Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 227

<Chapter 33. Titan - 3>

Their reason for manufacturing a golem was simple. When they thought about how they could take down Metafel, who had evolved into a level 8 Eater, they naturally came to the conclusion that they needed to create 'something so strong that Metafel wouldn't be able to beat it'. But when it came down to it, their only option was to use the golem core.

Although the core was defective, as it could only discharge energy for a few minutes, it didn't change the fact that it was a level 8 item.

"Are you really done analyzing it? Can we really make a golem out of it?"

[I have found out everything that I could. You should be able to create a golem, Master.]

"...Alright, then let's bet it all on the golem."

But before they began manufacturing the golem, Rem taught them why they hadn't been able to analyze the core fully.

[This core cannot be placed in an artificial container. It will not activate. It lacks the ability to receive orders from an outside source and act upon them. The only function it does have is to increase a golem's abilities.]


"Aren't cores designed to allow someone to control them?"

"Did I damage a key function when I turned it into bone? No, there's no way."

At this point, the two were halfway panicking and began interrogating Rem. However, Rem corrected their very basic misunderstanding.

[This core was created quite differently from the Empire's... or more specifically, Arema Steelworker's golem manufacturing technique. If not for you bestowing me with a unique authority, which allows me to have a deep understanding of 'all golems', rather than just a specific type of golem, then I would not have been able to figure it out, Master.]

"I gave you that ability, huh. I don't even remember giving you that ability..."

"The only horse here is Jin, Kek!" 

Kratia made such a lame joke, despite there being no time to waste, causing Jin to kick her with his hind legs. Lee Shin Woo ignored their little spat and Rem continued with its analysis.

[Of course, I wasn't able to find out everything myself, but I was able to figure out its functionality. This core stores an overwhelming amount of heat, and for a moment, explodes and circulates it in a unique pattern. This is the way the heat circulates.]

Rem extended its sharp beak and drew as if carving onto the ground. That drawing included the protective layer that covered the core, or in other words, the golem's main body. But once Lee Shin Woo saw the circulating heat that flowed through its body, which originated from the golem core, he instinctively exclaimed.

"This... it's the same mana pattern that flows through the Giants!"

[That's correct. The circulation of this explosive heat greatly increases the size of the body. As a result, it will increase one's size to that of a Giants, while also increasing their strength significantly.]

"...Hmm, I see."

For years, the Giants had used a special pattern to circulate their interior mana to increase the size of their bodies. However, that wasn't actually suitable for the living Giants; instead, it was the mana circulation pattern applied to a golem's body.

In other words, the golem's body was akin to a drawn magic circle, with the heat released by the core as its fuel. Obviously, this magic circle was most effective when the core was spewing out heat, not when used with a Giant's mana. This was also the reason that the core strengthened nearby Giants.

"So that's how it works. It was originally designed for a large golem. This mana pattern would allow a golem to temporarily become a Titan and is the peak of magic engineering..."

"If that's the case, then perhaps the Giants engraved the mana patterns into their bodies so that they wouldn't trouble the Titans when they repaired the golem."

"No, they probably just wanted to become as large as the Titans."

Those Giants were anxiously awaiting the Titan's resurrection, were repeatedly bowing their heads from a distance, and were furtively taking glances at them. Considering the fact that they didn't even react to Kratia, who was a living being, it was clear how much faith they had in the Titan.

"Then what about the golem's ego? How does the gigantified golem move?"

[The core's remaining function should explain that.]

Rem drew an oval-shaped object in the center of the golem, slightly larger than the core and situated in a similar location. When compared to the size of the core, it seemed like the size that a human being could easily go in and out through.

However, that was just the start. Rem ignored the core and the oval-shaped object for now and drew several lines that originated from the oval-shaped object, which traveled throughout the golem. It was as if Rem was drawing blood vessels. The core and this oval-shaped object seemed to be the heart of the golem. This was...

"Huh? Hey wait, is this..."

[That's correct.]

Anyone would've noticed by now, even if they weren't Lee Shin Woo. Rem retained its calm tone and continued speaking.

[The core gigantifies the golem's body, and the golem's body is used as a medium to synchronize the core with the user.]


[Synchronization doesn't simply mean that your movements are synchronized. The heat that's quickly circulating through the golem's body amplifies the user's mana as well and spreads that mana throughout the golem's body. In other words, while the core is active, the user essentially becomes a gigantic golem.]


He was quite familiar with this. Of course, the operating principle was different from start to finish, but Lee Shin Woo was quite familiar with the end result.

To think he'd be able to become a giant hero! Becoming incredibly strong for a limited duration... that was exactly like Ultraman!

"This is the first time I've thought that it was great that I came to this world."

"Shin Woo, you look really excited.

"No, I'm not. I'm really serious. It looks like there's no way to fight that level 8 monster and come out of this unscathed other than to make this golem. So let's make it right away."

"But you can't make this with just anything, right?"

"Well, that goes without saying."

The core's explosive heat and the mana circulation technique together allow the golem's main body to gigantify instantaneously. However, if the materials themselves can't withstand that immense heat and magic, then they wouldn't be able to make the golem in the first place.

"Do you know what this golem was made of in the past?"

[I'm not too sure. However, if we look at the condition of the outer body once it has finished releasing its heat, then we can figure out what materials we need for its construction.]

Rem drew another drawing. It looked just like the core, but the outer body covering it was... Mm... was incredibly small. This would be exaggerating a bit, but it was like it was being wrapped in cellophane.

[The golem's main body must consist of materials that have been compressed to the very limit. That way, the moment the heat is released, the user's entire body will be covered while synchronizing with the golem, and immediately after, the golem will expand. It was probably designed to fit a human.]

