Shura's Wrath Chapter 842

Chapter 842

Chapter 842 A Return Like A Dream  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Ding welcome to the Mystic Moon, we hope you enjoy your stay.  

Just as Ling Chen entered the Mystic Moon world, his communication device sounded out. After experiencing the terrifying and dreamlike day yesterday, Ling Chen felt completely different when entering the Mystic Moon world. He did not need to look at the communication device before knowing who it was, and he answered the call.  

Just as he had expected. It was Yun Feng, Hm? Whats going on? Why are you online? Arent they holding a birthday party for you today? Ahahaha, I was planning on saying it later, but happy birthday!  

Yun Fengs words were exactly the same, and Ling Chen smiled but did not say anything because he knew that there was something more important that he was about to say.  

Thats right, and theres something that I wanted to talk to you about, Yun Feng said in a serious tone. Half an hour ago, many players from 12 countries, including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and America started to gather at the World Boundary on our east, and there are more than 9 million of them! Whats more, this figure is still rapidly increasing. Evidently, they want to take advantage of us because we are still recovering from the demon beast disaster to suppress us this is shameless to the extreme! Fudge, the players of 12 countries! We dont even know when they started to ally together, and their final size will be terrifying but with Ling Tian Citys strength, even if they come, we wont have to fear. Weve already set up defensive formations, so you go enjoy your birthday; we wont need you at all err, if there are too many of them though, we might have to call you  

Yun Fengs words were exactly the same as last time, and Ling Chen casually replied, Dont worry, theyre just dogs, cats, and rats that came here for a spanking. I promise that theyll be scrambling back home before the sun sets today. Before the sun sets tomorrow, even their homes wont be at peace. Just defend for a bit and pretend youre just playing a game.  


Ling Chen ended the call as his gaze became calm. He took out a Spatial Orb and teleported to the Fairy Realm.  

After returning to Earth, his greatest desire was to see Shui Ruo.  

Standing at the side of the Fairy Fountain, Ling Chen stared for a long time, a sad gaze on his face. He said in a soft voice, Ruo Ruo, Ive come to see you again Im sorry I wasnt able to wake up you I thought that I could do it, but I was too useless. 

Without you, even if I can rule above everything, so what  

Ling Chen slightly raised his head and gave a long sigh. Before, whenever he came to see Shui Ruo, there would be a trace of a smile and hope within his sadness. However, this time  

Ling Chen slowly floated up above the Fairy Fountain, coming to the Fairy Trees side. Ling Chen looked down at the water but he could not find the enchanting figure and was instead greeted by an empty fountain.  

Ling Chens eyes widened as a feeling of panic appeared in his heart where was Ruo Ruo? Where did she go?  

Big brother is it you?  

At this moment, a soft girls voice suddenly came from behind him.  

Ling Chen felt as if he had been struck by lightning, and his body trembled as he froze.  

This voice was very, very familiar because the owner of this voice was firmly imprinted in his memories and soul, and he could never forget it or mistake it. Over this year, he would only hear this voice in his dreams his face, body, and hairs every inch of his body trembled, and his breathing became heavy. He stood there, frozen, not turning around because he was afraid that this was just a dream.  

Big brother is it you?  

The girls voice became hurried, causing Ling Chen to feel as if he had been struck by lightning again. His body once again trembled, and this time, he rapidly turned around amidst the beautiful flowers, an unbelievably beautiful girl was standing there, wearing a white dress. She looked incredibly beautiful and pure, and anyone who saw her would think that she was a flower fairy.  

Ling Chen stared at this girl, his lips moving but unable to say anything. His eyes became hazy as they misted up indeed, the man who had inherited the Shuras power and defeated the terrifying Qi Xing the undefeatable Ling Chen instantly started crying. Slowly, he stretched out his trembling hands, his mind going into chaos, almost forgetting how to control his body  

Ruo Ruo Ruo Ruo!!!!!!  

Ling Chen rushed over, tightly hugging the girl. He hugged her against him as he cried out, Ruo Ruo Ruo Ruo is it you is it really you?  

Hugging her familiar body and detecting her familiar aura and fragrance, he still couldnt believe that this was real. This was the first time he had wept so openly.  

Big brother Ling Shui Ruo pressed herself against him, gently muttering, I had a very long and scary dream in the dream, I wasnt able to see big brother. However, that was only a dream because after opening my eyes, big brother appeared by my side.  

