Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 858

858 Clever Schemer Wushuang

Although Yun Qinghan, the Head Chief of the Yun Clan was extremely mysterious, Qin Wushuang was truly worried about Heavenly Emperor Xin Tianwen.

As this person went to the Heavenly Fire Southern Border, it would be impossible for him to not have gained anything. The calmer Xin Tianwen was, the more worried to be.

Qin Wushuang must get to know whether this Xin Tianwen truly acquired a fortuitous opportunity or if he really found the Immemorial Ancient Temple or not. And just how many trump cards did this Immemorial Ancient Temple give to Xin Tianwen?

Before getting to the bottom of these problems, Qin Wushuang could not rest or eat in peace.

After all, the amount of Xin Tianwen's trump cards were crucially related with the final direction of this battle. The winner would be the king and the loser would be the bandit. If the Qin Clan lost this time, in the future, the survival space for the Qin Clan would become even narrower. Certainly the Xin Clan would seize the opportunity to suppress the Qin Clan until they were dead.

On the contrary, if the Qin Clan sat as Heavenly Emperor, they could also use the name of the Heavenly Emperor Gate to strike the Xin Clan, with the excuse to purge the atmosphere of the mountain.

As long as he could sit as Heavenly Emperor, all movements would be proper and righteous. It was because the winner is the king. The loser would always be in the passive situation of getting stricken down. It was because losers did not have the authority to stop it and could only plunder!

Without wind, there cannot be waves. The rumor of how Xin Tianwen acquired fortuitous opportunities must have come from somewhere or else the rumor would not have been spread to such extent.

Qin Wushuang was even suspicious that perhaps this was a trick played by Xin Tianwen in secret, a sign he deliberately leaked.

Now as the Qin Clan rallied for support from everywhere, this Xin Clan will certainly pacify people. If the Qin Clan sits as Heavenly Emperor, the Xin Clan, Heavenly Punishing Villa, and Sound of Thunder Sect will certainly get kicked out of the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. Therefore, the Qin Clan needs new blood to come in.

For the same reason, if the Xin Clan keeps sitting as Heavenly Emperor, certainly they will drive the Qin Clan out with full force. Of course, with all those Supreme Dao elite warriors at the Qin Clan, most likely those replacements would be difficult to push out. Therefore, to the Xin Clan, those three sects such as the Mysterious Reform Gate, Hundred Lane House, and Thousand Feather Sect that betrayed the Heavenly Emperor Gate will get washed out.

Xin Tianwen hated betrayal the most. With his personality, certainly he will not keep those three powerhouses. Therefore, a new replacement will appear.

Since the Qin Clan sought after the Floating Snow House, Misty Sword Sect, and Great Second Gate, these were sects that shared a close relationship with the Qin Clan. To some extent, they were their people.

For the powerhouses sought by the Qin Clan, the Xin will not consider. They must keep such secret strategy confidential.

Therefore, besides the Heavenly Punishing Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect who were the trusted aides of the Xin Clan, the most reliable one on the outside were the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound Mountain.

Initially, these two powerhouses proposed for marriage at the Floating Snow House. They were once Qin Wushuang's enemies. Naturally, they received the silent approval from the Xin Clan. Their loyalty was clear.

Thinking here, Qin Wushuang revealed a smile that was to be endowed with extraordinary intelligence. "Of the exterior powerhouses, the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mountain Mountain are the closest to the Xin Clan. It will not be too much to say they are the trusted aides to the Xin Clan. If the Xin Clan wants to wash their cards, certainly he must consider these two powerhouses."

Such speculation relied on one hundred percent proof. It was the same when the Qin Clan looked for the Floating Snow House and Misty Sword Sect for the first time.

Such close and distant relationship will not tolerate the least falsehood.

Upon thinking about the three words of the Hundred Sword Sect, that trace of smile on Qin Wushuang's mouth became bigger. For your information, he had already buried a chess piece at the Hundred Sword Sect a dozen years ago, but he had never activated that piece. Now, it was finally the time to use it.

