Spider Man Reincarnation Book 2 Chapter 62

Volume 2: First Threats Chapter 62 Weak Spots

Peter went back to the apartment. He was lying in his bed and watching series.

"Even Earth's greatest heroes need a break," he thought.

After that, he got a text from Uncle Ben saying that they were going to arrive on the evening of the next day.

"I don't have much time. I need to get the spiders by the end of tomorrow." Peter said before calling Harry.


"Hi, I was just going to call you. I have bad news about spider-experiment"

"What happened?"

"The scientists that are working on that project are refusing to sell it. They're saying that if Oscorp takes it under their full control, they will ruin years of their work"

"Do you think they might do this to make you pay more?"

"I'm not sure. I offered a large amount and they still didn't even consider it"

"Damn it! Why do all scientists consider their invention as something untouchable for others? I need those spiders!" Peter thought.

"Arrange a meeting for tomorrow morning. I'll be there with you, let's tell them that I'm your new assistant."

"Peter, they won't accept. They are very stubborn"

"Then tell them that you have an exclusive offer," Peter said.

"I will try"

"Can you also send me the info about the project and its members. I'll read it over to be ready"

"Peter, but it's almost midnight"

"It's ok. I haven't been doing anything today. I think my brain is forgetting how to function properly, haha"

"Yeah, just don't get exhausted. You deserved a longer break after the 'Battle of New-York'"

"It's ok. I don't trust these scientists, they aren't even aware of the fact that their spiders give others unhuman powers. We need to stop them!"

"Didn't you say that you almost died after getting bit by that spider?"

"Yes, but still. They don't even consider this outcome a possibility"

"I think that you getting superpowers had less than 0.1% chance of happening"

"You're most probably right, but it's still very risky. It means that there's the same chance of a super-villain appearing in the city."

"I understand, as I said I'll do my best"

"See you, Harry"


After about 20 minutes Peter received an e-mail from Harry with all of the information about the project.

Peter started reading it immediately...

(A few hours after)

"Hm... interesting... Eric Jackson, Sophie Clinton, and Matt Hardy. Eric Jackson started working on this project about 8 years ago together with his best friend Matt Hardy when both of them were in high school. Sophie joined their team a few years later, as she had more experience in the field of genetics. They went to Oscorp asking for opportunities to make their dreams come true. Their idea reminds me of what Doctor Curt Connors tried to do - modifying people by giving them some of the animal's abilities using genetics. Incredibly risky, but the innovative idea... These scientists are not even aware that they made the greatest opening in the whole history of genetics and I won't let them find that out! According to the latest reports, they failed Oscorp's goals and were far away from meeting the expectations of the company, as all of the experiments on the other animals didn't work the way they predicted. Oscorp is giving them the last chance this year to show the progress of their project. They aren't in the best spot, this might be to persuade them to stop working on the spiders." Peter thought after reading most of the doc.u.ment.

He had a short break after which he started reading personal information about scientists.

"Everyone must have a weak spot, it may just be difficult to find," he thought before reading.

"Eric Jackson, perfect grades, former president of his high school, he must've been very sociable. In the job interview, he said that he always dreamt of "changing the world". He will be the most difficult to talk to, what about others?... Matt Hardy, perfect grades as well. But he's different... by looking at the photos and videos I can tell that he's very unconfident compared to his best friend. Who was, in fact, his only friend at school according to the interview. Always dreamt of "becoming a millionaire", I guess mainly to attract other girls, who he most probably never had a relationship with... Sophie Clinton is the most experienced in their team, but it may be another benefit for me, as 2 of her previous projects failed completely and all of the large companies refused to help her previous team. After that, she joined Matt and Eric. She's also divorced and has two children, they're 6 and 10 years old. That's another spot I will aim for..." Petet thought while reding these doc.u.ments.

He finished going through them in about an hour and was ready for the next day. His plan was to persuade Sophie and Matt because it's the majority that's going to decide the future of their project.

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