Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 316 2

Chapter 316: 321Contract (Part 2)
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"All of you must be looking down on the students of Daoyuan Class!" Lu Shu thumped the table of the village head's office loudly. "Why can't you rent out just one mu of land to us?!"

The village head looked at Lu Shu, bewildered, "It's not that! Boy, please put down your spear first"

"From Liu Weidong's distress, +333"

Lu Shu only knew after coming to Liujiazhai village beside 310 National Highway that when people contracted farmland, it was usually in hundreds of mu. To only undertake the contract of one mu of land was indeed rare.

"One mu of land is six hundred over square meters. In the city this is nothing. Why can't I have it? I came here in goodwill to aid the village's development, how can you let me leave empty-handed?!"

Liu Weidong, the head of Liujiazhai village, was befuddled. He explained patiently, "Friend, we really do not contract out our land by a single mu. Please put down your spear first and we can discuss nicely"

To be elected as the village head, Liu Weidong must be a powerful and influential person. Even though pressed hard by higher ups for cultivated land protection, a single mu of land was still slightly spurned.

To be honest, the country was serious about cultivated land protection. Layers upon layers of tasks exerted a downward pressure and the size of farmland could not be decreased. That was the unchanging theme year after year, such as ensuring the red line of farmland protection is not crossed.

Even high school students knew that the country's grain reserve have always been maintaining at a stable but also tight level. In actual fact, it was not merely as simple as having a tight reserve. If not for the fact that imports were generally free from pressures, food security would be a big issue.

Moreover, Liujiazhai village was too close to the city. Any youths with the slightest aspiration would all have left for work in the city, who would be willing to stay behind and work the land?

Every day on the news there would be reports about somebody striking rich after planting some crop. Those were all nonsense and only "shocking news" would report that.

A while ago, Luo Cheng came up with a target to strive for the annual income of Luo Cheng farmers to hit 9100 yuan this was annual income, not monthly.

Liu Weidong actually hoped fervently for people to undertake contracts for the land. 600 yuan a year for one mu was not considered expensive. But to only obtain contract for one mu, what was going on?!

He had initially not wanted to be bothered with this youth who seemed to be a student. With his hair dyed a light blue, he was giving off gay vibes

But even though he did not bother to speak to Lu Shu, Lu Shu was not someone who gives up easily. He stuck to Liu Weidong and spoke for a whole morning. Wherever Liu Weidong went, he would follow, adamant about getting the one mu of contracted land.

In the end, Liu Weidong lost his patience and shouted for a few youths to get ready to drive him out. The people of the village must still be valiant and firm at times.

Lu Shu realised nice talks would not work. The teenagers came up and started to shove him around. Seeing that a fight was imminent, Lu Shu smacked down upon a millstone beside him and it split into two.

Liu Weidong almost wet his pants, "Let's talk things out nicely!"

They had therefore proceeded to discuss the issue in the office.

Still, Lu Shu had no use for so much land. He had already discussed with a farmer. The farmer's son was working in Luo Cheng in a renovation team. He had earned a sizeable sum of money and would like to bring his whole family into the city, therefore leaving behind this plot of land. It was exactly that plot of land opposite their house which caught Lu Shu's eyes.

The courtyard was at the fringe of the village and was fairly remote. In this way, Lu Shu would not attract any unwanted attention if he used his special powers to till the land or something.

On the other hand, the place was 1.4km south of the Beimang remains. In general, a university would expand significantly and when that happens, the entrance will definitely be facing the city. If nothing goes wrong, the entrance to the college may not be far from the place.

The price of the courtyard was very low, 70,000 dollars. Hence, everything was suitable.

However, the details could not be agreed upon to Lu Shu, it was all because of the difficulty in agreeing to the details.

Liu Weidong also hoped to delay Lu Shu's departure. His own grandson was now studying in the city. He would try to see if his son knew any Dauyuan Class students and learn something about Lu Shu from them.

As it turned out, his grandson did enroll in Daoyuan Class, but was later transferred to Luo Cheng School of Foreign Languages.

However, he learnt from the person he asked that there was indeed a Lu Shu, and also verified his military rank. As for all other information, he did not breathe a single word

So secretive?! Liu Weidong's grandson was completely befuddled. Why so discreet?

Could it be that this student has a terrifying background?

The grandson reported everything honestly back to Liu Weidong. Liu Weidong pondered deeply, What if this student before him really do have an extraordinary history and comes from a special background?

However, Liu Weidong was no fool. He stalled Lu Shu while secretly asking someone to go check on the situation, "Go see if there is anything out of the ordinary at Liu Yuli's place!"

Liu Weidong suddenly realised something. A student with special background would come over here all of a sudden to buy a courtyard and only obtain contract for one mu of land in front of the doorway. Could that be the fabled blessed land?!

Liu Weidong heard from his son and grandson how much the price of blessed lands had been hiked up. If one such land were to appear in the village, no matter how extraordinary the person might be, he would still keep it until an opportune time to make huge profits.

No matter your background, can you extend your authority into this village?

Liu Weidong's lackeys trotted all the way and called him less than half an hour later, "The plants are alright, so are the livestock. Everything is normal."

Liu Weidong was slightly perplexed. Did you really come all the way here to aid in the development of our village?

Actually, it was not that one mu of land could not be contracted out to give him face. Liu Weidong cleared his throat, "Here, Lu Shu how long do you wish to have this contracted land for?"

"80 years," Lu Shu answered.

Pah! The old village head spat, "What the hell?!"

"80 years!" Lu Shu was unwilling.

"30 years?" Liu Weidong said nicely. "Why do you need it for so long"

The law of the land states that contracts are at most 30 years long.

"30 years then," Lu Shu accepted without a second thought.

Liu Weidong was stunned. He only realised now that Lu Shu was using the tactic of starting at a high asking price then respond with a low bid.

It was all because he was confused for a moment by Daoyuan Class and Lu Shu's prowess. It was because he had never had any dealings with such people before.

This feeling was similar to when he was making business deals with foreigners a long time ago. During negotiations, he would be easily overwhelmed. Come to think of it, was he not still like that?

When confused, he was easily beguiled by Lu Shu. Now that he had come back to his senses, wasn't Lu Shu just a student, why was he so timid? The country also had laws, Lu Shu could do nothing about it. He was nothing more than a schoolboy.

Signing over the land for 30 years was not a big deal. After all, 92% of the contracted land in the country had a lease of 30 years. But the price

"800 yuan for a mu!" Liu Weidong said solemnly. This price was 200 yuan higher than any other contracted land in the village.
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