Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 228

<Chapter 33. Titan - 4>

"Oh my, Mr. Shin Woo! Guten tag!"

Once Lee Shin Woo entered the secret shop, Pleine, who had been sitting at the counter with a wearisome expression, lit up and waved at him. It seemed like she was quite happy to see him.

"It's been such a long time since you last came. We may not have any bones left to sell, but you should come by at times to further our partnership..."

"I'd like to improve this item. I need any materials that increase heat, durability or compression. Even better if you have a bone which belonged to an individual who could control heat."

Lee Shin Woo dispensed with the pleasantries and went straight to the point. Pleine picked up on this and soon adopted a serious expression, and surveyed the giant fossil that Lee Shin Woo had placed on the ground... the Giant Solar Fossil.

"It's a sunlight stone (or used to be). When it changed, it began to radiate heat rather than light... though I have no idea what you plan on using this for."

When she took into account Lee Shin Woo's Bone Reinforcement skill, then there were a couple of items that she had in mind. Pleine turned around, entered into a storehouse-like place that wasn't visible to Lee Shin Woo, and began to dig through her inventory while Lee Shin Woo waited nervously.

"I found it. I guess I didn't sell it!"

"What is it!?"

It was worth coming here! It seemed like Pleine understood how urgent Lee Shin Woo felt, as she rushed back and placed a deep, a very deep crimson-colored gem atop his bony hand.

"It's called the Lunatic Scarlet and is a top rank ruby capable of containing a high amount of heat. Any fire magician would want it... Anyway, that doesn't matter. It costs 41 million Perium!"


"Thank you!"

It cost about as much as a level 7 elite bone, but Lee Shin Woo bought it without hesitation. He felt it as he gripped the ruby. Although it was quite small, in terms of its ability, it was in no way inferior to the Solar Fossil!

[The Lunatic Scarlet is affected by the Bone Reinforcement skill and is transformed. You have acquired the Bone of Lunatic Scarlet!]

It was compatible with Bone Reinforcement as well! Although the transformation caused the item to assume an uglier form, the heat within, as well as its durability had increased, and Lee Shin Woo was sure that this would work.

"Bone Reinforcement!"

[Consuming the Bone of Lunatic Scarlet to reinforce the Giant Solar Fossil! A resounding success! The Giant Solar Fossil has become the Scarlet Solar Fossil!]

[Scarlet Solar Fossil (48.7%)]

He expected as much, but it was indeed a resounding success. In the process of absorbing the Bone of Lunatic Scarlet, the Giant Solar Fossil had become compressed, and its durability, as well as its heat, had increased. Ultimately, it radiated a red light and emitted an overwhelming amount of heat, becoming a fossil about the size of a human being. However...


This wasn't enough. Even now, Kratia and Rem were desperately analyzing the core and were creating a blueprint for the golem's body. However, the Scarlet Solar Fossil was far from enough for the golem. ...Even so, he was going in the right direction.

"Pleine, please. Give me some more Lunatic Scarlets... Give me as many as you can. I need at least three of them!"

"I beg your pardon? If the Lunatic Scarlet wasn't enough, then what... there's nothing left in the storehouse. That's quite the rare gem!"

"Then, please give me something similar!"

Pleine was flustered and opened her mouth wide from Lee Shin Woo's request, but soon, she looked like she wasn't going to give up. She was in charge of the secret shop, a place that would sell anything a hero needed, so it would be humiliating if she couldn't provide what he needed.

"...Then, I'll have to use some other methods to get what you need. I'll be going on a business trip."

"What did you say?"

"A business trip to the surface. I don't have what you need, so I need to go get it for you. It's been a long time since I've left the store. I don't know what you're trying to do, but... please provide me travel funds. It costs three secret shop permits."

Travel funds were equivalent to three secret shop permits? He quickly gave her the permits but thought that something was off. Wait a sec, if secret shop permits were used as travel funds to go to the surface, then...

"I'll be back soon, so please wait here. Please remember that I wouldn't normally do this for anyone!"

Once Pleine grabbed onto the three permits (normally, permits were invisible to the naked eye, but Pleine had a way of giving them a physical form), layered them together, and bit on them. At that moment, the red haired beauty abruptly disappeared from the shop.

"What the..."

[Jin Taylor: Hey, the barrier's shaking! I think Metafel's finally found where we are!]

"Ah, damn."

He'd expected as much, but to think Metafel would get there so quickly! This was probably a result of his heightened ability to dominate the surrounding mana from becoming a level 8 Eater. Or it could be the Eater karma's ability, allowing him to sense the presences of nearby prey. Or maybe it was a bit of both.

[Jin Taylor: Of course, it seems like he's still a far ways off from getting to the deepest part, but that guy's really no joke... Uh, I think Kratia will only last for a couple of hours!]

"Stay strong for a bit longer. Pleine left to get me some items."

