Skirt Chasing Young Monarch City Lady Killer Chapter 125

Su Ke quickly placed the embarrassed Hong Chen on her bed. Her messy clothes were very enticing as he helplessly took out a light blanket from the bed and spread it over Hong Chens body.

Only when the blanket covered her entire body did Su Ke breathe a sigh of relief, Hu!

His heart was overloaded ever since he bumped into Hong Chen today.

Wei! Hong Chen covered herself with the blanket like a shield and quickly calmed down as she looked at Su Kes confused face before saying, You need to take responsibility!


Su Ke unconsciously nodded before lightning struck his brain and he almost fainted, Oh!

He was was so anxious, he stammered as he repeated what she said, You what did you just say? Responsibility?

Thats right! Youve already seen, hugged, and touched everything. Now you dont want to pay!? Hong Chen was finally in her own home, on her own bed, and covered in a blanket so she was completely relaxed, letting her get back her fiery temperament.

When she saw Su Kes pale face, she couldnt help but smile.

Eh! I, I dont seem to have done anything! Su Ke cried without tears.

Since he did a good deed, he wont suffer a double loss, but he served himself up on a silver platter! His cheeks stiffened and there was a feeling that he was on a thiefs boat.


He put a fake smile on his face as he spoke, Why dont you hug me? You can touch me as well!

D*mn! You I was joking with you, I wasnt actually that angry. Didnt I say that youre my little brother!? Ill take care of you like a little brother!

Su Ke remembered when Hong Chen said that and the scene where she licked cream off her lips passed his mind. His heart shook and his nervousness subsided.

Hong Chen curled up under the blanket and said, I wanted to thank you for todays matter! How do you want me to thank you? Besides my life, anythings fine!


Su Ke could tell that she was joking, but the situation still made him speechless. He was a third-year student, so how could he take responsibility?

Even getting a marriage certificate would require him to wait a few years.

Then how about you let me touch it?

Su Ke relaxed and thought about his own embarrassment before wanting to take revenge.

He paused and weakly said, Go die! You d*mn pervert!

Hong Chen never thought that Su Ke would say that.

She originally thought that his confused face was rather funny, but now her face was entirely red. Her butt felt numb when she finished speaking, like she could still feel his palm on it.


When Su Ke finished speaking, he stared at Hong Chen and his eyes flickered.

He felt a lot calmer now like he equalized the score.

He laughed comfortably at her reaction.

After a while, Hong Chens face became serious, Thats right, Su Ke! Ma Meng, right?

En! Su Ke didnt deny it.

When they were walking out of Jin Se Hua Nian, everyone saw it.

They could guess his identity by that point, not to mention a reporter in charge of a newspaper.

You and your group back then have my thanks, but you shouldnt have relations with them, its bad for you. What youre responsible for now is to obediently study and go to university, not hang around bad people like them!


Hong Chen said those words with honest eyes and a voice that contained a lot of worry.

I know, but Ma Meng and Sister Fei Hong are my friends. They can help solve a lot of problems! Su Ke was quite open-minded and didnt have any prejudice against people like that. In society, survival wasnt easy and everyone had their own methods.

If Ma Meng didnt appear, we wouldnt have been able to leave Jin Se Hua Nian so easily. You noticed that when we left there werent any police, didnt you? What does that show?


When Zhang Wen Long brought people down the stairs, someone had already called the police. Han Mei even called a few times, but when the situation was resolved, not a single officer showed up. This showed that Ma Meng was more reliable than the police.

En! Jin Se Hua Nians Zhang Wen Long must already have the police station under control. I definitely need to expose this because I dont believe that he can control the entire police district! If this doesnt work, Ill go to the Provincial Office and see the Minister of Public Security!

When Hong Chen spoke, her aura was very righteous, making Su Ke feel that she wasnt a reporter, but rather a warrior.


Hey! Why have you not learned your lesson yet!? Did you forget what happened today? If you get exposed, arent you afraid that theyll come after you!? You know that they have certain means that you cant guard against?

Su Ke shrugged his shoulders after he said that.

Ma Meng helped saved them this time, but if they really wanted to deal with Hong Chen, there were too many methods.

Hong Chen angrily said, I cant stand evil! What can they even do to me, anyway?

It didnt seem like she was arguing with a third-year student as she now considered Su Ke a strong shoulder she could lean on.


Su Ke seemed to be mumbling as he slowly said, Youre a journalist that should be following public opinion. Havent you realized by now that public opinion is important? Like two days ago, someone leaked that a politician has a mistress and they were taken care of!

He saw Hong Chens eyes light up as she excitedly said, You mean breaking the news on the internet anonymously!?

Su Ke scratched his eyebrow and stared into Hong Chens eyes.

High Level! This is way too high level!

If Hong Chen had any strength to move, she wouldve raised her thumb with a large grin on her face.


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