Spider Man Reincarnation Book 2 Chapter 64

Volume 2: First Threats Chapter 64 Dreams

Peter and Harry looked back at each other for a second as they understood that Eric was lying all this time.

"Mr. Jackson, don't you want to tell anything to your team?" Peter said.

"What does he mean?" Sophie asked.

"They tried to persuade me to sell our project for larger bonuses and price, but I rejected the offer"

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't want to distract you from work. The offer wasn't that good enough anyway"

"I guess you're right, but you should've told us. We are a team" Sophie responded.

Peter and Harry looked at Eric for a second before revealing an actual offer to their team.

"Ms. Clinton and Mr. Hardy, I am sorry to inform you that Mr. Jackson didn't tell you the whole truth," Harry said.

Matt and Sophie looked back at Eric...

"Wasn't that all they said during a meeting?"

Eric understood that he was cornered and decided to go all-in to try to persuade his friends...

"That was all they said!" Eric said. "Look at them, they're just trying to cause a conflict between us so that we vote for selling the project. Sophie, Matt, I've known both of you for many years and I was always responsible for the financial part of our project, why would I lie now?" he said emotionally.

"Not bad Eric. You sounded very convincing, seems like both of your colleagues believe you. This move would've worked on any assistant, but not with me" Peter responded in an arrogant way.

"Mr. Parker, we are not ready to..." Sophie started.

"Whatever you were going to say, I encourage you to watch this video first," Peter said before taking a laptop out of his bag and playing a video from the security camera.

When Harry and Peter were waiting for Eric in his office they downloaded this video. Peter asked Harry to tell the security manager to send the video recording of that meeting. Peter received and downloaded it right before Eric stepped into the room.

They played the video so that Matt and Sophie got to know that their friend was lying.

"...We offer 12 million for a buyout and an annual bonus of 1 million for the next 2 years..."

"That's 6 million in total for each member including bonuses," Matt said before looking at Eric. He got furious and couldn't hold his emotions. "WE TRUSTED YOU, WHY DID YOU LIE?!!"

"I'm very sorry Matt... I thought it'd be better for us to continue working on the..."


Harry asked Matt to calm down after these words.

"We've been doing the same f.u.c.k.i.n.g thing for almost a decade. Everything was going at a good pace initially but now know. Our project has been stagnating for the last few years, Eric! And know when we get the best and possibly the last offer of this caliber you reject it???" Matt continued.

"Matt, calm down. He did a mistake..." Sophie started.

"Calm down?... Sophie, he is the only reason I didn't get what I always wanted - money. I always told you that it was the main reason why I was continuing to work on the project. This offer would help all of us, you can stop working and spend more time with your children... but he robbed us of these opportunities"

"That's not true," Peter said before looking at Harry.

"We are ready to give the last chance," Harry said. "You can still accept the offer".

"Guys, I understand that the offer is really good, but we can achieve much more by continuing to work on our project. I can feel that we're on the edge of the next step. Trust me, we can do this! I'm sorry for not telling you about the details of the offer, but I did it with good intentions" Eric said.

"I think that this offer is far beyond what we deserve for our last years of work. I'm going to accept it." Matt said.

"Eric, I know that this project means a lot to all of us, but I think that we went too far. We spend all of our free time doing research and experiments. It's time to take a break, I'm going to accept it too" Sophie added.

"Great! Here are the papers you need to sign..." Peter said.

They spend the next few hours reading through the doc.u.ments and signing them. By the end of the day all of the papers were signed and the project was only a few days away from being sold completely.

Eric was furious and left the building during that time, he insulted everyone. Especially Harry and Peter, and added that they are going to pay for this in the future.

He also tried to attack Peter because he said: "Not at all for 6 million!"

Gladly, he was stopped by the security guards.

Peter was very happy, as now he was the only person who was allowed to work on the spider-experiment.

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