Chens eyes widened, not daring to miss even an instant of the entire process. When Earth appeared again, he couldnt help but cry out in joy.  

Time continued to turn back, causing the earth to return to an even earlier time. Only after a while did the yellow light disappear. Little MoEr opened her eyes and jumped up and down as she cheered after using up all of the time power, there was still the spatial power and rules power left, so she did not feel too worn out. On the other hand, Sha Sha was completely spent. She looked at the blue planet before muttering thank goodness and closing her eyes, blissfully fainting in Ling Chens arms.  


Time had been rewound, and right now, it was 8:27AM, September 18, 3101.  

This was not too long after Ling Chen had logged off from the game and been mysteriously dragged by Tian Tian and Sha Sha into his room. SuErXuanyuan Dia Wu, Fey, Yola, Chao Ying, and Chao Xi were preparing Ling Chens birthday surprise, while Li Xiao Xue, Mu Bing Yao, and Gu Qing Han had just arrived at the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, with Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi welcoming them.  

During this time, none of the disasters had happened. After time was turned back, none of those things would happen because of karma. Even though time had been turned back, Rahu, who had appeared on Earth at this time, would not appear again because he did not die in the earths explosion but under the Shuras spear on the Xiya Star.  

The earth had been completely restored. The destroyed Bamboo Sea Wonderland had also returned to its normal state without a single stalk of bamboo missing.  

With MoErs spatial energy, everyone returned from the Xiya Star to Earth. After returning to Earth, the place that was their home, all of them felt as if the last time they had been here was a lifetime ago. The girls eyes were all filled with tears, and they had never wanted to see their family and friends so desperately. After losing so many people and things, they only truly cherished them after this incident.  

All of the disasters were over, and with Ling Chens current strength, there was nothing that could threaten him anymore, meaning that no such disaster could happen again. Looking at his home and the people beside him, he felt as if he truly had gone back in time. It was as if everything that had happened the previous day was a dream.  

However, apart from them, none of the people on Earth would know what happened... that they had died once  

However, there were still unexpected things which was that those who had been in the game suddenly found that they had been returned to the real world as if they had been kicked off by the system. However, they soon found out that it seemed to be all of the players around the world who had been kicked out of the game.  

Half an hour later, the Li family financial group represented the Cosmos Corporation in issuing an emergency statement: The Mystic Moon games servers have shut down and restarted due to overuse, resulting in all players being logged off. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience brought to players, and all players who were affected will receive 2% of their current EXP as compensation.  

Li Xiao Xues job was quite easy, merely saying a few words; the one who was truly busy was little MoEr. In order to fulfil that compensation, she used the red Lachesis ring for an entire afternoon.  

Another problem was that because earths time had been turned back by 1 day, there was a 1 day difference between earths time and the Mystic Moon worlds time. Li Xiao Xue felt at wits end regarding this because she could not change the earths time or the Mystic Moon worlds time. In the end, she simply disregarded this problem, and soon, no one cared about it anymore.  

Gu Qing Han remained in the Bamboo Sea Wonderland to recuperate, and she would soon make a full recovery. The exhausted Sha Sha had also been sleeping the entire time; MoEr said that she would need at least 3 or 4 days to recover. After all, she had used up a lot of her source energy, and it could not be recovered so easily.  

When they all woke up, everything would be perfect  

Except Shui Ruo  


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