Shura's Wrath Chapter 844

Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Godly Soul Awakens?  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


The Night Emperor had come to the Moon God Island for a very simple reason. He wanted to express that he no longer hated the Moon God Clan, and he wanted to let bygones be bygones. However, he did not want to return to the Moon God Clan, but he did not take Ye Yue away. After all, she had the Moon God Clans blood, and this was the best place for her.  

If he knew that the Moon God Palace had become Ling Chens massive harem, he might not have made this decision. To the 3 Moon Goddesses and Moon God Representatives, Ye Wu Ya was like sending a delicious little lamb right into Ling Chens mouth. Whats more, this little lamb already greatly admired Ling Chen.  

After leaving the Moon God Island, Ling Chen summoned LengEr and headed to the Underworld.  

A long, long time ago, a farmer went to chop firewood. He passed by a river, and he accidentally dropped his axe into the river. The river god appeared to him, holding a silver axe and asked him if this was his axe. The farmer shook his head, saying that it wasnt. The river god went back into the water and then took out a golden axe and asked him if this one was his axe. The farmer once again shook his head saying that it wasnt. The river god smiled, praising the farmer for being honest. As a reward, the river god gifted him the silver axe and the golden axe. The farmer flew into a fit of fury, kicking the river god back into the water, yelling, You goddamn river god, return my diamond axe to me!  

Mm, this story tells us that diamonds are worth much more than gold or silver. Got it, LengEr?   

But why is this story different to the story told on TV? LengEr asked as she raised her innocent eyes.  

#$%... Ling Chens expression became serious. LengEr, many things shown on TV are to trick people, but masters words are always true. So if you hear anything from anyone else that isnt the same as what master said, always believe what master says.  

Mm, okay. LengEr nodded dumbly.  

Good girl. Alright, were here now. Lets go in.  

After 3 years had passed, LengEr was more or less the same as before. No matter if it was her looks, personality, or speech, none of them had changed much. Her hobbies were still playing the game, playing with her dolls, and listening to stories. Even her memories had not recovered by much, causing Ling Chen to feel quite annoyed back then, the Underworld King had said that it would take, at most, 1 year for Lenger to recover her memories. However, over the 3 years, Ling Chen and LengEr had played the game at least 800 or so times, but there was no change!  

Ling Chen started to feel that he had been played by the Underworld King.  

After arriving at the Underworld Royal City, as soon as the Underworld King heard that they came, he almost scrambled over to them. He had a big smile on his face as he looked at LengEr, and he did not even bother looking at Ling Chen, and it was as if he did not exist. LengEr no longer feared this fiendish looking person, and she started to feel closer to him as if she was starting to accept her father.  

When LengEr ran to her room to play with dolls, the Underworld Kings expression became dark and started to roar at Ling Chen, Ling Tian, boy! Its been 3 years already, but it doesnt look like my daughters memory has recovered at all! What the hell have you been doing for these 3 years? As your father-in-law, Im incredibly disappointed!  

Ling Chen had been wanting to ask the Underworld King why LengErs memories still had not recovered, and he had never expected the Underworld King to rage at him about it first, causing him to almost faint from anger. Ling Chen immediately yelled back, I was going to ask you about that! You said that if I did as you said, it would take, 1 year at most for LengEr to recover. However, she hasnt recovered at all in 3 years!  

Isnt it obvious? Youve been slacking off! No wonder you were trying to blame me!  

Slacking off? I do it with LengEr at least once every day!   

What? Only once?! When I said 1 year, that assumed youd do it at least 10 times every day!  

10 times... every day  


Ling Chen really wanted to throw a pile of hot dung at the Underworld Kings face.  

The Underworld Kings gaze became strange as he said in a low voice with a sympathetic look, Ling Tian, boy, dont tell me your body isnt up for it? You can only do it once per day? T-T-This aiya  

Once per day my ass! If the Underworld King wasnt his father-in-law, he would have kicked him into the ground. Even though Ling Chen knew that the Underworld King was mocking him, no man could endure such a thing. Ling Chen roared, Including LengEr, I have 19 wives. There are so many that youd be scared to death! What do you think, huh?!  

Well, theres the problem, The Underworld King said self-confidently. Who told you to have so many women, affecting my daughters recovery. If you and she did it 10 times every day, she would have recovered long ago. Its all your fault.  

Ling Chen knew that the old Underworld King was finding excuses, but he had nothing to say. He now knew that the supposed 1 year was something the Underworld King had made up, and the goal was for him to play with LengEr as much as possible because the Underworld King knew that LengEr was missing memories, lacked verbal abilities, and only had a semi-real body, while Ling Chen had many women around him, each of which were absolute beauties. He was worried about LengEr being neglected, so he had come up with this idea.  

