Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 221

<Chapter 32. Titan's Pride - 2>

[You have annihilated a fourth of the enemy army with a limited number of troops, while simultaneously commanding the Giants, who hate outsiders. By understanding the enemy and effectively using the environment, you were able to achieve the best possible outcome. You have the right to be called the Ruler of the Battlefield.]

[You have acquired the title 'Commander of Terror'. The abilities of all forces under your control are buffed by 10%! Whenever you achieve an exceptional result in battle, this title will evolve.]

[All stats have increased by 10 as a result of the title. The High Rank Command skill has become Lv2 and all stats have increased by 5.]

Lee Shin Woo had achieved victory so seamlessly that he gained a title, and in the evening used the bones his troops brought back to reinforce them. Because most of the bones belonged to normal soldiers, his troops didn't grow much, but low leveled bones were best for healing injuries.

[Paul Zero made me a level 5!]

And those who came back with level 5, level 6, or elite bones became noticeably stronger. He collected all the bones of the foes that the Giants had slain (the Giants didn't realize the value of either the bones or the Perium) and reinforced the Pauls with them, allowing them to grow far more than he'd initially expected.

[Ooh, Paul Zero is expanding our original limitations...!]

"This is the result of all your hard work. Don't think about your limitations from now on. You can always keep growing."

[Paul Zero!]

[Paul Zero! Paul Zero!]

"They're fanatics...! They really are fanatical...!"

"It's nothing new."

He planned on using all but a few of the bones on his subordinates, but considering how some of the Pauls went up to level 5, he knew that he'd made the right choice. And...

[We'll try even harder. You won't regret giving us this chance.]

"Of course I won't. I trust in your potential."

Shino Rendu's role in the battle had been considerable, so if he kept this up, he might get to level 7. Contrary to when he was a hero, as an Undead Avenger, Shino Rendu went through fire and water to hunt and absorb bones, which allowed him to grow at an overwhelmingly fast pace.

"Good. Everyone, good work. Rest up until I give you your new orders. Ah, gather the Perium over here."

[I understand!]

[For Commander Paul Zero!]

"...There's a hill of karma gathering next to you, Paul Zero."

In exchange for reinforcing his troops with all the bones, Lee Shin Woo took all the Perium. As they'd crushed 13,000 enemy troops, he gained a surprising 170 million Perium. Apparently, the price of level 7 medicine was 1 million Perium, the Perium was equivalent to karma that increased his stats by a total of 170.

"To have only gotten this much after crushing a quarter of that huge army. Now I'm starting to understand how hard our seniors have to work to raise their stats."

"Man, these guys are really stingy compared to dungeon monsters."

"They are, aren't they? If you want to level up this way, then even destroying an entire army belonging to one of the 12 generals wouldn't be enough."

"You're saying something weird again. Raise your stats by training your skills, not using the medicine. The medicine is just a bonus!"

To be honest, Lee Shin Woo was slightly worried. While he always took the Perium from his subordinates, he'd taken the Perium from the Giants this time as well.

But it seemed as though commanding and leading them into battle saved their lives and strengthened them in the process. Acquiring the bones and Perium from them was not an issue at all.

What's worse, a Giant had killed a level 6 elite, who possessed a level 4 artifact, but they had just given it away.

"So is this what it means to command a corps? I took all this stuff from them, but it's allowed since I'm their commander. This is the best!"

"Ah, Paul Zero's on a path of no return..."

For now, Lee Shin Woo just collected all of the Perium. Since he hadn't bought any bones from the secret shop lately, he'd just been accumulating Perium. With this new addition, his total was close to 400 million Perium, but he increasingly felt like he should save his permits and his Perium.

"Ah, now that I think about it, I didn't sell my wine yet either."

"So how's that going lately?"

"I expanded the storehouse, and the golems are continuously creating and maturing the wine."

"...I feel a bit sorry for the Dryads."

Once Lee Shin Woo had re-checked his forces, he created a few guerilla units consisting of elites, although all his troops looked battle ready. They were responsible for sewing chaos amongst the enemy troops so that they wouldn't find the Giants' domain.

[We can do it if you just give us the order.]


Lee Shin Woo assigned the level 7 Wolf Avenger, Bisher Moon as the leader of the guerilla units, as he possessed high magic and could see from far distances. Also, those who followed him possessed Ice Resistance, as well as acid and poison abilities. As expected, the most effective tools in killing a large number of enemy troops with just a handful of soldiers were poison and acid.

"I'll send a squad to collect the loot later on, so focus on sowing chaos. They have this strange instinct to gather around their Corps Commander, so try your best to stop them. If you think you can't, then retreat immediately."

[I understand!]

Lee Shin Woo created a recon squad composed of individuals who could move quickly. This mountain range was much too vast and the natural environment was much too perilous for him to rely solely on Rem's vision. Because the cold winds were so intense, he never knew when the topography would change.

He had already figured this out, so if he wanted to plan out a proper strategy for the following day, then creating a recon unit was paramount.

"Kratia, I'm counting on you to keep watch."

"Where are you going?"

