Stealing Spree Book 3 Chapter 160

Volume 3 Chapter 160 Making Him Back Off

"Say. Does it have to be high school girls?"

I broke the silence when we're already out of the vicinity of the school. He's still gritting his teeth as if he would bite anytime.

Of course, he will be this angry if I'm threatening his livelihood as well as his hobby.

"Huh? What the hell are you talking about?"

Through gritted teeth, that's the only thing he could say in response.

"No. I mean. Why are you targeting high school girls? You already have a wife who you got from it but you still continued?"

Because he's a pedo, of course. Someone with a high school girl fetish. Through this rage of his, he didn't even notice that I'm already recording this conversation.

"I didn't intend on getting a wife through it. Once they graduate, I'll let them go. But Shiori"

But Shio dragged you to meet her parents. Just how many have he victimized already? Did he only get one and will only change after they graduated or he's keeping a number of them as reserves?

"I see. You're really a bastard, aren't you? Do you not fear to be caught? How many have you preyed upon already?"

"What? There's no evidence. Even if they trace it back to Shiori, I married her during her college."

Ah, so that's what he will use to defend himself in Shio's case. Well, maybe her case was really a bit weak now that she became an a.d.u.l.t and that they were wed during her college.

He also didn't answer my question as to how many. This guy is quite cautious but not cautious enough. He should have stayed silent.

"I see. So you will still insist on your habit."

"I don't need you to talk me out of it."

His voice became calm now. His rage was finally dispersed. That's why he could brush away my questions easily.

"Haa. Then can you release Shiori?"

I sighed and asked him.

"She's my wife. Even if I don't want that marriage, she's mine, so back off."

He grinned as if he already won. If I told him I bedded his wife last night, will he go back to raging?

Ah. But I decided not to bother her with this, I could settle this by myself.

"This guy. Do you know why I'm talking to you like this?"

"What? You thought you could threaten me again with your bluff?"

That's where his confidence at dealing with me comes from, eh?

"Why are you so confident that I am bluffing?"

Keep that grin on your face for now. It'll be funny to see the change in your expression later.

"Because you don't have anything but a statement from Shiori."

After saying that, he parked his car somewhere desolate. He picked a good place for his beating, eh?

"I see. Will this be enough to scare you?"

I took out my phone and played a video. In it was Nao in her school uniform. This was taken by her yesterday and was sent to me today. She sat in front of the camera and started talking

"I'm Akiyama Nao, currently a 3rd-year high school student at Third High School. Sawatari Nobuo was my advisor during my 1st year. One day, he asked me if I needed an extra lesson which I agreed. By showing his kind smile and his favourable treatment to me, I eventually fall in love with him"

I paused the video at that part and looked at his slowly changing expression from the state of disbelief to exasperation.

"T-that's. Why do you have that? What did you do to Nao?!"

"That's not the right question, you know? Do you want me to continue the video or not?"

I smirked and pointed my finger to the play button on the screen.

I don't want to use blackmail with any of my girls anymore but if it's to protect them, then I won't hesitate. I should give Nao a reward for this later, that girl really turned back to me after that night.

No matter what this guy did to her, in the end she's always mine.

Ah, what should I do? Should I let him continue his habit and steal from him again?

That would be a hassle and as long as he's near, Shio or Nao wouldn't be comfortable.

"...What the hell do you want?"

With a low volume of his voice, every word he uttered ended in a strong note.

But no matter what his reaction, I stayed calm and processed everything that happened.

"I already told you. Leave Shio alone. Ah and also Nao. She's not yours anymore. Leave this area. I don't care where you will go as long as you stop buzzing around Shio or Nao."

Well, that's the idea but will he accept? Will he really let him be pushed away like this?

Of course. He'll fight back.

"Heh. So you want them for yourself? I guess we're alike in that sense. But you. You're just a kid who doesn't know anything."

He sniggered and laughed like a maniac.

I knew he would act like this. Haa. I should've started with beating that handsome face of his, eh? That way he wouldn't be able to snag another young girl. After that, report him and have him arrested.

"Alike? I'm not a pedophile like you who dresses my girls into the same image I preferred. Say, is Shio the first one to don that image or there's a girl before her?"

"Pedophile? Don't lump at the same level as those trash!"

He didn't answer again. In any case, this guy. He's hopeless. He put himself in his own category.

"But you are. Both a pedophile and a trash."

I smirked and worked on my phone. Not minding how aggrieved he was already.

"Watch your mouth, kid."

Just how long can he hold himself back? And does he think he still has some sort of advantage towards me?

"What? Do you want to have a go? Let's go down and let me give you some lesson that you wouldn't be able to teach anyone."

Right. A lesson on how to get beaten up properly. If there's a subject like that, who would enroll?

