Stealing Spree Book 3 Chapter 161

Volume 3 Chapter 161 Three Healing Angels

"Where did you go?"

Nami asked when she saw me entering the empty clubroom, Satsuki and Aya were with her and were discussing something. All three of them stood up worriedly and walked towards me.

I checked my phone when I arrived back in school and saw Nami's message to me to still come to the empty clubroom when I get back.

That Nobuo already drove away and based on his attitude, if he wanted to gain some kind of guarantee from me, he better not do anything funny.

"Err. I just finished some business."

I couldn't tell them what I just did. Shio's husband seemingly gave up because of the pieces of evidence I piled up. However, there's still a possibility that he will rescind on what he agreed on.

"You're drenched in sweat and you look pale."

Satsuki said when I went near them.

I see. I got really scared back there and only now did my sweat escape out of my body. Stepping out of that dangerous situation finally relaxed my nerves which led to the suppressed tension to be released.

"Uhm... I saw you leaving in a car"

Aya commented which explained why these three were here together.

"Ah. Don't worry. That's someone I know who asked me to help him with something."


Satsuki's eyes drew close to me as if probing if I'm telling the truth or not.

"I think it's best to believe him."

Nami also has the same suspicion as Satsuki but she chose to go along with what I said instead of forcing me to tell them what I just did.

"Un. Ruki probably has his reason not to tell us."

Aya also nodded, deciding not to pursue it anymore.

"Haa. Alright. Sit down here, idiot. We got you your lunch."

And Satsuki. After hearing the two finally gave up and pulled me into a seat.

An unopened boxed lunch was there. These girls

"Is it fine to think that I'm the luckiest guy around?"

They prepared this for me since they knew I didn't eat yet. But if the worst-case scenario happened earlier and I failed to come back? They wouldn't be just this worried Haa. Even if that situation was kind of unavoidable, I should've prepared for every scenario.

"His tongue is at it again."

Hearing my words, Nami smiled even if she's berating what I said.

"You're right, he always does that."

Satsuki agreed. For her, it's probably normal now. I always threw lines that will make her fl.u.s.tered after all.

"He's kind of cool like that."

Aya whispered as she looked at me while blushing.

"Thank you, Aya."

I reached for her hand and pulled her into a hug.

"Ugh. So it's better to say it like that?"

Nami looked at us with a little jealousy in her eyes.

"Leave that idiot be. Even if we say it like that, he will also pull us into his arms."

Right Satsuki already knew me well. But these girls, it's really refreshing to see them getting along like this.

"Satsuki, did you miss me teasing you? And Nami. Thank you."

After satisfying Aya, I pulled both of them and hugged them one by one.

"Ugh, why am I the only one not getting a thank you?"

Satsuki complained about what I said when I was hugging Nami.

Seeing that, Aya and Nami both have a teasing smile on their faces.

"See. Satsuki is really cute when she's honest like this. Thank you."

After I released Nami, I pulled Satsuki into a hug like the other two. Even if she tried to push me away, it's just her little resistance because she's embarrassed.

"It seems Ruu already has you in his palm Satsuki."

Nami commented while Aya nodded with both of them throwing her that teasing smile.

Seeing that, Satsuki couldn't help but blush and turn it into her violent tendency towards me.

"I'll punch this guy later."

It's not that convincing when she's also responding to my hug now.

After releasing Satsuki, I went back to the seat and honestly thanked them again.

"Anyway. Seriously. Thank you for worrying, Satsuki, Aya and Nami. I couldn't tell you what I did, it's better for you not to know. Just think of it as me helping someone."

If they knew what happened, their worries would just increase so it's better this way.

"You fixed another girl's problem, right?"

Nami, with her observer skills, had surely noticed and well, it's not that hard to guess, since I only do things if it concerns my girls.

"Err yes."

There's no use lying when she asks it like she's just confirming it from me.

"Then we won't ask what happened or what you did this time. Instead, who is she?"

This girl with her slight smile on her face, Nami already had an idea on who it was. She just wanted the other two to know about it.

"Do you want to know? Uhm is it fine to take you all home with me?"

Maybe it's time to let them meet Akane. Well, if they'll agree.

"Of course we want to know. Just that, I think I'll pass on knowing everyone for now"

I only got Nami yesterday so this is understandable. It's already amazing that she accepted Satsuki and Aya.

"After the game..."

Ah. Satsuki is still worried about the upcoming game. Right. She should focus on that.

"It's fine with me."

Aya didn't reject it. This girl is like Haruko, but she first looks at the situation before deciding whether she will concede or not. Yesterday when she pulled me into the clubroom to remind me, that's probably her being unable to hold back at watching me push myself.

