Shura's Wrath Chapter 846

Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Status  

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Haha, its a promise then, Su Hong Chen laughed in satisfaction before making a strange look at Su Yi Cheng and Murong Xiu, saying, Even though youve come late, Ill definitely still be taking your gifts. What did you 2 bring me today?  

This question left Ling Chen and SuEr completely dumbfounded. SuEr weakly replied, Uncle, after we remembered that today was your birthday, we immediately hurried over, so so we didnt have time to prepare a gift for you but well definitely make it up to you  

What?! Theres not even a gift? Su Hong Chengs pitch became 3 tones higher as a hurt look appeared on his face.  Ai, when you celebrate your birthday, in order to prepare a gift for you, I always plan at least a month in advance. Even though its my 50th birthday, you you ai  

Su Hong Chengs sigh and hurt expression stabbed at Ling Chen and SuErs hearts. Ling Chen instantly lost his composure and hurriedly said, Its indeed our fault, then then if Uncle Su has any special requests or wishes, please let us know. Su Su and I will definitely give you the best birthday present.  

Who would have thought that Su Hong had been waiting for exactly that? His eyes immediately lit up. Really? Ling Chen, boy, you said this yourself! A real man keeps his promises, so if youre a man, you cant take back your word!  

#$%... Ling Chen suddenly felt as if he had walked into a trap. However, since he had said that and Su Hong Cheng had stopped him from backing out, he could only nod. Yes, yes. What would Uncle Su like for his birthday present?  

Mm, what I want is very simple. Very, very simple. You dont need to spend much effort or spend that much money. Its just a matter of a few dollars and walking a few steps, Su Hong Cheng said as he nodded and rolled his head.  

A few dollars? Walk a few steps? What was going on? Ling Chen felt completely confused, and seeing Su Hong Chengs expression, he knew that it definitely wasnt as simple as that.  

Ill just say it directly. With his straightforward personality, Su Hong Cheng was not used to beating around the bush, and he got straight to the point. The present I want is a little red certificate. A certificate! Got it? Got it??  

Certificate? What certificate? Ling Chen felt quite confused.  

Fudge! What other certificate could it be? Of course its a wedding certificate! A wedding certificate between you and our darling SuEr! Understand? Su Hong Cheng roared.  

Pfft Ling Chen spat out the tea that he had just sipped. Su Yi Chengs face spasmed aiya, my Fairchild Tea over $10,000 for less than 50 grams what a waste  

Ahh! Su Hong Chengs words caused SuEr to cry out, her face turning extremely red as she turned to look at Ling Chen, her eyes filled with excitement and longing.  

Tch! What sort of reaction is that? Su Hong Cheng stared, his voice becoming another 8 tones higher. Boy, dont tell me that youre not willing. In this generation, our Su family only has SuEr. During these past few years, shes been living at your home and sleeping there, and she has already become part of the Ling family. Arent you willing to at least give her this status?  

No, no, no, no! Of course not, its not like that! Ling Chen hurriedly waved his hands. Uncle Su, dont get too worked up. Err first, I want to promise that Ill treat Su Su well for the rest of my life, and I wont let her suffer any grievances, and  

What use is a promise? Su Hong Cheng roared impatiently. Ten thousand promises cant compare to a single action. The Su family has already given you our only daughter, and in the future, the whole Su family will be yours. All we want is a certificate; dont tell me youre not willing to give us even that?  

No, of course, its not like that. Ling Chen immediately shook his head before carefully saying, Its like this. First, Su Su is only 19 years old and isnt at the marriageable age yet, so we cant get a marriage certificate. Also, I already got a marriage certificate with Dia Wu last year, so so if I get one with SuEr, wont that be polygamy?  

Su Hong Cheng stood up with a whoosh and slammed a gun on the table. Screw the marriageable age and screw polygamy. Youre going to get a certificate with SuEr tomorrow, and Ill blast anyone who dares to refuse!! Also, boy, with all the crimes youve committed, executing you 10,000 times wouldnt be enough, and now youre bringing up the crime of polygamy? You even turned the Long familys residence upside down, and you still dare to tell me youre worried about polygamy? Fudge!!  

Su Hong Chengs domineering attitude caused Ling Chen to feel great alarm and fear. He still wanted to say something when he noticed SuErs expression SuEr was secretly looking at him, a look of delight in her star-like eyes as if there was a deep sense of hope within her  

Seeing this, Ling Chen felt his heartstrings being tugged at, and he swallowed the words he was about to say.  

He had already decided to be with all of them forever, and he was sure that this decision of his would make them the happiest people in the world. As long as his heart was in it, these certificates were merely a non-essential formality, and he had thought that they wouldnt care about such a thing.  

However, seeing SuErs gaze, he suddenly realised that he was wrong.  

Women were emotional creatures. Even though status did not truly mean much, to them, it was something physical that connected them to their loved one, making them feel that they truly belonged to each other.  