Initially when Qin Wushuang was meeting Mu Rong Qianji at the Floating Snow House, the Heavenly Punishing Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect deliberately caused things to be difficult for them. The invited Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound Mountain stirred up trouble.

At that moment, these four powerhouses each sent a young man to propose to stir the situation. Due to this, it triggered an ordeal to enter the Black Dead Sea. It also allowed Qin Wushuang to get the bloodline of the Immemorial Phantom Dragon and acquire two phantom dragon eggs. Those four young disciples were Yan Zhuiyang of the Heavenly Punishing Villa, Lei Jiao of the Sound of Thunder Sect, and Hu Qiulan of the Vase Mound Mountain. The last one was Wu Dingyuan of the Hundred Sword Sect.

The previous three died in the Black Dead Sea and got killed by Qin Wushuang. He controlled Wu Dingyuan with the divine venomous technique.

Qin Wushuang arranged it this way to let Wu Dingyuan live. It was also a hidden piece. He didn't expect to have to use him to this day.

Wu Dingyuan was the number one young master of the Hundred Sword Sect. He was the son of Wu Xuanhu, the Head Suzerain.

Qin Wushuang arranged it this way and still worried that Wu Dingyuan would get exposed. Unexpectedly, each sect did not value that matter with great importance. Someone like Wu Dingyuan would not trigger the attention from Heavenly Emperor Xin Tianwen. Therefore, after all these years, it was not exposed.

Qin Wushuang told Wu Dingyuan that unless he were to seek him personally, he must not come to the Qin Clan.

He speculated that after Xin Tianwen returned for such a long time, he must go to that Hundred Sword Sect. Surely he will also allure them.

Being the Suzerain, Wu Xuanhu must know some inside information. Wu Xuanhu knew that since Wu Dingyuan was the number one young master, it was impossible for him to not get this information.

Thinking here, Qin Wushuang activated the communication jade plate to contact Wu Dingyuan. Due to the divine venomous poison, he could enter into Wu Dingyuan's spiritual perception directly.

Indeed, Wu Dingyuan who was at the Hundred Sword Sect felt a burst of trepidation inwardly. He said almost unconsciously through spiritual perception, "Master!"

Qin Wushuang said lightly, "Wu Dingyuan, any important guests visit your sect recently?"

Wu Dingyuan became austere and said honestly, "Master, three days ago, Heavenly Emperor Xin Tianwen visited my Hundred Sword Sect."

"Very good, do it as I say. Go find out what benefit Xin Tianwen promised your sect. Remember to ask for the details and then reply to me. Don't be deliberate. You must be quiet and do not make your father suspicious, understand?"

Wu Dingyuan was extremely meticulous as he responded, "Yes yes, of course I know."

"Excellent, when my Qin Clan sits on the Heavenly Emperor seat, I will return your freedom. I will not break my word."

Wu Dingyuan was overjoyed as he heard this, and was full of even more motivation. He kept making promises.

Qin Wushuang did not speak much and encouraged him.

After three days, indeed Wu Dingyuan contacted Qin Wushuang with an excited tone. "Master, I already found out. Indeed, Xin Tianwen came to my Hundred Sword Sect to attract my sect, they drew a big promise for my sect. They said they would certainly help our sect enter the Heavenly Emperor Mountain."

"Humph, such a promise. What does Xin Tianwen have to make big promises? Without outside help, it will be difficult for your Hundred Sword Sect to compete for the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. That Xin Tianwen would certainly give you guys some trump cards, right?"

"You are truly a clever schemer!"

Wu Dingyuan said with a gasp of admiration. "Indeed Xin Tianwen gave my father the beast soul of the sealed divine beast, I heard it's power is on par with a Transformation Supreme Dao beast at the Four to Sixth Calamity. It's incredibly powerful."

