Skyfire Avenue Chapter 903

Chapter 903: The Immortal Realm

Chapter 903: The Immortal Realm

Lan Qings voice betrayed his awe. No wonder they were so dead-set on creating it. Theres something incredible, about this place.

The immortal realm was replete with immortal qi that flowed like the clouds. In some areas it was rich, in others thin. Each of them could feel the power nourishing their bodies, and without question they knew that cultivating here would be more fruitful than anywhere else in the universe.

Any hint of universal obstruction was absent the moment they entered into this world. Here they no longer needed Qianlins Domain to protect them. They took to this place like a fish to water.

Lan Jue bit the tip of his tongue, fighting the bone-deep comfort. We have to see if theres anything left of the planets. This place has to be controlled from somewhere, lets see if we can find its center.


They didnt split up, choosing instead to remain together and sweep the area with their combined perception. They search for dangers while simultaneously taking in the view.

They were surprised to find that while the immortal qi was immensely helpful, their perception was limited here. They could only extend their consciousness a short distance, which make their task more difficult.

However it was not anything more than a nuisance. They had time, and so they cautiously combed the picturesque vistas around Europa.

The planet was nothing like it had been before the aliens took control. Everywhere they turned were exotic flora, and flows of immortal qi whispered through valleys and over mountains. It was the definition of a fairyland, Heaven stretching out before their eyes.

After about ten hours they came to the peak of a mountain where they discovered a palatial building. Before its grand gates was a board upon which was inscribed two words; Heavenly Court.

You cant say Monarch didnt do his homework. It seems he had a real appreciation for our ancient culture. Lan Jue said wryly.

Theyd search nearly everywhere around Europa and had found nothing until now. Even here there was no trace of any primordial spirit or malicious vitality. Clearly Monarchs death had left this place without a ruler.

Immortal qi was thickest here in the Heavenly Court. This had to be the center of this immortal realm though it was less opulent than one might expect. All they found was a single gemstone that looked markedly like a vital crystal. The energy it produced was released in waves and quickly became immortal qi.

This had to be what was powering this immortal realm, the collected vitality reaped by the planets in their rampage across the cosmos. Somehow this crystal was supporting the entire planet, stolen vitality circulating through it like blood.

With no aliens left to fear Lan Jue didnt give a second thought to delving deeper into the secrets of this place. He pulled forth the Compliance Rod and released the spirits contained within out into the air.

As theyd suspected, upon reaching the earliest levels of immortality Jue Di had maintained his consciousness even as a spirit within the astrum. Once his spirit was freed it immediately set about absorbing the immortal qi around it. The other souls did so as well, though more slowly.

The Pharmacist heaved a sigh. Now that our victory is complete, Ill collect my husband and bring him here. Li Ke was a part of Ultus, but as a spirit was not bound to its precise location. With Ultus part of the Strategy protecting Europa, this was the best place for him to be. He could be here, and their family could be whole.

Lan Jue nodded. Spirits should have no problem here. Im not sure about the other Paragons, though.

His fears were warranted, for although they could guide their friends here the moment they were left on their own the dangers of the Banishing Strategy would turn on them. The Heavenly Court could only control the flows of immortal qi, and not how accessible this world was. For these reasons it was difficult to say whether the Paragons could even get close.

When they returned to space the four sword bearers underwent a series of small experiments. As anticipated, although Li Kes spirit was not strong it was sustained by Ultus and thus could enter into the immortal realm without issue. However this was not so for the Paragons. They were barred from stepping foot on Europa.

They also found that they could enter even after shedding the chaotic qi of the Strategy. This meant that only a Paragon who had achieved the Infinite could enter. The immortal realm was so named for a reason, there were standards for those who could witness its beauty. Lan Jue did not worry about what would become for this place for his mind was on returning to Skyfire Avenue. That was his home, it was where he planned to live out his days.

When his father returned he would certainly be interested in taking over management of the immortal realm. He would take on the mantle of being the modern Jade Emperor.

Lan Qing was supportive of his brothers plan. After discussing it with Li Ke, the Pharmacist decided to remain behind with him here. For the time being Juner would be left under Lan Jues care. The Pharmacist would, of course, visit often until such time as her daughter reached the Infinite and was able to join them in the heavens.

Well Qianlin, its starting to look like Ive taken the job of a kindergarten principal. Im now responsible for Juner and Hua Lis son.

Qianlin laughed prettily. You have experience after working at the NEU, dont you? Teaching children should be relaxing by comparison. [!. This is absolutely not the case.]

Lan Jue wrapped an arm around her slender waist. Teaching them wont be a problem. But how is that going to influence having one of our own, hm?

Her face reddened. How many were you thinking?

The more the better!
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