A thousand sweet phrases could be forgotten, but that certificate was something that continuously existed. As long as one could see it and touch it  

He finally understood why last year, when he and Xuanyuan Dia Wu had received their marriage certificates, why all of the other girls had looks of deep admiration and desire within their smiles. It was just that they had never mentioned it to him for fear of putting pressure on him.  

They did not care what the world thought, and they were willing for other women to stay by his side. In order to not put pressure on him, they had never asked for this status. However, giving them a simple certificate would make them feel incredibly happy and blessed, so what reason did he have not to do it?  

Ling Chen immediately stood up, saying earnestly, Uncle Su, lets not wait until tomorrow. Ill go with Su Su to get it today. That way, Su Su and I will be a family in both form and substance. After Su Su reaches marriageable age, well hold a grand wedding so that I can properly wed Su Su 

Ling Chens words shocked Su Hong Cheng greatly. After recovering, he slapped his hand on Ling Chens shoulder. Attaboy! I knew you wouldnt disappoint me! With those words, Im completely at ease, hahahaha 

Su Yi Cheng also stood up, smiling with Murong Xiu 

Big brother Ling Tian SuErs little hands were pressed over her rapidly beating her heart, looking at Ling Chen tenderly as her eyes misted up.  

What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and go! If you dont go, Im going to chase you out!   

But today is your 50th birthday  

Who the hell cares about that. Plus, Im still young! I want this gift delivered to me before 12am!!  

Just like that, Ling Chen and SuEr were chased out of the residence hand in hand. After they walked away, Su Hong Cheng laughed happily.  

Happy now, Old Second? Su Yi Cheng chuckled.  

I think the happiest one should be you. After all, shes your own daughter, Su Hong Cheng said as he laughed.  

Of course Im happy, and Im also at ease, Su Yi Cheng said as he smiled warmly.  

Ah, you two, all of your worries were unnecessary, Murong Xiu also laughed. These years, even though SuEr has come home many times, she always quickly hurried back. If she wasnt happy there, why would she be like that? ChenEr treats SuEr truly well, and hes completely sincere towards her. Its obvious from the way he looks at her.  

Ehh, its not our fault. After all, that boy has so many women by his side, each of them more amazing than the next, Su Hong Cheng said as he rocked about. Yun Meng Xin is the Lady of Ling Tian City and a goddess to the public, and a casual sentence from her can cause the Mystic Moon world to tremble. I dont even need to say anything about the Li familys girl. Now that she controls the Li family, she also controls the economy of the whole world. Just a sneeze from her is able to cause tremors in the financial world. The Xuanyuan familys girl is his childhood lover, and they promised to be together since they were young, and their feelings can never be broken. He loves his little sister Shui Ruo to his bones, and he would even die for her. That Fey is the gaming worlds Eve, the leader of the Dark Knight, and the number 1 killer in the world wherever she goes, she can cause a storm. Even that girl called Tian Tian is a princess from another world our familys SuEr doesnt have an advantage in anything, so how can I rest at ease without her having this status?!  

Ai, youre right. However, now that this is done, we can be at ease, haha. Su Yi Cheng nodded as he smiled.  

One could only marvel at a parents heart.  

Of course, Ling Chen would not go about getting the certificate personally because it was impossible for him to do so. After leaving the Su familys residence, he immediately said, MoEr, help me find out where Long Zheng Yang is and send us there.  

He did not receive a reply even after waiting for a while.  

Ling Chen scowled and said in frustration, Super-large ice cream cake and a premium lolly package.  

With a whoosh, a blue light immediately covered Ling Chen and SuEr, taking them away.  

After reappearing, they were at the door of Long Zheng Yangs office at the Yan Huang Skyscraper. After opening the door and entering, Ling Chen found that both Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yun were inside.  

Long Zheng Yang, who was busy looking over documents, looked up when he heard the door being opened. Seeing that it was Ling Chen, a look of joy appeared on his face as he stood up. Ling Chen, youre here why didnt you let us know in advance so we could have prepared to receive you? YunEr, hurry and make some tea.   

Yes! Long Tian Yun enthusiastically replied.  

No need. Ling Chen waved his hand, not seeing very warm as he said coolly, Chief Long, I need your help with something, and I will need some of your time.  

Long Zheng Yang had always been looking for an opportunity to become closer with Ling Chen, and now that Ling Chen needed his help, he was naturally incredibly happy to help. He smiled as he said, No worries, I have quite a bit of time right now. What do you need?  

Its like this, Ling Chen said as he looked over at SuEr. Sensing his gaze, SuEr lowered her head, a blissful red glow appearing on her face. I want to have a few marriage certificates; would it be possible to make an exception for me?  

Long Zheng Yang paused for a moment before coming to a realisation. He did not hesitate at all before smiling and nodding. Of course, this wont be a problem. You can have as many as you want. YunEr, Ive said all that I needed to say to you, so go and help them with this matter.  

Because of his power over legislation, things that normal people couldnt do were extremely simple for Long Zheng Yang, requiring only a sentence. This was the benefit to absolute power, which was why so many people madly chased after such power.  


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