Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 217

<Chapter 31. Giants' Domain - 5>

Lee Shin Woo wasn't an idiot. He had no intention of leading the weakened undead giants in the fight against one of the 12 generals. That's one of the reasons Lee Shin Woo had sent for his elites.

But there was something he had to do beforehand: helping these elites pass through the spatial wall (which was naturally formed by the flow of mana) that blocked them from entering the Giants' domain.

"There's a way to solve that issue while screwing over the Imperial Army."

"Stealing the magical device they brought into the mountain range, right?"

"Yeah, exactly."

Lee Shin Woo shared Rem's vision, who was watching the movements of Metafel's troops from midair, and replied as he surveyed every nook and cranny of the land.

That's right. There was a way to screw over Metafel's troops, as well as getting his own troops into the vast area without getting lost.

It involved stealing the artifact that Lee Shin Woo assumed the Archmage created. He had formulated this idea when he'd went through the enemy troops' memories.

[We'll be the ones who strike first... I like it.]

Then, those participating in the battle spoke. Lee Shin Woo snorted and replied.

"Ha, of course. We were attacked. You're not planning on waiting until they're at our very doorstep, are you?"

[Of course not!]

Lee Shin Woo said provokingly, and a Giant... the level 7 Sealed Titan Zombie hit the roof as if saying 'are you kidding me?'. He was so powerful that Lee Shin Woo wondered why he wasn't an elite.

'If I put in a bit of effort, then I think I can turn them into elites like the Pauls... I've been a bit worried about the 'sealed' part of their names. There's something hidden within them. I don't know if it's something they've lost or forgotten, but I'll need to put them through various stimuli to find out.'

That was one of the reasons he was bringing a level 7 onto the battlefield, but... he looked back at the two other level 7 Giants standing side by side (from behind the third level 7 Giant) and shook his head.

Although they had regained their intellect, it seemed as though they were fundamentally quite stupid, as they suggested a frontal attack when Lee Shin Woo had suggested that they attack the Imperial Army.

"As I said, we're not going for a frontal attack. We'll attack while they're still careless, and we'll leave once we get what we want. You have to run away when I say so. That's the way we can win against them."

[Giants do not retreat!]

[Your words dirty the Titan's Pride!]

Yeah, he knew this would happen. The success of this entire operation relied upon how well he could convince them. Lee Shin Woo sighed and said.

"Sure, feel free to do that if you'd like to exchange your entire tribe's fate for a moment's pride, but you'll lose."


"You won't even get the opportunity to prove your Titan's Pride, and you'll even lose the Titan's Heart to them. They will leave, mocking you, the once brave Giants."

[Are you looking down on our, the Giants' will!?]

"You're the ones looking down on the Giants' will. If you want to win, follow my orders."

Lee Shin Woo activated his High Rank Command skill. He himself wasn't aware of this, but when the Command skill had reached the high rank level, he became able to show his dignity and strength to those who aren't even his subordinates.

Therefore, they couldn't take him lightly, and they instinctually felt daunted by him. It was no different from forcefully engraving his dignified appearance straight into their minds.

[Keuk, I guess we have no choice...]

[I'll respect your decision this time.]

Yeah, thanks a lot, Lee Shin Woo replied and his goblin fire subsided. He'd already told them this before. Whenever Lee Shin Woo convinced these damn, rotten idiots, they would look like they were convinced, but then ten minutes later, they'd forget what he'd told them!

[Master, the enemy is moving.]

"Alright. Although, they're moving extremely slowly..."

The enemy's compass not only released the mana's interference on space but also taught them where their ultimate destination... the frozen Titan's Heart was.

The mountains were dangerous, so they were going around in circles, but they would eventually enter the Giants' domain.

"We're going too. We can't just let them do as they please."

[Got it.]

Now that the level 7 Giants would listen to him, albeit for a brief period of time, they and the rest of the Giants followed him swiftly. Perhaps because they were the original inhabitants of these mountains, they were extremely fast, even though they were now zombies. It was quite fortunate for him.

"Rem, keep reporting on the enemy's movements."

[I understand.]

After a few hours of surveillance, Lee Shin Woo knew how large Metafel's army was, their location, as well as their level distribution.

And until he'd acquired all this information, Lee Shin Woo had been looking down on Metafel. That's because Lee Shin Woo had destroyed the Metafel's corps, which had been led by the level 6 Corps Commander, Vitas in the past. Moreover, Metafel was only level 7 himself!

'SSeup, it'll be hard.'

However, Metafel wasn't an opponent he could take lightly. Although he'd only seen him through Rem's eyes, Metafel was frighteningly strong, and even though they were both level 7s, he was sure that Metafel was much stronger.

Moreover, there was a level 7 elite among his direct subordinates, as well as two level 7 elite Corps Commanders leading his troops. In other words, he was facing one highest rank level 7 elite as well as three mid rank level 7 elites!

'And there are all sorts of undead exceeding level 6, especially the magic division. There's also the level 4 or 5 knights that command the elite level 3 troops...'

The size of that force was 50,000 strong. It was such a considerable amount of troops that one would naturally say 'as expected of the Mercenary King'. Lee Shin Woo marveled at the fact that Shino Rendu had actually gotten past this and had made his way all the way to Metafel himself.

"Metafel's troops are currently exploring the mountain range, and are divided into dozens of groups."

"He split his troops because the land wasn't suitable for moving a large number of troops, right?"


To be honest, there weren't that many vast open plains in the mountains, like the one he'd saved the Giant in. Most of the roads were dangerous and narrow, so it was difficult for even two horses to walk through. If that weren't the case, then Lee Shin Woo might have had to capitulate earlier.

