So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 574

After taking the dishes, Yang Ming put the things on the coffee table and then said to Xia Xue, “Come and eat. You haven’t eaten yet, right?”

“Do you dare to eat the things they sent? Are you not afraid of poison?” Xia Xue glanced at Yang Ming.

Hehe, if they wanted to do something bad to us, do they need to poison the food?” Yang Ming smiled, “If you are not eating, can I eat it all myself?”

“Who said that I am not eating?” Xia Xue actually knew this truth, but the person who just sent the meal ignored her question. She was a little angry.

“If you are eating, come quickly. It looks good, pretty appetizing.” Yang Ming smiled and said, “The preparation is quite thoughtful. They know that you love to drink and prepared alcohol for you!”

Seeing the delicious food on the table, Xia Xue couldn’t help but prepare herself to eat this delicious meal. She just went to the Blue Fish Bar and drank with Yang Ming. She hadn’t eaten anything yet. Now, she was really hungry.

Seeing that Yang Ming had grabbed a drumstick and ate it, Xia Xue couldn’t sit still. She grabbed a can of beer and opened it. Then, she took a piece of chicken wing on the table and ate it.

Originally, Xia Xue was forthright. At this moment, she temporarily forgot the troubles of being caught as she indulged herself with the food.

Not to mention the chef’s cooking skill here was fantastic. Yang Ming was full of praise with the food! How could he know that Wang Zhitao was afraid that he and Xia Xue wouldn’t enjoy the meal so they wouldn’t drink? Therefore, Wang Zhitao ordered the chef to use up all of his skills to serve such a delicious meal.

Fortunately, even though there was no video camera in the room, there was sound monitoring. So, the dialogue between Yang Ming and Xia Xue was passed to Wang Zhitao’s ear. Wang Zhitao had a sigh of relief when he heard that Yang Ming and Xia Xue were about to eat. In a sinister manner, he was waiting for an exciting moment to come.

Yang Ming and Xia Xue exchanged a toast as they became relaxed and cheerful. Yang Ming had nothing to worry about at all.This place won’t be able to trap me. It is easy to leave if I wanted to.

On the other hand, Xia Xue couldn’t think of other ways to leave here. As she saw Yang Ming eating so comfortably, she thought to herself.I can’t suffer a loss in my stomach.So, she let go of her heart and indulged in the food.

“This beer is great. But, unfortunately, it is too little. There are only four cans of beers. How can that be enough?” Xia Xue looked at the beer in her hand.

Yang Ming smiled.Xia Xue is really cute. She was still thinking about how to get out of here just now. Now that she had good alcohol and good food, she had forgotten where she was.

“They can hear our words. Let me ask from them.” Yang Ming raised his head and shouted in the direction of the microphone that was monitoring them, “Do you still have more beer? Bring some over!”

In fact, Wang Zhitao was already preparing without Yang Ming saying it. He was just afraid that Yang Ming wouldn’t drink alcohol. As a result, when he heard that Xia Xue say that the beer wasn’t enough, he was overjoyed and delighted at once. He quickly told his men to prepare.

Not long after, the sound of knocking on the door came again outside the room. Yang Ming looked out at the door and said to Xia Xue, “I guess it’s most likely they are delivering us beer.”

Ah?No way. They have captured us. Why are they so good to us? Good beer and good food?” Xia Xue had some doubts.

“Probably as long as we don’t make noise and stay here obediently, they will satisfy our needs as long as we ask from them.” Yang Ming deliberately said this.

Wang Zhitao and Huang Youcai listened to Yang Ming’s words over there, but they were very relieved. They thought to themselves,I didn’t expect you to know the current affairs!

Yang Ming got up and walked over, facing the door, “Who is it?”

Kak,” the window on the door opened. It was still the black-shirted man, “The boss heard that your beer wasn’t enough and told me to send a box.”

“Well, help me to say thanks to your boss.” Yang Ming grinned and took the beer. Yang Ming’s current mindset was to wait and see.

The Wang Family actually had such a large secret base which Yang Ming didn’t expect before.This time, Uncle Chen and I jointly made such a big move. The fall of Wang Xifan had become a conclusive matter, but it certainly wouldn’t have much impact on Wang Zhitao.

After all, it was Wang Xifan who was involved with smuggling rather than his son, Wang Zhitao. It could only say that the impact of Wang Xifan’s downfall on Wang Zhitao was very big. At least the superior feeling in the past would be gone. Wang Zhitao would become a young master in despair.

