Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Inescapable Net to Surround Luo Ting
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Inside the Freelance Martial Artist Union, those freelance martial artists continued jabbering and cursing at Luo Ting's despicable actions. Some freelance martial artist who had lost brothers even cried out uncontrollably.

As martial artists, they were not scared of death and neither were they cowards. However, it was not worth dying for revenge.

Because of a rumor and a scheme, people had lost their lives meaninglessly. No one could accept this fact.

"Everyone calm down, for this matter, although we hold responsibility, the greatest responsibility lies with Luo Ting, the one who spread the rumors! If it wasn't for him spreading the rumors deliberately, why would everyone have gone to that human countries?"
"Yes, this Luo Ting hates Qin Wushuang. He did not have the guts and took advantage of us. For such despicable actions, we cannot leave it here!"

"Everyone, let's sue this Luo Ting at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain! If this Luo Ting does not die, how could we face our freelance brothers that had died?"

"Yes, although we cannot offend the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect, His Majesty will never indulge such actions of violating the ten thousand year contract. Everyone, let's go sue him!"

"I say, everyone should calm down. Although we were fooled into going to the human countries, he did not force us at knifepoint into going. In the end, it was our greed that had driven us. We also hold responsibility. I am afraid if we brought this matter to the officials, we will not have a leg to stand on."

This person spoke up in objection.

"Bullshit, we didn't go to the human countries. Presently, we are suing for justice for our friends that had died at the Dispersed Praying Mountain. Those brothers had lost their lives because of their greed. This guy who started the rumor shall not go unfettered and act beyond the law. Right?"

"That's right, we didn't go to the human countries, why can't we file a lawsuit?"

Even those people that had ran back after going to the Dispersed Praying Mountain, they would not admit to having been there at this time. Each of them felt righteous indignation filling their breast. Of course, most of these people that had spoken out had friends and families that died at the Dispersed Praying Mountain. For those where the matter was of no concern to themselves, despite hating Luo Ting spreading the rumors, it would be impossible to ask them to file a complaint!

Currently, Qin Wushuang was also hiding inside this great hall. He knew that Luo Ting and Black Panther should have already left and travelled a distance.

Immediately, he sent his voice to Ying Long: "Ying Long, you will continue to stay here and to manipulate everyone. You must spread the news of Luo Ting's scheme as far as possible."
"Yes." Ying Long answered.

"Jade Hare and Mole, you will collaborate with Ying Long. Set up a defensive line within five hundred miles outside the Iron Wood State City, just in case some freelance martial artists has not given up the idea of heading to the human countries. Use all means to prevent any fishes escaping through the net!"

"Yes, Master, please rest assured. For this matter, even for elite warriors at the Profound Void Martial Stage, the two of us are confident in having them die unfulfilled!"

Both Sky Pilfered Mole and Moon Palace Jade Hare appeared full of confidence.

After he had finished instructing them, Qin Wushuang brought three spiritual beasts at the Profound Void Martial Stage and headed towards outside the Iron State City at a swift speed. Pursuing closely, Qin Wushuang's speed when using the Purple Cloud Ying Yang Wing did not lose to the flying skills of an elite warriors of the Profound Void Martial Stage. Qin Wushuang urged it quickly and in less than fifteen minutes, he had caught up to Black Panther.

Qin Wushuang had walked this path not long ago. Naturally, he was extremely familiar with the terrain. He knew that if he kept moving forward, he would arrive at the Black Raven Royal City.

Towards the road to the Black Raven Royal City, there were many remote areas. Initially, Qin Wushuang and Bao Bao had encountered a group of people hunting Qin Guan, the offspring of the Hundred Leaf Qin Clan at a random canyon. At that time, Qin Wushuang had saved Qin Guan and killed those freelance martial artists.

Qin Wushuang knew that to kill Luo Ting, that would be the most favorable place. When he thought of this, he increased his speed and closed the gap. At the same time, he sent his spiritual perception to Black Panther and ask him to engage Luo Ting around the area of the canyon.

Currently, Black Panther unquestionably hated Luo Ting to the bones. Of course, he wanted him to die quickly. He did not hesitate and immediately closed in.

After about four to six hours, the terrain started to become remote. That Luo Ting also started to actively develop ideas. Looking back, he saw Black Panther was pursuing him closely. In a flash, Luo Ting's body dropped down to the canyons.

With a cold sneer, Black Panther also followed him.

At this time, Qin Wushuang already summoned Hissing Sky Phoenix. The speed of Hissing Sky Phoenix was definitely as fast as lightning. In a few flaps, he had charged ahead.

Luo Ting only felt a dash of red light and a pile of red clouds flew past unrestrained. Like the surging tide, it rushed straight ahead.

A surge of doubt flashed across Luo Ting's mind. He looked at the sky and was slightly surprised.

When the black figure dropped to the ground, Black Panther was already at the hill about three to four miles behind him. In a few moves, he had rushed right before him.

Luo Ting gave an evil grin: "Black Panther, life is surely unpredictable. I didn't expect that between master and servants, we would come to such a day. However, do you think with your little strength, you can gain any advantage before me?"

After he had finished speaking, he gave a willful laugh and observed the surrounding environment. In the middle of his observation, he said with a calm and unruffled tone: "I did not let you down by picking this place to send you to your death, right?"

