So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 575

Yang Ming ignored her. After he slowly arranged the food, he had placed them on the cabinet next to the door. However, his eyes were always paying attention to Xia Xue.Ha, this silly girl. I guess she is going mad now, right?

Yang Ming suddenly felt that it was a very fun thing to tease Xia Xue. Since they knew each other, they had been fighting each other. There had been many misunderstandings. Although they had solved the misunderstandings and became good friends, instead of treating each other as friends, they argued with each other when they meet. Now they were more like happy foes.

“Is this okay now?” After Xia Xue saw that Yang Ming put the things in order, she asked impatiently.

Oh, right… no, wait a second!” Yang Ming pretended to have suddenly thought of something and scratched his head.

“What else are you going to do?” Xia Xue looked at Yang Ming helplessly and rolled her eyes.

“I just drank too much alcohol. I need to go to the toilet!” As Yang Ming said this, he smirked and went into the bathroom.

“You really have a lot of urine and poop before the war [1]!” Xia Xue was furious. She didn’t care if she was a girl, she directly spat the vulgarities. However, Xia Xue was originally a person who didn’t care about formalities, so she didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

After Yang Ming listened, he was feeling shame.Have a lot of urine and pop before the war, can this be spoken? Damn, you just drank so much just now, and yet you don’t have to go to the toilet? You’ll hold your pee until you die!

Yang Ming quickly solved his urinary urgency. When he got out of the bathroom, he saw Xia Xue standing at the door of the bathroom. He couldn’t help but be stunned. “Aren’t you too anxious about it? Running to the toilet door and waiting for me?”

“What waiting for you? Hurry up! I need to go to the toilet, too!” Xia Xue blushed and retorted.

Hah, didn’t you say that I have a lot of urine and poop? How come you’re the same, too?” Yang Ming was immediately amused listening to her. He just cursed her, and then it was fulfilled immediately!

“I it’s just on the way…” Xia Xue argued. Then she went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Yang Ming thought.You closed the door for what? Do you think I can’t see you?So, he turned around and looked inside the bathroom.

Xia Xue also drank a lot of beer just now. If Yang Ming didn’t talk about going to the toilet, she didn’t feel anything. When Yang Ming said that he wanted to go to the bathroom, she also had a urinary urgency. It felt as if she wasn’t able to hold it anymore!

Sometimes people’s physiologies are so strange. If others yawn, we will yawn as if we’re infected. The same applies to using the toilet.

Xia Xue went into the toilet, took off her pants and sat down. Yang Ming outside the door was having a nose bleed insteadSo white So round

Yang Ming shook his head and was shocked. He quickly withdrew his vision.What is happening to me today? I’m not like this usually! I usually won’t try to peek at others. Why did I try to peek at Xia Xue going to the bathroom?

Did I become lecherous today? No way! I must have gotten confused by Xia Xue. It must be like this!

Yang Ming resisted the desire to continue watching. He turned his head to the side. He didn’t dare to look at it again, so he turned and walked around the room.

What happened to me today? How can I be like this? Yang Ming patted his head. I never used this special ability to peek before! Why would I be so lewd and suddenly peek at Xia Xue in the toilet today?

Could it be that I drank beer today? That’s not right. My self-control has always been strong, right?Yang Ming thought,It must be that the silly girl, Xia Xue, made me so angry that I got confused. Therefore, I had such a move!

But thinking about it, the scene that he just saw was lingering in Yang Ming’s mind…Xia Xue… How can I be interested in her?

Although Xia Xue is quite beautiful and her body was also very hot, her character shouldn’t be the type I like. If she is a good friend, it’s fine. If she is a girlfriend then never mind!

Yang Ming wondered for a while,Was it because I didn’t vent my desire for too long? This can’t continue. After this matter is over, I have to find a way to further develop with my Little Mengyan. I can’t always look for Xiao Qing anyway. If it was discovered by Liu Weishan, we would be done for!

As he was thinking, Xia Xue walked out of the bathroom. She saw Yang Ming. When she thought about the satire she used on Yang Ming had become a satire of herself, she was a bit shy. In order to avoid embarrassment, she asked directly, “Yang Ming, can we go one-on-one now?”

Oh, one-on-one, right. Okay.” Yang Ming asked while seemingly laughing, “Are your urine and poop all finished?”

“Go to hell!” Xia Xue was so furious that she picked up a bench in the room and smashed it at Yang Ming.

