Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 859

859 The Bearing Of The Head Chief

Despite Qin Yunran's accompaniment, Ding Qijian still felt enormous pressure. When he walked before Qin Wushuang's cave dwelling, a Supreme Dao elite warrior like Ding Qijian could not refrain from feeling some tightness in his footsteps. The small drops of sweat on the tip of his nose showcased the nervousness in his heart.

Qin Yunran knew about Ding Qijian's pressure as he laughed. "Daoist Ding, don't worry, my Head Chief is incredibly friendly. No need to feel so pressured."

Although it was said this way, considering how he was meeting perhaps the most exceptional prodigy in the history of the Qin Clan, Ding Qijian still worried about how it would go.

He worked hard to calm down and finally, he just barely calmed his nerves.

Qin Wushuang did not deliberately activate his aura, yet with the royal crown of the Head Chief of the Qin Clan, it still posed great intimidation.

Although Ding Qijian was anxious inwardly, he did not dare to lose his manner. He went forward and said, "It's my honor to meet you, Head Chief Qin."

"Chief Ding, sit," Qin Wushuang did not put on a stern face as he called out with a smile.

Qin Yunran motioned Ding Qijian to sit down. The two of them sat down on two stone pillars.

"Chief Ding, the Misty Sword Sect is showing good progress, the situation is promising." Qin Wushuang saw through the nervousness of the other party as he initiated the topic.

"Yes, yes. Although, my Misty Sword Sect still has some developing to do, it's far less than the Qin Clan, this tall tree. We need safety under the giant tree, to get some space to develop."

"Ha ha, you are speaking as if regarding us as outsiders. Yunran must have told you about the situation, so I will not repeat it. Let me just ask you, how much resolve do you have?"

Ding Qijian knew that the opportunity was right before him. Upon hearing the Head Chief asking straightforwardly, lights of excitement flashed in his eyes. He stuck out his chest and said, "If there is an opportunity, I am willing to pay any price to go for it. I am also prepared to face all risks. Head Chief, I never beat the bush. There is only one thing to say, the Misty Sword Sect will listen to your propelling strategies!"

Qin Wushuang was brimming with joy as he nodded with appreciation. "Straightforward! Chief Ding, because of your words, I will not let your Misty Sword Sect suffer. Don't worry, regardless if the Qin Clan gets the Heavenly Emperor seat or not, I will definitely not let your sect fall into dire straits!"

Qin Yunran said with a smile, "Daoist Ding, my Head Chief is saying to take a step back. Honestly, I am full of confidence in the Qin Clan. The Heavenly Emperor seat will certainly return to my clan."

"Ha ha, nicely said. Chief Ding, since you are friends with Second Chief Yunran, I will not speak to formally. There are three powerhouses striving for the Heavenly Emperor seat. My Qin Clan has more than a fifty percent chance of winning. Additionally, if my clan does not hold the slightest assurance, naturally I would not let your Misty Sword Sect compete for a seat with the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. Without the support from a major powerhouse, it's difficult for exterior powerhouses to enter the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates!"

Ding Qijian smiled apologetically. "I firmly believe that the Qin Clan will re-seize the Heavenly Emperor seat! Amongst the hundreds and thousands of sects at our Xuan Yuan Mound, at least seventy to eighty percent of them hope the Qin Clan get it. If the Qin Clan rules as the Heavenly Emperor, there are great things to come for the Xuan Yuan Mound. We all long for it again. It's nothing like today, a lack of unity and degeneration. Although some vile characters resent the Qin Clan, it's because they are afraid of your selflessness and way of ruling. To unite all the sects of the Xuan Yuan Mound, we must have a powerful leader. The Xin Clan has the strength, but not the boldness, nor the reputation. The Yun Clan also has the power, but are too gentle. The benevolent policy may be appropriate for the internal sects, but impossible to outside people. Therefore, everyone expects the Qin Clan to become the Heavenly Emperor, besides the minority of the trusted aides to the Xin and Yun Clans. The majority of people wish for a righteous and proper Heavenly Emperor Gate!"

When such a good declaration was said under this circumstance, it caused Qin Wushuang and the others to be more moved.

Clearly, Ding Qijian's words were not false. Indeed, the Qin Clan possessed great prestige among all the sects at the Xuan Yuan Mound. It could be seen from the great battle from the Xin and the Qin Clan.

Those neutral sects would not wish to participate.

Ding Qijian was a witty person. As Qin Wushuang took it all in with his eyes, he fixed his voice and said, "Since everyone supports us greatly, if my clan does not seize the Heavenly Emperor seat, then we will have failed everyone's expectations."

Ding Qijian knew this was not the time for him to speak. At the moment, he stayed in silence.

Qin Wushuang said again, "When Xin Tianwen returned from the Heavenly Fire Southern Border, certainly he is also plotting to pull support from exterior powerhouses. According to my reliable source, it's true that Xin Tianwen found the legendary Immemorial Ancient Temple at the Heavenly Fire Southern Border. Also, he acquired some sealed divine beast souls. He is capable of summoning divine beasts to fight for him."

Ding Qijian had an extremely grave expression. He knew that the words from the Head Chief Qin were of great significance. Immediately, he pricked up his ears and listened attentively. He was afraid of letting go of a single word.

"The sealed beast souls have combat power at the Fourth to Sixth Calamity. They are powerful. Additionally, Xin Tianwen also lent a Transformation Supreme Dao weapon to certain foreign powerhouses. According to my speculation, the ones Xin Tianwen pulled for support as the primary targets are the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound Mountain. These two are his most trusted aides."

