Shura's Wrath Chapter 845

Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Too Careless  

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Ling Chen had never even heard of godly souls before encountering Qi Xing. Qi Xing had also mentioned that there was a 0.0001% chance of True Gods reincarnating, making it incredibly rare. The peak experts who had awakened godly souls Qi Xing, Qi Yue, Rahu, and Wan Chong there only seemed to be them. If there were other existences, Qi Xing either would have made them submit or destroyed them mm, Tian Tian also counted.  

Now, it turned out that there was a godly soul hidden in his body this made Ling Chen feel completely dumbfounded.  

If its because of the godly soul, Ling Chen should feel happy because this means that Ling Chen has a very powerful godly soul! Sha Sha said as she smiled. Since this godly soul can affect your emotions, it means that it should bring some emotions when it awakens, and since it has memories, it is definitely as powerful as Qi Xings mm, it might be even more powerful!  

Ling Chens already so strong, so if you awaken a powerful godly soul, you might really become a True God! Sha Sha said with great certainty.  

Sha Shas words caused Ling Chens heart to thump.  

Becoming a True God this was something that people could only dream about, and it was something that people could not even hope to be true. If there was such a possibility, who could resist such a thing? Even the undefeatable Qi Xings greatest desire was to become a True God  

For him, becoming a True God would not mean much in terms of strength because his current strength already made it possible for him to conquer everything. Adding on the fact that Sha Shas power was slowly growing, she would become a True God who would surpass him, so there was absolutely nothing that could threaten them. However once he became a True God, he would become immortal!!  

Immortality who could resist such a thing?  

Moreover, Rashu was able to give Lachesis complete Godhood, so if he became a True God, it should be possible for him to do such a thing in that case, he would be able to give immortality to those closest to him as well  

Ling Chens heart rapidly thumped when he thought about that.  

However, if his godly soul came with memories, what was with this feeling of emptiness? Was it that the godly soul did not fulfil its wishes and still held on to something after tens of thousands of years? Or was it because of something else  

At this moment, the overcast sky suddenly started drizzling. Ling Chen looked up, thinking of Gu Qing Han. After she had given birth to him, she had developed many illnesses because of more than 20 years of melancholy feelings and being overworked, which plagued her when it rained. Even though Sha Sha had essentially erased them using her power, whenever it rained, Ling Chen would still worry about Gu Qing Han.  

MoEr, send us to my mum, Ling Chen said.  

As Ling Chen spoke, a blue light covered his body, sending him to the Gu familys residence.  

After being reunited as mother and son 3 years ago, Gu Qing Han seemed to become a different person. She was no longer as cold and severe, and she would smile warmly much more often. Her face, which had not been marred by time, seemed even more youthful. Ling Chens return to her was evidently the happiest thing to her.  

Mum, how has your body been recently? Its a bit cold these days and the air isnt too great, so if youre not feeling well, make sure you let me know. Drinking the tea that Gu Qing Han made herself, Ling Chen felt a warmth spread throughout his body and into his heart. Tea made by ones mother would always have a warmth that could not be replaced.  

Gu Qing Han smiled as she looked at him. Dont worry. Ever since I drank that mysterious medicine that Sha Sha gave us and after Tian Tians mother, the Queen of Xiya, personally helped me heal my body, I dont suffer any more pain or sleep loss. My mind has been getting better as well, and Im starting to look even younger than your uncles.  

Hearing this, Ling Chen was able to feel at ease. Indeed, the Queen of Xiya was only at the level of the 3 Moon goddesses, but her healing abilities were unrivalled. Adding on Sha Shas divine source energy, Gu Qing Hans illnesses completely disappeared, and it would now be difficult for her to become ill even if she tried. As such, Ling Chen could completely be at ease. Mum, dont tire yourself out too much; you should give some of the matters to the uncles to deal with. Youve worked hard for so many years, so it should be time for you to relax and enjoy yourself.  

Ling Chens sincere concern caused Gu Qing Hans smile to become even warmer. She slightly shook her head, saying, ChenEr, I know you care about mum, but the Gu family is something that I built up by myself. Ive given more than half of my life to the Gu family, so I simply cant put all of this down. If you tell me to suddenly sit by and do nothing, I simply wont be able to get used to it. Dont worry, ChenEr, mum enjoys this sort of life very much. As long as youre living well, mum will always be happy and fine.  

Alright. Ling Chen did not keep insisting and nodded as he asked, Wheres grandpa?   

Gu Qing Han looked out the window and smiled. Your grandpa likes angling in the rain, so given the weather, he should have gone to the west lake again.  

Grandpa is optimistic and broad-minded, and he knows how to live life well. Hell definitely live to over 100 years old, Ling Chen said as he smiled.  

Gu Qing Han also smiled. Let alone 100 years, I think even 120 years wont be a problem hm? Come to think of it, isnt today the 50th birthday of SuErs uncle, Su Hong Cheng? Did you just come back from Beijing?  

