Skirt Chasing Young Monarch City Lady Killer Chapter 124

Hong Chens entire face was red, like a ripe apple. Looking up at Su Ke, her posture was a little indecent as she sat atop the toilet with her pink chiffon dress and skirt almost wrinkled up into a bunch. She tried to pull down her dress and cover herself up, causing Su Ke to be at a loss, Eh! You called for me?

No matter what, even if he had some auditory problems, he could only place the blame on her shoulders. If not, even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he wouldnt be able to cleanse his perverted reputation.


When he finished speaking, he quickly put on an innocent expression.

Luckily, Hong Chens protective measures were quite good; what he shouldnt see, he didnt see. Su Ke gulped audibly and saw a hint of white in the corner of his eye.

D*mn, it cant be that this lass is waiting for me to pull up her underwear!?

Her pure-white cotton underwear was faintly visible under her skirt, causing Su Ke to feel rather flustered as he quickly looked away.


Hong Chen kept trying to calm her breathing, but her heart was beating too fast with a ba-thump, ba-thump, making her flustered. She used all her strength just now, but her underwear simply didnt listen and stubbornly clung to her legs.

Such a simple action like pulling up her panties had become so hard to do. After using a burst of strength, Hong Chens entire body became a deflated balloon and even her fingers wouldnt move.


After she thought about it, she could only helplessly accept reality.

If she only relied on herself, then she would probably have to sleep on the toilet that night.

She painfully opened her mouth and shouted hoarsely, making herself wonder if Su Ke could even hear her.

At this moment, Su Ke came in head first, nearly falling in front of her.

When she heard his question, Hong Chen gritted her teeth and made a noise of assent.

What is it? Su Ke knew what she wanted in his heart, but after seeing Hong Chen nod, he felt a moment of relief. If she agreed that she called him, everything would be fine.


You, me! Hong Chen really didnt know how to say it as she held down her skirt.

She was very nervous as she bunched up her skirt.

Su Kes eyes lit up as his gaze was drawn to the edges of her skirt.

With a dry mouth and a pounding heart, even though he couldnt see anything, it still succeeded in making his face hot. It felt like that within her skirt, there would be monsters spouting fire and just a glance would make him burst into flames.

Why dont I help you pull them up? Su Ke felt like if he continued standing there, he would be combusted by the flames inside his body until even the ashes wont be left.

Hong Chens cheeks were flushed as she stammered for half a day without saying anything. After asking him, the two of them calmed down.


En! Hong Chen nodded shyly. At this time, she suddenly realized that she almost bunched up her whole skirt. Her face paled and she quickly pulled it back down.

Hu! Su Ke breathed out heavily before taking a step forward and standing in front of Hong Chen.

He then knelt down at her distressed appearance before squeezing out a smile.

Its fine, I can be counted as a skilled worker now and guarantee that the work will be done in a second!

Then close your eyes!

When Hong Chen said these words, her voice trembled and she placed her arms on his shoulders.


Hei! So the two of us are actually skilled workers! Su Ke cursed in his heart, but he still obediently closed his eyes. His chin was once again against the top of her exquisite peaks and he felt Hong Chen start to use some strength to push her body up.

This time, Su Ke quickly reached out with his hands and opened up her skirt.

He hooked the elastic band of her panties and his thumbs caressed her skin as he pulled them up. His movements were very smooth and straightforward, completing what Hong Chen couldnt do with her entire effort.

He lifted her panties up to her waist and the warmth from his palms hadnt completely disappeared when Su Ke pulled his hands out.

He then opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.


Hong Chens face was bright red as she scrunched up her body with shyness. No matter which girl is faced with this kind of situation, letting a guy help her all the way, especially when both of them are still so young, it was exceptionally embarrassing.

Su Ke wanted to stand, but he realized that Hong Chens skirt was too wrinkled, so he reached out to help her smoothen it.

However, her skirt was too short and only barely covered her thighs, so he unconsciously tugged her dress down.

At first, Hong Chen was still in a state of embarrassment while thinking about how to react.

Since her dress was supposed to be skimpy, it bared the shoulders with no straps.


Her chest went cold and she reacted in a panic, her previously powerless arms suddenly covering her chest while she exclaimed, Ah!

Eh! Su Ke was stunned as he unconsciously looked downwards and almost got a nosebleed. He never expected that his well-intentioned action to cover up her lower part would bare the top half of her body.

The low-cut neckline of her chiffon dress slipped down a lot.

Through Hong Chens arms, one could see her transparent shoulder straps connected to a moon-white bra. Her neckline was wide open and a large portion of her snow-white skin was on display. If Su Ke used a bit of force, her entire chest would be exposed.


F*ck! This was too provoking! Su Kes scalp numbed as he thought about it.

He clearly didnt do it intentionally, but the truth was right in front of him.

He nearly pulled down Hong Chens entire outfit as his heart jumped violently in his chest and he gritted his teeth. He didnt care about anything else as he just quickly carried Hong Chen in his embrace and walked out of the bathroom after kicking it open.

A large bed entered his field of view.

Hong Chen was bundled up in his arms and her chest hadnt been covered up yet, leaving her chest half-exposed. Her chest seemed to be covered in snow with crystal-clear skin.

Her skirt was pushed to the rear and her thighs were tightly close together, so her panties were slightly discernible.


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