You see? You see? You have nothing to say, right? Seeing that Ling Chen was remaining silent, the Underworld Kings voice became louder as he said angrily, I wed my only daughter to you and placed great hope in you. However, you ai! After being reunited with my daughter for so many years, I still havent heard her calling me father. Do you know how painful that is? Someone like you, who hasnt been a father before, wouldnt understand. With this sort of speed, when will my ChanEr be able to recover and become the new Underworld Queen to inherit the Underworld?  

Eh? You what? You want LengEr to become the Underworld Queen? Ling Chen asked in shock.  

The Underworld King glared at Ling Chen. Arent you spouting bullcrap? Who else can inherit that position?  

No! Absolutely not! Ling Chen refused. LengErs my wife, and I wont let her suffer. How can you bear to take her freedom away from her and be surrounded by the Undead forever absolutely not!!  

Fudge! You think Im willing? However, ChanEr is my only daughter, the only person who can take this position. Do you think I could give everything that Ive painstakingly built to an outsider? The Underworld King roared in displeasure. However, he felt quite happy deep down it seemed that Ling Chens care for LengEr was not fake at all.  

Cant you find a few more wives and have a few more children? You want my LengEr to become the Underworld Queen no way! Ling Chen adamantly refused.  

Hm? Hearing this, the Underworld King froze, and he whacked his head. Fudge! Thats right! What a good idea; I cant believe I didnt think of that!  

Ling Chen almost fainted his first wife had died for at least 10,000 years, yet the Underworld King still had not thought of taking another wife.  

The Underworld King slapped the table and got up, roaring, Violet Darkness, come in immediately make an announcement for Us. We want to choose a queen and a few concubines from the Forgotten Continent!!  

Violet Darkness respectfully entered, and after hearing the Underworld Kings words, his body trembled, and he almost fell over.  

By the time Ling Chen left the Underworld and returned to the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, it was already afternoon. After coming back, he was caught by Fey. Hoh Didnt you go to take LengEr to see her father? Youve actually gone for a whole day dont tell me you went to the Moon God Island and relieved yourself of your lust at the Moon God Palace?  

Even though he had been caught by Fey at the Moon God Palace many times, Ling Chens face still turned red, and he awkwardly laughed, Ahaha hahaha I ran into some matters in the Forgotten Continent which took up some time thats right, Fey, theres something that I want you to confirm. Ling Chens expression became serious.  

Ask away but changing the topic like this is useless against me, Fey said as she gave a big smile.  

I wanted to about ask 3 years ago. Did Qi Yue order Rahu to kill you all in front of you? Ling Chen asked.  

Fey raised her eyebrows, feeling quite confused, but she nodded, saying, Thats right, but why do you ask?  

Nothing, I just suddenly thought of something, Ling Chen said as he thought for a moment before saying, Something unexpected happened in the Forgotten Continent today, and I wanted to hm? Wheres Tian Tian 

Her mum called her home to eat, Fey replied. The Xiya Star was incredibly far away from Earth, but with the Lachesis, that sort of distance was no problem at all.  

She went home? Whens she coming back?   

Fey smiled as her eyes slightly narrowed. Dont you worry, shell definitely be back before dark. If shes not hugging you at night, she wont be able to fall asleep. Thats right, I already suggested Xiao Xue to make a super~ super~ big bed for you because more and more people have wanted to sleep with you at night. What a hassle.  

Its not my fault Im so charming, Ling Chen said in a pleased manner.  

Cheh! Fey curled her lips disdainfully.  

Ling Chen walked out of the villa to the edge of the bamboo forest. It was now dusk, but the cool breeze was unable to calm Ling Chen down.  

Qi Yue had replaced Ye Yue, but in actuality, she had helped Ye Yue escape from the Lunar Scourge, and she had even formed a body for her.   

What was even more shocking was that Qi Yue did not even bother telling him the truth.  

So why couldnt his heart be at ease after meeting Ye Yue. Whats more, he felt an empty feeling in his heart as if he had lost something important incredibly, incredibly important but he did not know what it was.  

Ling Chen! Hehe, I found you!   

Sha Shas soft body sprang at him from behind. Her name now was Sha Sha, not Shadissika, as she had abandoned the name that meant the one who atones for sins. After hugging Ling Chen, she detected his strange emotions and tilted her head. Ling Chen, what are you troubled about?  

Mm, I keep feeling that theres something missing in my heart or that something has been shoved in, Ling Chen said softly as he closed his eyes.  

Eh? Sha Sha stood in front of Ling Chen, staring at him before her eyes suddenly lit up, saying in a clear voice, I know, its because Ling Chens godly soul is about to awaken! Wow! Ling Chens already so amazing. If you awaken a godly soul, maybe youll become a True God!  

Godly soul awaken? Ling Chen asked in shock as his eyes widened. Youre saying theres a godly soul within me?  

Thats right! Sha Sha nodded with great certainty. Ling Chens godly soul is hidden very deep, and I can barely detect it because it has started to awaken. Ling Chen definitely has a very powerful godly soul!  

Theres a godly soul within my body? This Ling Chens raised his hands, looking at them, feeling at a loss.  


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