As for Wang Zhitao who used to live a prosperous life, if he lost his father, he would definitely not be able to withstand the blow. Probably, it was almost the end for him, too. However, this person is selfishly oversensitive. He would definitely take revenge on his grudges. Yang Ming was afraid that he would madly retaliate against him and endlessly entangled with him.

Now, if Wang Zhitao mastered such a large base force, then he would have consistent trouble in the future. Although Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of him, it could be really annoying.

Therefore, Yang Ming decided to explore to the bottom to see if he could eliminate the base in one swoop. In this case, Wang Zhitao wouldn’t be able to stir up much trouble.

Xia Xue might also know that they were being monitored, so they didn’t say anything about escape or smuggling. The two people were chatting like a pair of old friends who had not met for many years.

“Yang Ming, aren’t you saying that you are better than me? Well, I’m giving you a chance now. I want to challenge you to a duel now. Let’s see who is better!” With a few cans of beer in Xia Xue’s stomach in addition to the alcohol accumulated at the bar, she was a bit too high. She stood up and point at Yang Ming. “Do you dare? The bet will be the same one as before!”

“Before? We can’t even be sure if we can leave this place in one piece.” Yang Ming looked at Xia Xue. “To have a fight in the room isn’t this a joke to our enemy!”

“I don’t care. Are you going to have a duel then?” Xia Xue asked again.

“Okay, there is no need for it. Let’s just assume you are better than me. Is that alright? Let’s assumed you’ve won. I haven’t eaten enough yet. Come, let’s continue to eat!” Yang Ming had no intention to mess around with Xia Xue now. It was different from the previous situation. At this moment, Yang Ming didn’t have to show that he was better than Xia Xue. Anyway, the two people were locked together. Even if Xia Xue wanted to leave, she couldn’t.

“Yang Ming, what do you mean by this? What do you mean by just saying let’s just? What do you mean by assuming?” Xia Xue glared at Yang Ming after listening to it. “Yang Ming, are you looking down on me?”

“Garlic is to be eaten while ‘Dang’ is roared by the train [1].” Yang Ming said carelessly, “Hurry up and eat. Or I will eat up everything!”

“Eat your head! Yang Ming, you stand up for me!” Xia Xue was anxious. Yang Ming was all smiling. Xia Xue felt that he was looking down on her. She had gotten even angrier. She reached out and grabbed Yang Ming.

“You are still not done yet?” Yang Ming’s temper was good, but there must be a limit. Like Xia Xue who had challenged him again and again, even the clay figurine couldn’t stand it!

Yang Ming put down the beer can in his hand and glared at Xia Xue. “Hurry up and eat, or else, I won’t be generous!”

“You won’t be generous? Great, I want to see how you aren’t generous!” Xia Xue was worried Yang Ming wouldn’t have a duel with her. Seeing Yang Ming was angry, she was happier deep down in her heart. She smiled at Yang Ming.

“Forget it. I have to coax you if you cry later.” Yang Ming was standing up. He sat back and waved his hand with an attitude like a gentleman who doesn’t stoop to pettiness. He picked up a rib and ate it.

“Yang Ming, if you are a man, you stand up. I want to challenge you in a one-on-one duel!” Xia Xue was too angry. Her teeth began to tremble!What do you mean by I will be crying? When I was in the police academy, I had endured the hardcore training and yet I didn’t cry. Would I cry just because of a duel?

It was unbearable to bear. Xia Xue felt that Yang Ming was insulting her. Women are not inferior to men. In Yang Ming’s words, it carried the meaning of a real man doesn’t fight with a woman. How could Xia Xue be able to endure it!

The same trick again. If Yang Ming didn’t stand up now, he wouldn’t be a man. Therefore, Yang Ming had to stand up for the sake of his own gender’s pride.

He took out tissue paper and wiped his hands. Then, he stood up slowly, “Well. Let’s put it into terms first. If you lose, then it is a loss. If you win, you win. Just accept it!”

“Okay, let’s fight before we talk!” Xia Xue saw that Yang Ming answered her duel. She couldn’t wait to nod.

“Come forward…” Yang Ming nodded.

Xia Xue couldn’t wait to make a move.

“Wait…” Yang Ming suddenly made another gesture of truce.

“What else do you want?” Xia Xue asked in a bad mood.

“I’ll put these dishes aside first so that we don’t accidentally spill them all over the floor. I have to eat it later!” Yang Ming said, waving his hand.

“Then, you’d better hurry!” Xia Xue said with a grin. Yang Ming’s request was also very reasonable. Even if Xia Xue wanted to vent out her anger, she had no excuse.

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