"Just because you're good at brawling doesn't mean you'll always prevail."

His voice turned cold as he reached for something inside the glove compartment of his car.

I see. So he has something like that.

"Haa. What? Do you have a gun or a knife there? Take it out. Do you plan on threatening me with it? To erase what I have? Go on."

I sighed and acted tough. It's a bit dangerous now but I have to discourage him from using that. No matter how fast or good I am, if that was really a gun then this will turn bad.

"This kid..."

His hand froze as if deliberating whether he would continue taking out what he's hiding or not.

With that unknown point. I shouldn't show any weaknesses right now. Even if I'm scared. Which is I am. I have to show him how calm I am despite being threatened.

"So what will it be? My patience is limited. Should I just continue playing this?"

I brought up my phone again and showed the screen where Nao's video was paused.

Shio's husband went silent for a few minutes but his hand never left the compartment. His face was already starting to sweat despite the cool air-conditioning of this car.

I already heard the sound of the metal clinking in it, so it's quite clear to me that it's either a knife or really a gun. If this guy loses it, I'll do my best to survive

Luckily, rationality took over him. He sighed and closed the compartment before asking.

" If I did what you asked. What kind of guarantee can you give me?"

Hearing that, I sighed in relief inside my mind. But I kept my confident expression on my face.

"You still haven't done anything yet and you're already asking for a guarantee? Let's see. Divorce Shio first. Ah no. Scratch that, she will approach you for that when she finally decides."

I raised my voice a bit to mask my unsettlement from what could have happened if he lost his rationality.

"Divorcing her? Alright."

Since he didn't really have a choice and that's something he also wanted in the future, it was easy for him to swallow it.

"Stay away. Never contact them again. Not Shio, not Nao. Request for a transfer somewhere far away. You know, if I let you stay near and I find out you're still doing the same, I won't hesitate to put your ass in the jail."

Hearing my next set of instructions, he paused and seemingly trembled from containing his anger. His face is too dark right now that he might erupt soon.

"Where are you getting this confidence from? You're just a kid."

"I am a kid. However, I have evidence that can indict you. What? You know, you can refuse everything. If I'm not thinking about Shio and Nao, I wouldn't be talking here with you."

It's to not let them be bothered by this. Yes. It's easy to turn to authority, but how long will that take? They will surely be both called to testify at the court and be troubled by all the official procedures. When everything ends, it will be like a stain on their name. If this guy quietly leaves then that wouldn't be needed anymore and they could continue in their life, with me.

Well, even if not with me. They still have that choice after all.

" What guaran--"

Before he could finish his sentence, I cut him off and dared him.

"Didn't you hear me? Talk about that after you've done something. Or you can try and shoot with that gun of yours. Or if that's not a gun, I'm just here, you can stab me anytime you want."

His mind has already surrendered, so the possibility is already low but it's still there. Despite saying those in full confidence, I'm really scared for my life. I still wanted to see that silly smile on Akane's face, Haruko's silent concession and her affection when we're alone, Yae's adorable competitiveness, Kana's cute moments, Satsuki's tsundere acts, Aya's timidness, Ria's observant trait and her way of calling me Dumb-senpai, Aoi's unruliness, Nami's scary observer skills, Miwa-nee and our son Minoru, Sena's determined attitude, Otoha who was slowly stepping away from her insecurity, Himeko's desire to change for her to be accepted by her father, Shio with all her different sides, Nao who I still haven't repaid the 2 years I have forgotten her and Rae who still have a lot to teach me and a lot to learn from me.

"You're not normal."

In the end, he still couldn't muster his courage to do it. He's an intellectual. He's handsome as well despite his age. He wouldn't want to risk everything only to end up worse than what I was using to have him back off. If he went for a normal relationship, he could get anyone he wanted to. As long as it's not my girls, he should know better now.

"I get that a lot."

I shrugged and made myself comfortable on the passenger seat. I closed my eyes and remembered all of their faces and how will they act if something bad really went down here.

"Drive me back to school. Also, give me your contact. That way I can check on you if you've done what I asked. You're a crafty man, Nobuo. And wise too, so I expect you to not become so desperate."

I reminded him again. He already conceded and will follow my demands for now, but what about the future?

I'll let him remember these traits of his. Push his mind away from Nao and Shio.

"What's your name?"

He asked when we're back on the road that will lead to the school. There's no point for him being adamant. He already lost, even with anger welling up inside him, he wouldn't be able to act upon it again, as long as I have these pieces of evidence I got for his misdeeds.

"That's none of your business. Just step away from their lives and we're good."

I confidently said before the car went back into silence.

In the end, I didn't even need to call Nao to reinforce that video. Well, that's good, I'll inform her that everything went well. Shio too when I see her in school.

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