This question caused Ling Chens eyes to widen. Hah? Su Hong Chengs 50th birthday I had no idea! No one told me SuErs at home right now, and she didnt mention it to me either. Are you sure about this?  

Hmm? Did I remember incorrectly? Gu Qing Han picked up the electronic calendar next to her and looked at the upcoming events before saying, No, its today. Thats right, your grandpa even told your uncles to make a call to congratulate him.   

Mum, whats the date today?  

October 12.  

Fudge!! Ling Chen stood up with a whoosh, his forehead erupting with sweat dammit, he had been too careless! Today was Su Hong Chengs 50th birthday, and he had forgotten about such an important date it seemed that even SuEr had forgotten! The Su family had not sent them a single reminder!  

Mum, take care of your body and dont get a chill. Ill immediately take SuEr to Beijing MoEr, hurry and send me over!!  

As Ling Chen spoke, he disappeared before Gu Qing Han. Gu Qing Han had long since become accustomed to this sort of thing, and she smiled as she shook her head. That child  

After returning to the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, Ling Chen quickly found SuEr pruning the gardens, and he immediately asked, Su Su, todays October 12. Did we forget something?  

October 12... SuEr thought for a moment before panicking, pressing her hands against her mouth. Ahh! Todays uncles 50th birthday. Ahhhh, I actually forgot. Wuu what do we do, what do we do, what do we do  

By now, SuEr had grown from a tender young girl to a stunning, celestial beauty, but her personality had not changed at all from 3 years ago. Her cute, sweet appearance and her adorable eyes were enough to instantly attract any mans eyes and heart. Whenever she became panicked, tears appeared in her eyes.  

Its fine. Even though its dark already, its only 7pm, so its not too late yet, Ling Chen hurriedly said, trying to cheer SuEr up.  

But, but a gift I even forgot to prepare a gift  

Dont worry; well at least get there first. MoEr send us to the Su familys residence in Beijing.  

Ahhhh!! So annoying, I havent even finished a single dessert, but youve already bothered me 3 times if you dont bring me back a super big cake, Im going to go on strike for 3 days!!  

MoErs high voice sounded out before a not-so-gentle spatial energy covered Ling Chen and SuEr, sending them to the entrance of the Su familys residence.  

After entering the Su familys hall, Ling Chen and SuEr felt that the atmosphere was not very harmonious. Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Chengs faces were quite stiff, and Murong Xiu looked quite worried. Seeing Ling Chen and SuEr walk in, Murong Xiu got up and said as she smiled, ChenErSuEr, youre back.   

Mm. Ling Chen nodded before looking at Su Hong Cheng. Err Happy birthday, Uncle Su.  

Hmph! Su Hong Cheng turned away. You knew that today was my birthday? Whyd you come so late then? You might as well have just forgotten about it.  

Wuu, Im sorry uncle. I didnt come so late on purpose. Su Hong Chengs attitude caused SuEr to almost start crying. She timidly walked over to Su Hong Chengs side and pulled at his sleeves as she said, I reminded myself last week that uncles 50th birthday was coming up, but I never thought that a week would go by so quickly, and I forgot about the time, so so wuuu uncle, big brother Ling Tian and I didnt mean to come so late. Please dont be angry; in the future, I will definitely remember uncles birthday  

Su Hong Cheng truly loved this niece of his, and even a hair on her head being harmed would cause his heart to ache. Seeing her teary eyes and efforts to cheer him up, he couldnt stay angry. Beside them, Murong Xiu couldnt help but laugh, SuEr, dont worry. Your uncle isnt really angry at you. Seeing you come back, hes definitely incredibly happy deep down. However, if you really forgot to come back, your uncles heart would have been broken.  

Hahahaha! Su Yi Cheng also laughed out loud. He waved for Ling Chen to sit down next to him. Here, ChenEr, have a taste of the Fairchild Tea that Ive treasured for many years. If it wasnt for Old Second celebrating his 50th birthday and turning into an old man, I wouldnt have dared to bring it out.  

Turning old? Im not like you; with my constitution, Ill be able to fight for another 60 years! Su Hong Cheng angrily yelled. However, looking at SuEr, a smiled filled his face. Hahaha, alright, SuEr, youre nearly crying. Dont worry; Ive been waiting for you two the whole night, so seeing that youre back, Im extremely happy. How could I have the time to be angry? Hahaha.  

SuEr cheered up, saying in a small voice, Im sorry, uncle; I wont be so careless in the future.  

In all honesty, this could not be blamed on SuEr. Living in the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, she lived without a care in the world, so she did not pay much attention to time. Most of the time, she did not even know the date. In her happiness, time always passed quite quickly, and a week would pass in the blink of an eye. It was difficult to always keep track of time.  


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