"Alright. Aya first, tomorrow or this Friday, Let's go home together."

I told Aya before looking at the other two to accept their reasonings.

"So who is it?"

After that, Nami continued with the question.


Hearing the name, Satsuki became confused.


Before I could answer, Nami answered her.

"I think it's Ms. Miyazaki."

"I see, so that's why she looked at you like that."

As if gaining clarity, Satsuki immediately linked it to what happened earlier. Even if I already confirmed it when they both looked at me during class, they couldn't immediately connect to what I did this time.

"Even our teacher Ruki is really amazing."

Aya nodded as her eyes brightened, also remembering what happened earlier when Shio looked at me in class.

"He's really amazing. All we know about her is she's our strict class advisor. But Ruki already worked his way into her heart."

Nami sighed as if recalling the way Shio always acted in class. That's all the impression they could get from her.

"Err girls, I know you're praising me but how can I eat when you three stuck yourselves like this to me?"

After a while, only now did I notice that the three of them were already so close to me, Nami taking my left arm, Satsuki on my right and Aya on my back while she slung her arm around my neck.

"That's your problem."

Nami giggled while she rested her head on my arm.

"Right. Work something out by yourself."

Satsuki wore a smug expression while she did the same thing as Nami did.

"This is kind of fun."

Aya also giggled at my back and gave my cheek a peck.

I really look like that one harem protagonist now. But yeah, that guy will never do what I'm about to do. He will just sit here and shake like an idiot or he'll overhear all by himself.

"Haa Alright, I'll start with you three before this food."

I softly sighed before I stood up to release myself from the three of them. Though they're all startled, they couldn't react that fast to what I did next.

"Eh? Wait! Ruu--"

I first turned to my left, Nami whose eyes never left me, tried to push me away. However, I already caught her waist, pulled her up and kissed her before she could finish her sentence. It's not just a normal kiss, of course. Eventually, she also started responding as she opened her mouth and let my tongue invade her mouth while her face was blushing profusely.

"I love you Nami, thank you for doing this for me."

I said after releasing her from the kiss. Though she looked a bit dissatisfied when I did, hearing me saying those words again satisfied her as she gave me her most beautiful smile.

I then turned to Satsuki next, even if she already saw what I did to Nami, she didn't really move away and it was as if she was waiting for me. This tsundere couldn't always be honest but that's fine, I'll pull her honesty out for her.

Just like with Nami, Satsuki also responded to my lips trying to violate her own lips, slipping her hand to the back of my neck, Satsuki pulled me ever closer. Her breath was turning hot and her face had a hint of l.u.s.t now. If not for the other two, this girl might probably ask me for that.

"Idiot... Kissing me suddenly."

"You already know how much I love you Satsuki, even if you couldn't be completely honest, your actions and intentions were all well-received by me. Thank you for being here."

And lastly, Aya opened her arms as if waiting for me to take her. I didn't let her down as I pulled her into a hug and took her lips into another kiss, yesterday was probably not enough for her.

"Umm more"

Hearing that encouraging voice, I sucked on her lips and tongue and she also sucked on mine. Even if there are Nami and Satsuki behind, Aya took us into her own world where there's only the two of us. Her face was like that time in the bed of that secret room inside the Poem Appreciation Club. It made me want to have the urge to push her down and take her right here.

But yeah, as if I would do that.

"I love you Aya. For always being here for me, don't say that I'm the one helping you, you also helped me a lot even if you don't want to take credit for it."

Aya didn't answer and like Nami, she gave me her most beautiful smile to date. That just strengthened my desire to have her.

"Why do I feel happy even if this scene looks wrong on so many levels?"

Nami broke the silence and commented on what had just happened.

It's really wrong eh. But for us, this will soon become the norm. Because of my ambition to live with all of them in the future, something like this will always happen.

"It's because it's that idiot. Ugh. I wanted to be alone with him but this also isn't bad."

Even if Satsuki sounds like she's complaining, her last words were her accepting this kind of situation.

"Unthat's why we all love him, right?"

Aya also commented and upon hearing that, the other two nodded and went back to their previous positions.

In the end, even if I kissed them in turns to make them fl.u.s.tered, it only encouraged them to stick with me more than earlier.

So how will I eat now?

"He'll surely be killed by the other boys if they knew."

They'll probably die first out of jealousy and envy.

In the end, the three took pity on me and released me for a bit to eat the lunch they prepared for me.

This time with them made me forget that I was just in a dangerous situation earlier and I'm really thankful for all of them. If not for them, I might've been thinking on some corner, mulling over the decisions and actions I did in that car. Now it became this kind of cheerful and fluffy atmosphere.

"He's grinning like an idiot, right?"

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