Then how did the Giants move around through the mountain range? The question was pretty meaningless, as wherever they set foot became a road. Even the lowest level Giants were several meters tall, and with that overwhelming mass and their stats, they could make even the most dangerous roads into safe ones.

"Good. It's going just as I'd planned. They're exactly where I want them."

Metafel's troops were divided in a way so that hundreds could move at a time. Of course, Metafel himself was in the center of his troops, but it was impossible for him to systematically respond to every single issue nearby.

"Then, shall we find the right route?"


[A true Giant needs no plan... No, I got it. Damn!]

"We just need to worry about a few of the corps. If they approach from here and come out like this, then... We just need to fight this guy, this guy, and this guy."

Though they were now rotten Giants, there were some things they knew that were helpful to Lee Shin Woo. A side road to the forest, a route that was easy to travel on, as well as where the giant boulders lay, which would make it difficult for others to move through the road!

If he added all that into his minimap, then he would have an effective topographic map. And if he were to add in the info that Rem had acquired, then it was a piece of cake to make an operation consisting of infiltrating and exiting.

They would break through the weakest and lax corps, and acquire a way to approach and a way to retreat. When the two level 7 elite Corps Commanders were confused and diverting their attention, Lee Shin Woo would steal the artifact and escape! That was Lee Shin Woo's primary objective.

"We'll kill the first ones that we come across. You don't need to kill all of them. You just need to kill their leader."

[So you want to kill their commander.]

"And before that chaos spreads elsewhere, then we'll strike the main force's... leader. After we kill him, then we'll come down and regroup."

[You want me to procure an escape route.]

"That's most important."

Lee Shin Woo's black goblin fire gazed into the Giant's rotten eyes as if penetrating through them. Nothing else needed to be said. The Giant nodded its head.

[I've already told you that I'd cooperate with you in order to protect the Titan's Pride.]

[But if the result displeases us, despite us following your orders, then you'll have to repay that debt.]

"Of course, do as you please."

Lee Shin Woo snorted and replied. He would act however he could if it meant that he could suppress their pride and make them follow his orders.

"Alright. We'll split up here. Move!"

[Don't betray our expectations!]

[That 'pride' you spoke of. Make sure you prove it!]

Lee Shin Woo had used a liberal amount of mana to active the Command skill, mixed with the Instigate skill, and after the two Giants responded trustworthily, they divided into two groups and left.

One of the two groups would find the road to approach while the other would find a retreat route. If those two killed the weaklings and flustered Metafel, then Lee Shin Woo would seize that opportunity fair and square and take the artifact away from them!

"Jin... I'm counting on you."

"You only act serious at times like this."

"Let's go."


Jin replied curtly, yet couldn't hide his contentedness as he kicked off the dangerous mountain road and began to run. Jin loved this moment the most; when Lee Shin Woo trusted in Jin and entrusted his body to him. Because this was the moment that Jin could prove his worth through the running he was so proud of!



[I heard that the Giants had all weakened... Kuaaaaaahk!]

While charging, Lee Shin Woo saw one of the low rank level 6 elites get torn apart. As expected, there was no way they were normal level 7s. Even if he were to strip away 99% of what they (the ones who inherited the Titan's Pride) said as lies, the Giant Tribe was still amazing!

[Kuhaaaaaaaaaaah! The Titan's... Pride!]

"Make sure you prove that remaining 1%!"

Lee Shin Woo shared his thoughts with Jin, and Jin ran quickly. Due to the sudden appearance of the Giants, the troops were shocked and broke rank. Lee Shin Woo passed by them, and boldly pierced through the side of the slowly moving troop that was protecting both the compass and Metafel.

[Hmm? To think that there would be one so foolish as to face our troops head-on in such a short period of time... Wait a sec, this is a glacial mountain range, so how can such a small undead be here? No, what is all this fuss about anyway? All forces, calm down! Calm down and face the enemy! There's only one enemy!]

Metafel quickly noticed Lee Shin Woo's intrusion and narrowed his eyes, but in any case, his first priority was to strike down the one who looked down on his troops and picked a fight with them.

He angrily scolded his troops, which were in a state of panic. He possessed the highest level of Command amongst all the 12 generals, at the high rank! Even amidst Lee Shin Woo's limitless speed, the undead troops got a hold of themselves and attempted to surround him. However...

"You idiots. Protect Sir Metafeeeeeeeeeeel!"

[What the hell is he talking about!?]

He was one step ahead of Metafel!

[A perfect Instigate! You took advantage of the opportunity and used Instigate to mislead your enemies! The Instigate skill has become Lv7. Magic has increased by 20.]

[The enemy troops are under the effect of Lv7 High Rank Command. You will not be able to fool them for very long. If there is something you want, then you must steal it immediately!]

Once Lee Shin Woo, who'd suddenly intruded, said something so absurd, Metafel became completely flustered. Then, an even more disconcerting situation arose.

[T-That's right! Someone has trespassed, so we have to protect Sir Metafel!]

[Sir Metafel is in danger!]

[Sir Metafel... I will protect Sir Metafel!]

[What are you guys doing!?]

His men, who had faithfully followed him since his mercenary days, suddenly surrounded Metafel to protect him! Metafel was taken aback and browbeat them to get a hold of themselves, but the energy of the Instigate skill that surrounded them wouldn't be so easily dispelled.

[Get a hold of yourselves, you idiots!]

Whenever he gave an order, Metafel used the high rank skill, Lion's Roar, and forced his subordinates to calm down. As expected of the Mercenary King to have such a skill, as he was so adept at leading...


By the time Metafel had managed to calm his troops down, push them back, and barely regain his vision, the wagon that his troops had been guarding so carefully... to be exact, the magical device within it had already vanished without a trace.

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