So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 1406

Chapter 1406 Change Take The Severed Head Personally

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Chapter 1587: Change

Wow! Everyone went into an uproar! No one expected that the outcome of this matter would be like this. Earlier, everyone expected that Liu Zhenan would definitely be taught a lesson this time. They also expected that the old man Liu Jiangyan who supported Liu Huamei would definitely use this situation to let her advance.

However, the result was that Liu Zhenans deputy director position was not affected at all. Instead, he had advanced and taken the position as the deputy director of the finance department! As for Liu Huamei, although she had taken the position as the CEO of the Song Jiang branch office, she was actually silently demoted. Although she was still the CEO of the finance department, she was not within the group and was stationed outside. With this, the whole operation of the finance department had fallen into Liu Zhenans hands!

While Liu Zhenan was the deputy director, he would actually be taking on the responsibilities of a director. All he had to do was report to Liu Huamei regularly. However, wasnt reporting easy to do? With just a few words, it would be simply too easy to hide whatever he wanted to from Liu Huamei.

Liu Zhenan even thought that there was something wrong with his ears. He looked at his grandfather unbelievably.Is this true? It this really true? Not only did I not receive punishment, but I was also promoted instead? As for my little sister who has always been supported by the old man, she actually got demoted secretly?

Could it be that grandfather has made up his mind to let me take over? Thats why he ignored my actions? It is apparent to everyone that grandfather has been secretly condoning my actions since he only scolded a few words at the start. He questioned no further but promoted me instead?

At first, Liu Zhenan wanted to assign Liu Jifei the deputy director position in the finance department so that the department would have his own person. Now that Liu Jifei had caused so many problems, it should be impossible for him to be assigned to an important position. but the position of deputy director also didnt fall into anyone elses hands!

A smug flashed across the corner of Liu Zhenans mouth as he looked at Liu Huamei.This lady, you just want to take me down, right? Well then, you put yourself in this situation. Youre willing to be that good old person who wants to help in times of trouble. Since youre all about the companys benefit, youll be handling the matter of negotiating with Song Jiangs Ming Yang company. Plus, you dont have to come back. Just stay there and be a branch offices CEO forever. What a high position that is, gaga!

Grandfather, I Liu Huamei also thought that something was wrong with her ears.Why would grandfather make such a foolish decision? It doesnt seem like grandfather is old and muddled? So whats his purpose in doing this? Not only did he not pursue any of Liu Zhenans responsibility, he instead assigned me to handle Song Jiangs matters.

As a matter of fact, Liu Huamei wasnt resistant toward handling Song Jiangs matters. On the contrary, she was extremely excited to handle this matter properly. After all, if this matter wasnt handled properly, it would have a huge impact on the Jiangyan Groups reputation. Liu Huamei would feel more confident if she could handle it herself.

However, her grandfathers single sentence relegated her to Song Jiang forever. Although she still held the position of a Financial Director, anyone could see that this title was empty. It was simply impossible to wish for Liu Zhenan to listen to her commands.

Having stayed in the group for so long, it isnt necessarily a bad thing to go for training at the foundation level. Liu Jiangyan didnt give Liu Huamei a chance to justify and gave his final word.

Liu Huamei sighed in her heart, but she couldnt say anything more.

The board meeting ended just like that. Some people couldnt understand, some people were gloating. Liu Zhenan strode out of the conference room high-spiritedly. From this day onward, his power in this group would be unmatched!

Liu Hua was frowning; he couldnt understand the purpose of his fathers actions!Why did he suddenly start to suppress Liu Huamei, whom he has always supported, and entrust Liu Zhenan with a huge responsibility?

What does this mean? Could it be that the old man is ready to assign a successor?No matter how Liu Hua looked at it, he didnt think that his son had the potential to be a successor. However, the truth was already in front of him. The only thing he could do was believe it! Liu Huamei, who had always been favored, suddenly fell out of favor. But his eldest son Liu Zhenan was still able to get promoted even after doing so many perverse actions.

Is the old man really old and confused?Liu Huas mind trembled thinking of this possibility.Could it be that theres something wrong with the old mans health and he doesnt have long to live? Is that why hes starting to plan for the aftermath?Liu Hua suddenly felt that it was possible, incredibly possible. Otherwise, the old mans attitude wouldnt be so abnormal.

However, this was a good thing anyway. As long as his eldest son was the successor, it would definitely not bypass him. Plus, he was also sure that he would take over the position of the chairman successfully. It was just that a huge part of the shares might be allocated to his son. However, all of this didnt matter. The Jiangyan Group would be in the hands of the third family from now on.

In Liu Jiangyans office, Liu Huamei looked at her grandfather stubbornly. She didnt speak, but the grievance in her eyes could be seen by anyone.

Whats wrong, my little princess? Are you angry with the grandfather? At this moment, Liu Jiangyan had lost the aura he presented during board meetings. He emanated the feeling of being a completely kind old man.