"To the Giants. I'll go check how they're doing and then come back. They're probably still excited since it's been such a long time since they've fought."


Even if Kratia had the ability to command several troops, she was sure that she wouldn't be able to do what Lee Shin Woo did. Checking the condition of the Giants, inspiring his troops, keeping watch, sowing chaos amongst the enemy troops, and being prepared for what the enemy threw at them next; there weren't just one or two things that he had to do.

She became curious as to where Lee Shin Woo had come from and what he did there, as he did all these difficult tasks so seamlessly. There was so much she wanted to ask him, but ultimately, Kratia just shrugged her shoulders instead.

"Leave it to me. Even if Metafel himself comes, I'll be able to stop him for a little while."

"Good. Then, I'm counting on you."

Lee Shin Woo left his troops to Kratia and went over to the Giants' domain. He had somewhat expected this, but the Giants looked ready to leave their territory whenever.

[There are still... enemies... in this mountain range.]

[I can't forget the pleasure of breaking their skulls and stomping on their legs. I can still crush so many more enemies!]

[I'm still... in good condition! Why am I still here...?]

[Paul Zero. Paul Zero is here!]

While they were busy raising their morale, Lee Shin Woo came to visit them. The hundreds of Giants simultaneously rushed over to Lee Shin Woo and shouted.

[You said you'd help us in our fight... not that you'd... get in our way!]

[I'm going...! I respect you, so I waited patiently, but... I cannot wait any longer!]

[Kuhaaaaaaaaaaah! The Titan is watching over us. We are still as invincible as ever, and we'll always be invincible!]

"All of you, calm down."


Lee Shin Woo saw an immediate difference now that his High Rank Command became level 2. Compared to yesterday, Lee Shin Woo had seemed to become even more dignified than before, so the Giants became a bit quieter. He used that opportunity to draw his sword.


[What are you trying to show us with your sword... Huh?]

He wasn't concerned with the Giants flinching and quickly drew a picture atop the icy ground. His picture portrayed the number and the location of the troops based on Rem's last findings.

"Our fight today was close to perfect. But it won't always be this easy. Do you see? That they're concentrating their forces around the Corps Commander. We succeeded because we divided and conquered, but if we hadn't, then we would've lost a lot of comrades."

[If that's the case, then shouldn't we be attacking!? By killing more, we prevent them from regrouping!]

"We came out victorious because we only fought until we couldn't anymore. If we were greedy for more, then you would've been hurt."

He was sure now that Metafel possessed a skill that caused his troops to gather around him or an artifact with a similar effect!

Despite Kratia using large scale magic to collapse a mountain, Metafel's troops began to gather around him more and more, rather than them wandering and getting lost. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the ability was supernatural. Now he was sure that the Archmage hadn't sent Metafel's corps here for no reason.

'Even if something goes wrong with the artifact, he trusted that Metafel's ability would take care of the rest. It's frustrating, but he picked well. As expected of the 12 generals...'

[If that's the case, then...]


Lee Shin Woo finished thinking and raised his head. The level 7 Giant, which unlike the empty-headed Giants, had 'followed his orders and had grown considerably', looked at him seriously (although his eyes were rotten).

[Then that means we have to figure out how to move now. Isn't that why you came? To tell us that? Humans are weak, but I'm well aware of how strong they get when they bunch together. You're telling us not to charge in head-on against them.]

"Exactly. I've come to tell you my strategy."

Lee Shin Woo was deeply moved. It became so much easier to explain since there was someone who actually understood what he was talking about. Once the level 7 Giant spoke, the hostile level 5 and level 6 Giants quieted down.

"I told you this before, but the reason we were able to put up such a good fight was because we stopped the enemies from grouping up and only fought against the troops that were divided from the main force. So what do we do against them, now that they've gathered into one main force?"

Lee Shin Woo drew a line through the 37,000 undead on his rough map. He cut off the tail end of the group.

Then, he drew another line, and then another one after that. He drew dozens of lines until there was only one small group of enemies remaining.

"It's fundamentally the same. We divided and conquer. Thus far, we've been doing our utmost to keep them from grouping up, but from now on, we'll cut down that main force and lessen its size."


"With mother nature."

If this were flatland, then this strategy wouldn't work. And if they weren't Giants, then it would likewise be impossible. But in this glacial mountain range, the 'Titans' were capable of controlling mother nature with ease.

"If we don't have a wall, then we'll just break a hill and make one. If the ground they're walking on is stable, then make it unstable. Become nature's fury and cajole your enemies. When they fall to chaos, then we'll cut them down bit by bit. It's time to show them how impressive you really are."

[How impressive we really are...]

[Nature's fury...]

Did Lee Shin Woo's words reach them? Once the Giants heard him, the Giants smiled faintly with their rotten lips. Lee Shin Woo's jawbone rattled, as he had succeeded in using them to 'set up traps'. 

[I feel like you're worthy now.]

And then, one of the level 7 Giants said abruptly.

[I suppose it's alright to show you the Titan's Heart, as you're a human who understands a Giant's strength and is acknowledged by the Giants.]


And now, he unexpectedly had the chance to advance his goals.

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