"Compressed to its very limit..."

[However, there's an even more stringent condition: the endlessly released heat. The core, which has completely expelled all its heat, must absorb a huge quantity of heat over an extremely long period of time. Obviously, the main body also absorbs some of the core's heat. Normal materials would break at this stage from the core's heat.]

"Of course, since it's releasing an extreme heat, the golem's body has to endure that heat as well."

Rem nodded its tiny bird head.

[That's correct. Therefore, if I were to guess which material would best work, then..."

"The sunlight stone."

[Indeed. However, I believe it would be impossible with just a normal sunlight stone or a Solar Fossil. They are not durable enough nor do they have the required level of heat. Plus, they will not survive the processing required to use as materials for the main body.]

He wondered, did they have a way to compress the sunlight stone to the very limit and process it for use on the main body in the past? Perhaps they possessed a material that was even greater than the sunlight stone; it may have been bestowed upon them by God herself.

However, Lee Shin Woo's party didn't have anything of the sort. He had no choice but to go with what he had. Plus, they needed to do it as quickly as possible, before the Eater broke free of his spatial prison.

"Rem, can you and Kratia map out the main body? If we want to go from this candy paper like golem to a truly imposing golem, then we'll need a thorough mana plan."

[Of course.]

"I'll try my best."

"Good, then I'll..."

Lee Shin Woo took out all of his Solar Fossils from his inventory. He hectically fed the Solar Fossils to the core and despite it being fully functional now, he still had one hundred Solar Fossils left. And more importantly, he still had the Solar Fossil that came from the giant sunlight stone that illuminated the Kadinan facility.

"Good, then shall we?"

Lee Shin Woo decided to bet it all on the giant Solar Fossil. It not only radiated the most heat, but it was also the most durable.

If he used all the Solar Fossils to reinforce this one, then it might be good enough to use as the golem's main body. Lee Shin Woo steeled himself and began reinforcing the Solar Fossil.

[Consuming a Solar Fossil to reinforce the Giant Solar Fossil! The Giant Solar Fossil is reinforced.]

[Giant Solar Fossil (0.2%)]


Was it just him, or did seeing 0.2% feel really bad? If using one Solar Fossil reinforced it by 0.2%, then it was obvious what using 100 of them would yield.

Of course, nothing might even happen if he reached that 100%, but once the percentage showed up, he felt an obsessive feeling of wanting to reach 100%.

[It feels like it has gotten hotter than before, Master. Moreover, it has become tougher as well. It truly is an ore... a fossil designed to manufacture this golem.]

"...Yeah, I should just use them all, shouldn't I?"

Lee Shin Woo was invigorated by Rem's cheer and continued reinforcing the Giant Solar Fossil. Should he say it was a relief? Around the middle, there were some Solar Fossils that increased the percentage by 0.3%.

Even so, it wouldn't make much of a difference, so... after he used up all of his Solar Fossils, the Giant Solar Fossil's reinforcement was only 23.6% complete.

"...Do you think this will work?"

[I don't think that will work. The heat and the durability aren't sufficient...]

As expected, Rem didn't know how to beat around the bush. At that moment, Lee Shin Woo hated Rem for its bluntness, but he couldn't take his anger out on someone who was innocent, so Lee Shin Woo sifted through his inventory, looking for a way to reinforce his Giant Solar Fossil.

However, he came up empty. He couldn't reinforce the Giant Solar Fossil anymore. But did that mean he should give up here? Like hell.

[I-If it's for the Titan, then I can even give up this rotten body of mine!]

[Paul Zero, please use my body to give the Titan a new one!]

"No, it's ok. I appreciate it though."

No matter how similar their mana patterns were, they wouldn't be of any help to the Titan. The relationship between the Giants and the Titans was extremely one-sided! As he thought, he only had one choice left.

"Damn it. Now that it's come to this, I have to leave..."

"Shin Woo?"

"Kratia, keep working. But... Chi Paul, Shino Rendu, Bisher Moon... and Ellata and Arogan."

Lee Shin Woo had called for all of his level 7 elites, as well as Shino Rendu. Unfortunately, the rest of his troops wouldn't be helpful against Metafel, so he left the rest of his troops at the deepest part of the Giants' domain. They would just help Metafel if they were found.

"You guys... if Metafel gets in while I'm gone, stop him. Just buying some time is plenty, so don't risk your lives."


[That's what I've been waiting for.]

[I trust you, Sir Paul Zero.]

[I will.]

All of their replies were reassuring, but when he recollected the sight of Metafel as he ran away, he couldn't help but feel worried. Lee Shin Woo gritted his teeth and looked at each and every one of them.

[...Sir Paul Zero.]

Especially at Shino Rendu, who was the only one who hadn't reached level 7. He used most of the bones that they'd gotten from the battle on him, but he still hadn't reached level 7.

"...Shino, you can't die. You won't be satisfied with exacting revenge on just Metafel, right?"

[Of course not.]

Shino replied reassuringly and then added.

[I've abandoned my goal of killing Metafel by myself. Instead, when you've defeated him, I'd like to hit him at least once by your side. For that, I cannot die.]

"Good. That's it. You can't die."

He couldn't lose his precious investment, now could he? With that in mind, Lee Shin Woo replied, and Shino Rendu responded with an absolutely refreshing smile. Lee Shin Woo smiled back, turned around, and activated the heroes' authority.

That was, of course, entering the secret shop.

[1] T/N: This joke doesn't make sense in English. The word 'to say' can also mean 'horse', so his sentence could be interpreted as 'I gave you that horse'. The second line doesn't make sense if you make this substitution, but Koreans will understand it. Trust me, it's a terrible joke.

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