Black Panther said lightly: "Luo Ting, I have seen many offsprings of venerable families. Regarding talent and strength, you are no less than many exceptional offsprings from the first-rate powerhouses. However, do you know what your fatal flaw is?"
Luo Ting laughed to the sky: "Black Panther, at this moment, you are still planning to attack me psychologically? If you think that my mental tolerance is as weak as yours, then you are wrong. You are indulging in a wild fantasy if you intend to provoke me!"

Black Panther gave a serene sigh and said slowly: "At the door of your death, you still do not know your fatal weakness. I would not mind telling you. You have the innate skills and passion of an offspring of a major venerable family, and all the advantages from a major family. Yet, your most fatal flaw is that your breadth of mind is too narrow! Those who have a narrow breadth of mind, regardless of how much talent they have, they would never arrive at the peak of the Tian Xuan Land!"
A stern glint flashed across Luo Ting's eyes. Although he was prepared mentally, the words of Black Panther still struck his nerves painfully.

"Black Panther, perhaps I should give you some strong medicine and shut your mouth!"

Black Panther did not fear him in the slightest as he sneered: "It's true I cannot kill you. However, it's not easy for you to kill me either! I know that the Heavenly Luo Daoist sect has given you some trump cards. However, whether these trump cards can let you get out of here alive remains to be seen!"

Luo Ting shot a glance towards his back inadvertently and then he laughed grimly: "If you feel that the spiritual beast that just flew by here will aid you in killing me, then give it a try. Ha ha ha."

Black Panther stopped speaking and took a step back. It was because he already sensed Qin Wushuang dropping down behind his back.

Suddenly, Luo Ting's eyes moved: "Who?"
"Who do you think I should be?" Qin Wushuang's indifferent voice sounded like a brush of wind. Yet, within this indifference, it made Luo Ting feel an unfathomable danger.

"Black Panther, who is he?" Luo Ting glared with his eyes and vividly, he felt anything but calm in his heart.

"The person that would get even with you, and demands your life!" Black Panther said ruthlessly.

Radiant lights flashed brightly from Luo Ting's eyes. He glared at Black Panther and hissed: "Black Panther, it seems you had betrayed me a long time ago! Good, tell me, when did it happen!"

Black Panther refuted him and said with equal harshness: "It started when you abandoned me."
"Ha ha, you servant!" Luo Ting swore, "I abandoned you? You deserve to call it me abandoning you? From beginning to end, I have treat you like a dog! Even if I don't need to use you, I can smash you to death with one blow at anytime! Do you feel that just because you changed sides, you can bite me back?"

Black Panther said: "Just one crazy dog, what is there worth biting."

Qin Wushuang rubbed his hands and laughed: "Nice words, just a crazy dog, how much would it be worth anyone biting you?"
Luo Ting was infuriated: "Kid, what kind of trick is it to hide the head and show the tail? If you've got the guts, state your name. Let me see what kind of deity are you!"

"Luo Ting, you've spent days and nights scheming against me. How come you cannot recognize me when I am right before you?"

From Qin Wushuang's gloomy tone, it clearly contained a towering and smoldering rage.

One Horn Mystical Horse and Pure Altar Pig took up positions in the four direction to block off all of Luo Ting's paths.

An astounded light flickered across Luo Ting's eyes. His chest heaved up and down as he looked at Qin Wushuang in disbelief. Then, he said coldly: "Qin Wushuang?"
"Luo Ting!" At this moment, Qin Wushuang had somewhat calmed down.

For these two enemies that had never meet face to face, the instant they finally met each other in the eye, fires of animosity shot from their eyes. Both had a reason to feel hostile towards the other.

However at this moment, the reasons were no longer of importance.

What mattered most importantly was who would leave here alive!

Luo Ting looked at Qin Wushuang coldly and a trace of mocking appeared from the corner of his mouth: "Poor powerless individual, if my eyes did not fail me, you are only a poor bug that had just entered the Refined Void Martial Stage? Just you alone intend to oppose my Heavenly Luo Daoist sect? Ha ha ha."

Luo Ting's tone was full of disdain. It seemed that if he gave even one more look at Qin Wushuang, he would be doing him the greatest charity.

"Listen well, Luo Ting. The moment when the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect started to pursue me, I have established a great aspiration. In my life, if I do not sweep the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect away from this earth, I vow to never be deemed human again! And you Luo Ting, will be the sacrifice I offer to the start of my declaration of war!"

Luo Ting laughed and still, he felt it had been beneath his dignity to address Qin Wushuang as he said: "Qin, do you think that after you had achieved some small achievements in the human countries, you think you can do whatever you want in the Xuan Yuan Mound? In the eyes of the Xuan Yuan Mound, the so-called genius from the human countries is only a clown jumping up and down. Poor powerless mole, let me tell you what true power is!"

When he had finished speaking, Luo Ting ignited the aura in his entire body. A rainbow like storm erupted from Luo Ting's entire body. This surge of air had a strange red color that was close to purple!

One only saw that within this purple light, Luo Ting's entire body slowly encased by a layer of dull scales. The layer of scales seemed like a plate of armor assembling itself around his body.

With one grab, Luo Ting pulled out a resplendent curved blade. Trailing behind the handle of this curvy blade, a faint shackle that appeared close to invisible hanged from it.

"Master, you must be careful of this piece of weapon!" Black Panther sent through his spiritual senses .

Of course Qin Wushuang would not be negligent. He made a hand gesture and three spiritual beasts surrounded Luo Ting from three directions.
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