“Didn’t you say one-on-one? Why did you use the bench?” Yang Ming said with a glare.

“I said one-on-one, but I didn’t say that you can’t use weapons!” Xia Xue said proudly.

Although Yang Ming’s physical fitness was good, it would be tough for him if he was smashed by this bench. So, he quickly dodged. The bench slammed on the floor with a ”bang“…

“They seem to be fighting.” In the monitor room, Wang Zhitao said inexplicably to Huang Youcai.

“What’s wrong?” Huang Youcai was also somewhat inexplicable. How do two people fight one-on-one with each other?

“The thing you put in the alcohol, was it a stimulant?” Wang Zhitao thought that this wasn’t like an aphrodisiac at all.How do the two people fight each other suddenly? Listening to this, they even used the bench!

“It shouldn’t be! I bought this medicine from India. There should be no problem.” Huang Youcai shook his head. “Is it too much alcohol? Did they have too much alcohol, so they’re too excited?”

“Who knows? F*ck.” Wang Zhitao cursed. “Just let them fight instead. When they’re tired, they might think about that!”

“It’s true also. Just let them fight each other then both of them will suffer.” Huang Youcai said.

“Xia Xue, don’t be too much! If you want to fight, fight properly. Why are you using a bench?” Yang Ming looked at the hole on the floor that was smashed by the bench, then he said with annoyance.

“How? You want to bite me, right [2]?” Xia Xue looked at Yang Ming and said provocatively.

“Bite?” Yang Ming sweated.This silly girl, can this be said casually? Doesn’t she know that “bite” has other meanings?But thinking of the previous “long term meal ticket,” Yang Ming no longer felt puzzled.

“Yeah, if you dare, just bite me!” Xia Xue thought that Yang Ming didn’t dare, so she continued to yell.

“…” Yang Ming was speechless. He only felt that there’s a fire in his heart. He really had the urge to “bite” her. The scene he saw in the toilet before had appeared in his eyes for an unknown reason.

Yang Ming sighed. He didn’t plan to entangle with Xia Xue any more. A quick fight was the most important thing!

Seeing that Yang Ming came over, Xia Xue didn’t show any weakness. She was originally a Sanda [3] master. When she was at the police academy, she even won first place in the school’s boxing competition!

In her opinion,Even if Yang Ming can fight, he was just a little punk! How can the fighting style of the punks be compared to the regular Sanda!

Ha!”Xia Xue punched Yang Ming with great strength. It seemed that she was going to show Yang Ming her strength.

“Have you eaten enough?” Yang Ming dodged the attack very casually. He mocked, “I just told you to finish the meal first. Is that why you seem so weak right now?”

Hmph!” Xia Xue snorted. She didn’t expect Yang Meng to dodge her fierce and incomparable punch. She was immediately dissatisfied. The speed of her punching had increased.

“Are you done?” Yang Ming seemed to reach out with his hand plainly, but he grabbed Xia Xue’s left and right wrists.

“Let go…” Xia Xue didn’t think she could be caught by Yang Ming. She pulled her hand with annoyance.

“Why let go? Let go to let you perform like a monkey?” Yang Ming snorted. “Alright, do you admit your defeat?”

“Who’s defeated?” Xia Xue suddenly lifted her leg and used her knee to hit Yang Ming’s lower body.

“Damn!” Yang Ming scolded. He quickly leaned his body back. It’s because his hands were still grabbing Xia Xue’s hands, his abdomen was hit by Xia Xue even if he dodged behind.

However, this was better than hitting Yang Ming’s penis!

Yang Ming was really a little angry now. At first, he was holding a playful attitude toward Xia Xue. He didn’t show his true strength. However, at this moment, Yang Ming didn’t expect Xia Xue to actually make such a move. It would be strange if Yang Ming wasn’t angry!

“Damn it. You, motherf*cker, want me to have no offspring, right?!” Yang Ming furiously carried and lifted Xia Xue up.

“Who… who told you not to let go?!” Xia Xue regretted it when she kicked!I was too impulsive. Yang Ming isn’t the fugitive that I am catching! Yang Ming is now a friend of mine! Although it was a one-on-one match, it’s impossible to make such a sinister move!

Therefore, Xia Xue had actually reduced a lot of strength. However, the only shortcoming of Xia Xue was that she was stubborn with her mouth. Now that she saw that Yang Ming was angry, she didn’t want to admit her mistakes even more.

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