Sign In From Naruto Book 2 Chapter 517

Vol 2 Chapter 517: Panther God Appeared

Although Xu Fan did not appear on the battlefield, he was always paying attention to the situation on the battlefield.

It is worth mentioning that Xu Fan has some expectations for Techara's performance.

After all, Techara is the king of Wakanda.

Not only was he smart enough to develop a vibrating suit, but he also established a spiritual link with the panther **** Buster.

Maybe Techara's body contains some amazing power.

Maybe I can make myself a little serious now.

However, when Techara ran to him desperately, his steps were intercepted by Junmaro.

Neither he nor Oshemaru should give Junmaro an order to stop Techara.

"Did Junmaro do this himself."

Xu Fan murmured to himself, thinking it was not impossible.

Jun Maro himself is extremely loyal.

In the Sasuke pursuit battle, even the moment he died, he was thinking about how to destroy Gaara's absolute defense.

At the same time, his power is also extremely powerful.

"However, Junmaro is the character who appeared in the first part, and his upper limit has been fixed from the beginning."

Even in the Fourth Ninja World War, Junmaro was reincarnated by the pharmacist with dirty soil.

He didn't show too much eye-catching performance either.

It is no exaggeration to say that the first part of Naruto and Shippuden are two different power levels.

Therefore, with Junmaro's current strength, at best, it is delaying Techara.

said to defeat him.

is unlikely.

However, when Xu Fan saw Junmaro, he couldn't help but have an idea in his heart.

Since Junmaro's power comes from his blood succession boundary.

Regenerate and manipulate the bones of the whole body.

Then inject Edman metal into Junmaro's body.

may produce unexpected results.

Also, the Edman metal used by Logan Wolverine is not the first Edman, but the second Edman.

Although this metal is not as hard as the original Edman, it is reproducible.

Maybe in the hands of General Ross, he has the manufacturing formula of the second generation Edman metal.

The current Fire Country and Xu Fan are a whole.

He is the shadow of the country of fire.

He is the leader of the country of fire.

The country of fire is his country.

Xu Fan naturally has no reason to give up any opportunity to strengthen the fighting power of the country of fire.

However, the injection of the second-generation Edman is naturally the next thing.

Xu Fan focused his gaze and watched the battle between Techara and Junmaro.

Although Xu Fan had some expectations for Techara in his heart, if he could not even defeat Junmaro.

That can only show that his strength is nothing more than that.

is not worth mentioning.

At the same time, after seeing Junmaro's weird ability, Te Chara didn't flinch or give up.

He still chose a head-on confrontation and rushed directly to this small-looking boy.

Jun Maro was calm and relaxed, with a slight force on his wrist, he slammed his bone whip out.

Jun Maro clearly knew the power of Zhenjin.

also knows that conventional means can't break the defensive attributes of Zhenjin at all.

Because it is enough to absorb all kinetic energy.

However, this does not mean that Zhenjin is invincible!

As long as Techara's actions are blocked until the end of the war, that is death in another sense.

The bone whip was wrapped forward in Junmaro's hand, and he was about to grasp the opponent firmly.

However, at this moment, Techara's palms pressed together.


A loud noise rushed into the sky, and then the purple energy field opened, instantly shaking off Junmaro's bone whip.

Although Junmaro's blood succession limit is very flexible and weird.

But in this tit-for-tat contest, the property of vibrating gold that can absorb kinetic energy undoubtedly has the upper hand.

"you lose!"

Techara suddenly screamed, and just as the bone whip flew, he stepped forward with a lunge, grabbed a fist with five fingers, and smashed Junmaro's chest.

If you change to someone else, it will never be possible to withstand Techara's blow.

However, Junmaro's blood succession boundary can be used not only for offense, but also as a means of defense.

Just when Techara's fist really rushed to Jun Maro, the latter's ribs suddenly burst and opened to catch the opponent's offensive, forming a kind of buffer.

Te Chala's eyes also became very different.

He never thought that human bones could become like this.

"caught you."

Junmaro slightly raised his head and met Techaras gaze.

Both sides face each other.

Jun Maro didn't think he could kill the opponent either.

But at least as it is now.

Will suffice.

"Dance of Grass Fern!"

Just listened to Junmaro's loud shout. The bones all over his body began to grow wildly at a very strange rate.

In an instant, a large bone forest was formed.

He sealed himself and Techara together in the depths of this bone forest.

"Maybe your vibrating suit can absorb all the kinetic energy, so that the enemy can't hurt you, and there is nothing to do with you."

"However, your vibrating jersey is impossible to create power out of nothing."

"As long as I completely seal you off like I am now, and you can't move, I can't do anything."

Junmaro said his plan from the beginning in one breath.

He firmly believed in his heart, with the power of Mr. Oshemaru.

is enough to step down and integrate the kingdom of Wakanda.

As a chess piece of Oshemaru, he used himself to contain the opponent's king.

The only thing left is massacre.

The failure of Wakanda is destined!


Xu Fan, who was following this battle, never expected such a situation.

He thought that Junmaro would have nothing to do with Zhenjin's suit and eventually lost.

The smoothest situation is only to consume Techara's physical strength.

Unexpectedly, Junmaro was even smarter than he imagined.

If he didnt die young.

But he has survived to Shippuden, his strength may become stronger.

However, the contest between UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com and Junmaro ended in this way, which disappointed Xu Fan.

He thought that Techara could go far enough to come to him.


"This war."

But just when Xu Fan thought so, the sky suddenly covered with dark clouds.

A majestic divine power began to awaken on the land of Wakanda.

and become stronger and stronger.

made the whole earth tremble.

Whether it is a warrior in Wakanda, a prisoner in a research institute, or a ninja in Otonin Village.

were all shocked by this sudden change.

Then, the roar of a beast came from the valley.

At this moment, every Wakanda person understands who this change came from.

is their panther god!


At the desperate moment of Wakanda, this **** finally made up his mind!

She wants to and...

A battle with the Supreme Master!

"I will never allow you to take this land from my hands!"

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