"Oh? Sealed divine beast soul?" Qin Wushuang was greatly astonished. "Anything else?"

"He also lent a Transformation Supreme Dao weapon to us," Wu Dingyuan added.

"Anything else?"

"Just these two things. Xin Tianwen also said just with these two, if used well, it will be enough to compete for a seat. That sealed divine beast soul especially is incredibly powerful."

Qin Wushuang smiled lightly and already understood everything. It seems that Xin Tianwen did get some benefits from the Heavenly Fire Southern Border. Or else, he would not have been this generous.

"Nicely done, keep it up. Inform me of any more news. When the situation at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain stabilizes, your contribution will not be forgotten!"

Wu Dingyuan was overjoyed and kept thanking him. Currently, not only did this Wu Dingyuan not object to being a puppet, vividly he felt this was an opportunity. He emerged such feeling ever since Qin Wushuang became the Head Chief of the Qin Clan.

Being so young Qin Wushuang was already qualified to inherit the Head Chief position of the Qin Clan. Then, his future accomplishment could be imagined. Wu Dingyuan boldly thought that most likely this Heavenly Emperor Xin Tianwen would not stop the rise of his master, Qin Wushuang.

Bound together will bring good things. If Qin Wushuang climbed onto the seat of Heavenly Emperor, surely Wu Dingyuan would receive great benefits. Even if the Hundred Sword Sect was incapable of becoming one of the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates, his experience of being his puppet would allow him to be qualified to become Qin Wushuang's trusted aide. For the next Heavenly Emperor Mountain pageant in the next five hundred years, that would be the Hundred Sword Sect's true opportunity.

Wu Dingyuan was well aware that with his talent, it would be difficult to make a dash for the Supreme Dao Stage. With the help of Qin Wushuang, it would be much easier making a dash for the Supreme Dao Stage. This was the reason that made Wu Dingyuan even more excited.

Being a martial artist, the Supreme Dao Stage was always the most attractive!

Wu Dingyuan's information gave Qin Wushuang's extra confidence. Inwardly, he thought, "The fortuitous opportunity that Xin Tianwen gained from the Heavenly Fire Southern Border is definitely not as simple as the sealed beast soul. There must be other things. For the beast divine skills, the most powerful one will not exceed the power of the Genuine Supreme Dao Ninth Calamity weapon. As long as I know what I am doing, stay extra alert, and not underestimate the enemy, I will not fear that Xin Tianwen launching surprise moves. Yet I must be alert of that sealed beast soul. Regardless the Floating Snow House or the Misty Sword Sect, most likely they do not have elite warriors to match the Fourth Calamity of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage. It seems that Lone and Fire Kylin must be trump cards and be lent to people."

While he pondered in thought, Qin Yunran came to inform him that Ding Qijian, the sect leader of the Misty Sword Sect came to see him.

When this Ding Qijian heard the Head Chief of the Qin Clan summoned him personally, naturally he was overwhelmed by favor from a superior. Although he knew the Head Chief of the Qin Clan was young Qin Wushuang, this did not influence the amount of excitement he had in his heart.

Not to mention Qin Wushuang's reputation after all these years, how could someone be ordinary to become the Head Chief? Just the identity of being the Head Chief of a clan was enough to stir excitement for Ding Qijian.

Qin Yunran was already an existence of high position in the eyes of Ding Qijian. And when Qin Yunran placed high hopes for this young chief, this made Ding Qijian even more excited.

He knew that this was an opportunity. When the Qin Head Chief met him, the opportunity was placed before him. It will depend on him whether he would dare to take it or to fight for it. If he could grasp it, the Misty Sword Sect would flourish without a question. If not, when the Qin Clan declined, the Misty Sword Sect would follow to suffer misery.

Although their gains and losses existed together, the pursuit for the top caused Ding Qijian to accept it regardless of any consequences. He knew that if he did not accept it, many more would want to take it! By giving him priority was because the Qin Clan thought highly of him!
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