Thats right, it was only a dream that was all a dream! All the nightmares have passed, and there wont be any more in the future. Well never be separated again. Ling Chen closed his eyes, tightly hugging this girl, who was more important to him than his own life he would never let go for the rest of his life.  


Ling Shui Ruo had woken up, but no one knew how she had woken up. In the end, they could only attribute this miracle to the Fairy Fountain and Fairy Tree after all, they contained the purest Nature energy. However, the real reason was not important anymore Ling Shui Ruo had not only woken up, but she also did not age at all after sleeping for 1 year, and she instead looked even more youthful. Her skin was so good that she became the envy of other girls, and her eyes were as beautiful as the stars. Her constitution also became extremely good as if she would never get sick again, much less contract the Isrock Disease.  

This was the happiest day of Ling Chens life, and he spent most of his time hugging Shui Ruo, laughing, and dancing around as if he was crazy. He brought Shui Ruo to the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, sharing this miracle with everyone else.  

Today, Ling Chens appetite was bigger than it had ever been before because the instant he hugged Shui Ruo, he no longer had any regrets in his life.  

As for the matter of the 12 countries allying and attacking the Forgotten Continent, he had completely forgotten about that. It was only when Yun Feng continuously called him again that he remembered Fudge, I forgot!  

Goddamit, couldnt you noobs come a bit later? I just came back to Earth today, and its the day that I was finally reunited with Ruo Ruo. Stop wasting my precious time with Ruo Ruo!  

Ling Chen stood up with a whoosh, feeling quite unhappy. As such, he would make those invaders feel very~ very~ unhappy as well to the point that they would never forget about this for the rest of their lives!  

Ling Chen immediately headed into the Mystic Moon world. He appeared on the eastern side of the Forgotten Continent, and there were tens of millions of invading players below him  

He smashed down his palm  

The tens of millions of players below him, made up of invading players and Chinese players, felt a massive attack from above. The aura of the attack was simply shocking, and it was incredibly likely that all of the players would be killed indiscriminately but with how terrifying Ling Chens mental energy was, he instantly locked onto the invaders, and he wouldnt harm a single Chinese player.  


The invading players were all smashed to the ground.  

After doing this, Ling Chen disappeared and returned to the Bamboo Sea Wonderland to hug Shui Ruo.  

The incredibly chaotic battleground instantly fell silent. The Chinese players, who had been bitterly fighting, stared at the dead invading players on the ground as if they had seen a ghost in broad daylight.  

What What was going on? They all died, just like that?  

What the bloody hell?!  

As the saying went, A true man is sure to take revenge. The second day, Ling Chen, in high spirits, went to each of the 12 regions that had attacked the Forgotten Continent. With Xi Ling raining down fire and LengEr summoning Skeleton Soldiers, he caused great pandemonium in each of those places.  

After seeing those 12 countries suffer disasters, even an idiot would know that this was revenge from China. However, this revenge was far more terrifying than any of them had expected: after that day, Ling Chen repeated that every day, burning tens of kilometres of land and raising millions of Skeleton Soldiers. The 12 countries wished they could die, and finally, one day, Korea could not take it anymore, coming to beg for mercy. The next day, Korea was not attacked again, causing the other 11 countries to lower their heads to China in fear even though they were incredibly humiliated, who could endure this constant abuse from Ling Chen? After being trampled on in their own territory, who cared about their dignity?  

Not too long after, the Li family financial group formally bought the Mystic Moon world. Of course, Li Xiao Xue and Smith both knew that this was only a formality. Afterwards, Smith announced that he was leaving the world of virtual reality and would spend the rest of his time with his family.  

Not too long after, the Mystic Moon worlds first International Mock Battle began. Ling Chen had no interest to this, but Fey was incredibly excited about it. In the end, Fey, Xuanyuan Dia Wu, Xiao Qi, Yola, Gui Ya, and the others went to the central island to participate. When Ling Tian Citys people appeared, they caused a massive commotion.  

The results were as expected: Fey easily won the individual competition, and the top 5 rankers all belonged to Ling Tian City. The group battles were also easily taken by Ling Tian City.  

After that, Ling Tian Citys fame rose to unprecedented heights across the entire world, becoming a holy place the players of the entire world looked up to and feared.  

Everything had finally settled, and Ling Chen felt that his life had become perfect. He spent every day with his loved ones, enjoying it all  

In the blink of an eye, 3 years passed.  


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