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Sleeping Next To The Pirate King summary:

After 18-year-old Milas cruise sinks she wakes up naked next to a handsome man! \r\n\r\nBut wait the man she woke up next to calls her wife? And hes known as the vicious pirate who destroys ships and steals their loot? \r\n\r\nAs Mila grows accustomed to living as this mans wife she finds out that there is a billion dollar reward for his head. As well as a map for navigating through the Bermud...

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Sleeping Next To The Pirate King Chapters

Time uploaded
111 Eden4 weeks ago
110 A Sacrifice4 weeks ago
109 Side Note4 weeks ago
104 Bared Fangs4 weeks ago
102 Silver Eyes4 weeks ago
94 A Bloodbath4 weeks ago
86 A Cutie4 weeks ago
83 Wrong Angle4 weeks ago
79 Unclench4 weeks ago
78 A Dire Scene4 weeks ago
77 Warnings4 weeks ago
72 Suspicious4 weeks ago
64 An Epidemic4 weeks ago
62 Lost At Sea4 weeks ago
60 Stages4 weeks ago
50 The Plan4 weeks ago
47 Crazy 10004 weeks ago
46 A Bitch Slap4 weeks ago
42 A Mess4 weeks ago
38 Eden4 weeks ago
24 Ships Ahoy4 weeks ago
20 Awake4 weeks ago
19 Reunited4 weeks ago
18 A Clue4 weeks ago
16 Fever4 weeks ago
11 War4 weeks ago
8 New Plan4 weeks ago
4 Introductions4 weeks ago
3 Men4 weeks ago
2 Back On Water4 weeks ago
1 Wife?4 weeks ago
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