Ding Qijian nodded. Being an exterior powerhouse that was just inferior to the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates, they were incredibly familiar with each other.

In terms of strength, the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound Mountain were inferior to the Misty Sword Sect in the past. Yet as they climbed onto the Heavenly Emperor Gate Xin Clan, naturally they turned from sparrow to phoenix. Times have changed.

"Chief Ding, if your Misty Sword Sect participates, you must be on alert of this move. For sealed beast souls, so what if he can summon divine beasts? I can lend you one. He's a hundred times more useful than those sealed beast souls. In the end, the beast soul from the seal did not have enough intelligence. As for the Transformation Supreme Dao weapon, humph humph, that Xin Tianwen should weigh his items. Compared to what the Qin Clan has, he is far off. Transformation Supreme Dao weapon? We will see!"

It was not Qin Wushuang looking down at the Xin Clan. He knew about the capital that the Qin Clan had. They will not have more than ten pieces of Supreme Dao weapons. Even if the Xin Clan had more than the Qin Clan, it would not be a big difference.

Therefore, they will be bringing shame onto themselves when comparing amount of capital with Qin Wushuang. Not only does he have three Genuine Supreme Dao weapons of the Ninth Calamity, he also had a weapon storage, a total of eighty-one pieces!"

Qin Yunran chuckled. "Daoist Ding, my Head Chief usually doesn't speak easily. Once he talks, it will hit the mark."

Naturally, Ding Qijian nodded to agree as he was greatly impressed.

"Daosit Ding, just in case, if your Misty Sword Sect participates in battle, the Qin Clan can lend you a divine beast, and one weapon at the Peak of the Transformation Supreme Dao!"

Although it was borrowing, this promise still motivated Ding Qijian extremely. If he had a divine beast plus a weapon at the Peak of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage, with the position the Misty Sword Sect held on the exterior side, they were hopeful to enter the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates!

Qin Yunran laughed. Daoist Ding, are you satisfied with this promise?"

"I am satisfied, I am really satisfied," Ding Qijian immediately voiced his opinion to agree.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile, "Those promises are to lend to your sect. If your sect performs well and successfully enters the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates, I will have extra rewards. How about one piece of weapon at the Sixth Calamity of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage?"

Ding Qijian's heart squeezed, as he was beaming with joy.

In between the sects of the Xuan Yuan Mound, they would always lend or borrow Supreme Dao weapons. However, it was almost impossible to bestow one.

Supreme Dao weapons were top-tier goods. Even for the three older sects, the Qin, the Yun, and the Xin Clan, it was rumored that they would not have more than ten Supreme Dao weapons.

Now when the Head Chief Qin suddenly gave such a tremendous promise, it was an unexpected surprise. This was something he never thought about.

Even Qin Yunran was stunned on the scene.

Qin Wushuang had his reasons. To let these sects follow the Qin Clan without a second thought, it was impossible to not bestow them some benefits.

"Chief Ding, of course there are some conditions along with giving away this Sixth Calamity Transformation Supreme Dao weapon. Within three thousand years, for any voting matters at the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates, the Misty Sword Sect must stand next to the Qin Clan with a clear standpoint. When the deadline passes, this Transformation Supreme Dao weapon will no longer be related to the Qin Clan, it will become your guardian object."

It will not be the slightest exaggeration to say that this will be a guardian object. For your information, the current Misty Sword Sect only had two Supreme Dao weapons. These were mediocre Coagulate Supreme Dao weapons. One was at the Fourth Calamity and one was only at the Second Calamity.

Amongst the Supreme Dao weapons, the Coagulate Supreme Dao weapons were of the lowest quality.

With the Sixth Calamity Transformation Supreme Dao weapon before him, no matter how much Ding Qijian could restrain himself, it was difficult. Without an accident, according to the development scale and speed of the Misty Sword Sect, most likely they would not be qualified to have it even after ten thousand years.

How much would a three thousand year promise count? Wouldn't they just have to follow them deadly? Since they chose to follow the Qin Clan, they were prepared to work for them. To speak impolitely, for a great sect as the Qin Clan, once they sat on the seat of the Heavenly Emperor, many powerhouses would fawn on them, yet they would not have the opportunity. With this chance laying before them, he would be stupid to not go for it.

Ding Qijian said seriously without any hesitation, "Head Chief, my Misty Sword Sect will follow the Qin Clan generation after generation, and permanently we shall build a foundation and contribute to the clan! I hope from the bottom of my heart the Qin Clan will rule the Xuan Yuan Mound. For many generations you will flourish, unfailing for eternity!"

"Excellent!" Qin Yunran roared in laughter. "Chief Ding, then it will depend on you to perform at the challenge! If there are anymore difficulties, you can discuss it with Chief Yunran at any moment. Regardless, my Qin Clan will help your Misty Sword Sect and Floating Snow House to step up, regardless of the obstacles! Remember, the Heavenly Punishing Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect are the spots kept for you! You must strive for it!"

Ding Qijian was overjoyed, as his voice trembled, "Thank you for your uttermost cultivation, Head Chief."

He knew that Floating Snow House was his chief's future father-in-law. Since the Head Chief Qin was willing to put the Misty Sword Sect on the same level as the Floating Snow House, it was extraordinary favoritism.

It seems that the Misty Sword Sect will truly achieve meteoric success. Ding Qijian worked hard to control his emotions to not let himself lose his stance, yet the joy from his heart was written all over his face.
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