Grandfather, you also know what my elder brother is like. If the group is in his hands, Im afraid that grandfathers years of hard work will be ruined. Although Liu Huamei didnt seem too angry, her heart was furious. If it wasnt for the fact that she knew that her grandfather was extremely conscious, she would want to scold him for being muddled.

Hehe,so you think that grandfathers move is old and muddled? Liu Jiangyan smiled slightly. His eyes showed his deep love for Liu Huamei.

No way! Liu Huameis cheeks blushed slightly as she was a little uncomfortable from being exposed. Grandfather, I have the use of keeping an eye on big brother when Im in the company. Now that Ill be going to Song Jiang, then

Hehe,I just want to give your elder brother a chance. Liu Jiangyan did not hide his thoughts from Liu Huamei. This is also his only chance, his final chance!

Grandfather, you mean Liu Huamei said softly. Her eyes lit up as she understood what her grandfather wanted to do.

Thats right. Liu Jiangyan nodded. I am placing the huge power of the group in his hands without your supervision. If he is willing to change, there will be a place for him in the Jiangyan Group in the future. If not, he can hold on to his shares and become a prodigal young master. The dividends will be enough for him to spend for a lifetime

Liu Huamei gave a sigh of relief after she heard her grandfathers explanation. It seemed that grandfather had made up his mind on this matter. However, she no longer had to carry out her earlier decision of bringing up the loopholes in the accounting reports. This was because the financial department was now fully in Liu Zhenans control. Whether she brought it up or not no longer mattered.

Are you relieved now? Liu Jiangyan sighed. Huamei, I am most optimistic about you. However, the person I wish the least to be involved in this family dispute is also you! How I wish that you were still that little girl from a few years ago who only knew to act like a spoiled child in front of me. In the future, find a good man to marry and give grandfather a great-grandson

Grandfather, Im not going to marry. I will always be by your side. Liu Huameis face flushed like a cooked shrimp.

Girls will have to marry at the end of the day. Liu Jiangyan sighed and his heart was full of contradictions. Dont blame your elder brother as well. In his opinion, youre a girl who will always belong to someone elses family. this is why he doesnt wish for the family business to become your dowry However, your two brothers are really incompetent right now. If this enormous group were to fall into their hands, Im afraid

Liu Jiangyan didnt go on, but his meaning was already obvious.

Chapter 1588: Take the Severed Head Personally

However, after all, they are my children and grandchildren. I still have to give them some shares. Liu Jiangyan said, The helmsman of this company will still be you no matter what. You wont blame me for being biased, right?

Why would I? Liu Huamei shook her head. Actually, shares or no shares doesnt matter. Im a girl, so what can I do with so much money? I just need enough to spend. I just really dont want to see the glorious Jiangyan group walk toward a dead end.

Take it as a vacation when you go to Song Jiang this time. Its also hard for you. You immerse yourself in work so much and refuse to rest for even a moment. Liu Jiangyan said. Itll be best if you can bring back a little boyfriend for me.

Grandfather, what are you saying? Liu Huamei was shy

Liu Zhenan looked at Liu Jifei apologetically in his office. This was his absolute confidant! Needless to say, this Liu Jifei really was outstanding flattering other people. In a few short days, he had turned from an ordinary distant relative of the Liu Family into Liu Zhenans absolute confidant!

Of course, although Liu Zhenan was not very bright, Liu Jifeis flattery was undeniable.

Brother Nan, you dont have to worry about me. Today is a happy day! Although Liu Jifei was sorry that he couldnt become the Deputy Financial Director and do something to Jing Xiaolu, he still seemed happy on the surface. Congratulations Brother Nan, the financial department will be in your control now. From now on, no one in this group can ever stop you!

Thats true!Liu Zhenan grinned from ear to ear when he thought about his new position as the deputy director of the financial department. However, Im really sorry toward you! I really dont know what has gotten into the old man today. He actually displaced the sly Liu Huamei; it really is a happy thing!

Thats right, this is the biggest joy. She will no longer be able to criticize Brother Nan and give orders by your side. Brother Nan will be able to fully control the group now. Liu Jifei laughed and said flatteringly.

However, there is some suspense in this matter. Why did the old man support me all of a sudden? Although Liu Zhenan laughed, he also had some doubts. He was no fool, so how could he not notice that the old man was abnormal today?

Of course its unusual! Liu Jifei laughed. Brother Nan, based on the reaction of the old man, I think he wants to train you to be the heir of the group!

Oh?Why do you say that? Liu Zhenans heart was excited suddenly.Is this really the case?

Of course. Otherwise, he wouldnt still let you become the deputy director of the financial department after you recommended me strongly and got exposed. Not only did Liu Huamei fail to take you down, but she was also appointed to an external position instead! Liu Jifei said. This is enough to discern the old mans intentions. That is, the successor has been determined. No matter what you do, you are already the successor in the old mans eyes. Even if you cross the line a little, it wont be a shortcoming anymore. Its absolutely normal for superiors to maintain a strong stance after all.

En,this makes sense! Liu Zhenans expression became prouder.

Liu Huameis silent demotion is easier to explain. Liu Jifei said. Its not right for the old man to take away her position directly. After all, she did this for the sake of the company, and not just because she was against you. So, there is no reason for the old man to remove her. However, for you to rise, she is an obstacle that has to be removed. So, with todays excuse, she was appointed to an external position!

Jifei, I notice that you have a talent in being a competent adviser. Liu Zhenan patted Liu Jifeis shoulder like a close friend.

Hehe,I think that even if you and Liu Huamei didnt fight one another because of this today, the old man would still think of another excuse to release Liu Huamei and assign a huge role to you. Liu Jifei continued to analyze, And today was just a coincidence as it presented such a good opportunity. Who knows, the old man might even be secretly praising you as someone who knows how to create great opportunities!

Jifei, I have decided. In the future, you will be my adviser. Although there isnt a clear position at my side, I will personally give you fifty thousand yuan as a monthly salary! If you do well, I will reward you more! Liu Zhenan liked Liu Jifei more and more. It would simply be wonderful to have a follower like this by his side.

Thank you, Brother Nan! Liu Jifei agreed quickly when he heard this. Fifty thousand yuan a month for being just an adviser and his company would not be affected in any way. This was completely free money. Plus, there were rewards.

In the future, if I get promoted, rest assured that you are the greatest contributor. Then, this deputy director position will be yours! Liu Zhenan said boldly.

Then Ill thank Brother Nan in advance. How could Liu Jifei not know the benefits of following Liu Zhenan? In the future, he would be like the princes favorite courtier from ancient times. When the prince became king, he would rise above all others and only be inferior to one person.

Its still a little easy for Liu Huamei. Its better to let her never be able to return! People are always greedy. Previously Liu Zhenan was still happy that Liu Huamei had been appointed to an external position. In the blink of an eye, he felt that Liu Huamei should be driven to rock bottom. Otherwise, he would always have an enemy as long as she was around. If the old man became confused one day and decided to let her rise again, it would be a huge threat!

Brother Nan, rest assured. I still have a trick for this. I promise to finish off Liu Huamei! Liu Jifei had planned another conspiracy to deal with Jing Xiaolu at the beginning. This same conspiracy could be used on Liu Huamei.

Liu Jifeis plan was for Jing Xiaolu and Xu Xiaobin to be finished together. Liu Huamei would also be involved now that she had gotten mixed in.

Oh?Liu Zhenan showed an interested expression. You have a good way to make her never return?

Of course Liu Jifei sneered and whispered in Liu Zhenans ear. At that time, we will do this and this Liu Huamei will definitely be finished

Is there any movement over at the Lancer familys side? Yang Ming hugged Wang Xiaoyan leisurely while sitting in the courtyard of the Butterfly Castle. Wang Songshan, who was on the opposite side, ate his fruit relaxingly.

No one would have thought that the Butterfly Family, which had been in crisis a few days ago, would become so relaxed.

Fang Tian and Wang Ruoshui were training Old Buffon and Miss Buffon in the courtyard next to them. However, the two old people did not feel any hardship. It was a great honor to be taught by the grandmaster and his wife.

Nope. Im thinking that Thomas will not give up Goode easily. After all, he is his grandson. Wang Songshan said, It is just like how I did not want to marry Yanyan to that Goode initially.

Yang Ming nodded, It seems that we didnt pressure the Lancer Family enough! We should ask Old Buffon to show them.

No need. Ill take action in a while and go to the Lancer Family myself to take Goodes severed head. A hint of hatred flashed across Wang Songshans mouth as he said this. I will definitely make Goode pay for his insults against our family!

Yang Ming smiled a little. He could tell how much Wang Songshan hated Goode just by seeing how he looked now! If Yang Ming hadnt known the people from the Buffon Family, the Butterfly Family would probably be in a major crisis now!

Besides, the Butterfly Family had done nothing wrong in all of this. It could not be said that the fault lay with the Butterfly Family in actively provoking the Lancer Family; the Lancer Family simply could not handle the backfire of their decisions.

However, it was obvious that Goode was the one who started the fight. He boasted and failed at his proposal, and then he sought dreadful revenge from the Lancer Family! This kind of person was a true lowlife, so how could Wang Songshan keep him alive?

If Goode was not allowed to pay tribute to the anger in Wang Songshans heart, how could Wang Songshan wash away the shame from before? If Wang Songshan didnt respond, other families would laugh at his incompetence!

People would feel that Wang Songshan was too incompetent if he didnt take revenge on his enemies even with a powerful support like the Buffon Family. They might even suspect that the Buffon Family support was fake!

Thats good too. However, there should also be experts in the Lancer Family. I suggest for Uncle Wang to select some disciples from the family to go with you. Youll also have people to look after one another. Yang Ming said.

Of course I know this, so rest assured! Wang Songshan nodded. Wait for my good news!

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