[Jin Taylor: To get you some items? In any case, you're saying that you can't come back right away, right? ...Shin Woo, you have to make a decision now. We can still run away with our level 6 or higher troops. We'll be able to get away if we sacrifice the lower level ones.]


Lee Shin Woo hadn't expected Jin to come out and say that and was briefly caught off guard. Jin soon sighed and continued.

[Jin Taylor: Most of the other guys are pretty weak, so they won't be useless. But if Metafel manages to eat all of the elites, he'll become so strong that it'll be difficult to face him later. I don't want to leave these guys behind, but...]

"I'm so shocked that you'd come to such a logical conclusion."

[Jin Taylor: I have my own ideas too! ...You act like you don't, but you do take a lot of risks. Until now, you've gotten by with your abilities, but... Well, even though you got some help from me or some other people, ultimately, you overcame all adversity, but it's too much for you this time. That's worrying for me.]

He was right. They hadn't even seen the original form of the Titan's Heart, or the Titan Bone Core as of yet (which was their only chance of success), the core itself had just barely been restored, and what's worse, they were in the middle of researching how to recreate the main body while their time was limited.

What's worse, getting those materials relied solely on luck. It would be foolish to think that they could win in any safe manner... However, Lee Shin Woo replied firmly.

"But Jin, if we just leave him here and run, it'll be even worse later on."

If he hadn't seen Metafel evolve into a level 8, then he might've chosen to run. However, now that he'd born witness to his evolution, Lee Shin Woo couldn't run away.

"It doesn't matter if it's us or not, Metafel can go anywhere to eat. The longer we just leave him be, the stronger he'll become. We have to take care of him here, if for no other reason than ensure that he doesn't become a bigger threat in the future."

[Jin Taylor: That's... it doesn't have to be us that takes care of him though...]

"Maybe, but that's only if I could actually trust the other seniors. In any case, I've decided that we have to finish him here, so don't worry so much. If need be, I can just use the core myself."

[Jin Taylor: If you do, then you really will die!]

"Yeah, but if I can kill him by dying once, it's worth it. So, don't worry and just wait for me. We can beat him. But we're trying our very best to find a way that minimizes the damage to us."

[Jin Taylor: ...]

Jin was speechless for a time but soon accepted his decision.

[Jin Taylor: When you die, I die, alright?]

"You got it."

Once their conversation was finished, Kratia messaged him.

[Kratia Melloi: I think it's possible. Rem's amazing.]

"What about processing the materials?"

[Kratia Melloi: We'll need your help, but yeah, we can do it, Shin Woo. But to use the golem, you need at least High Rank Fire Resistance and at least the High Rank Darkness element. It would be even better if you have the Fire element as well.]

"At least high rank. I got it. I'll try to get it that high."

He'd asked her to bring everything she had, so Lee Shin Woo could probably absorb one of them. Lee Shin Woo replied and simultaneously brought out his staff, beginning to train his Fire Resistance.

Lee Shin Woo used the 'Bone Winged Serpent' staff, which amplified the strength of the opposite element to change ice into fire and use it on himself. It was quite a crude method of training, but still, it was an effective way of training his Fire Resistance!

[Kratia Melloi: Also, Metafel just entered the Giants' domain. Fortunately, the core is amplifying the effects of the complex spatial barriers around the deeper areas. It'll be 1 hour and 54 minutes before he gets here.]

"If I bring you all the materials, how long would it take you to make the golem?"

[Kratia Melloi: I'm not sure, Shin Woo. Come back soon.]

"...I'll come back as soon as possible."

Once they were finished, Lee Shin Woo spent his time hellishly training his Fire Resistance. Once in a while, Jin or Kratia would report on the current situation, which made him feel more and more uneasy. They would tell him that Metafel had pierced through some of the barrier, or that their blueprints were almost done!

[Jin Taylor: I can kind of see him now, Shin Woo. Are you almost ready?]


It had been three minutes since Jin's last report, but then, the space seemed to shake and Pleine reappeared.

"I'm back... Kyaa! Why are you using fire in the shop!?"

"I'm training my Fire Resistance. More importantly, were you able to get them?"

"I was only able to get you one Lunatic Scarlet. I'm sorry."


Shit, he was screwed! Now their only option was to prepare for death and charge! But since she'd at least brought him one, he could absorb it to increase his Fire Resistance, and use the core himself without the golem. Lee Shin Woo gritted his teeth and extended his hand to ask for the Lunatic Scarlet. However, a small smile appeared on Pleine's exhausted face.

"However, I brought you something even better. You sure are lucky, Mr. Shin Woo! Moreover, no one will buy it, it's dirt cheap compared to its original selling price."

[Lv8 Shard of the Sun Temple's Central Pillar]

She had brought out a stone pillar... large enough to reach the ceiling of the shop. This was only a piece!? Moreover, the heat within was so much stronger than the Solar Fossil or the Lunatic Scarlet that it made him shudder.

Lee Shin Woo gaped and Pleine winked at him boastfully.

"There's a ridiculous amount of heat contained within, but there aren't actually a lot of applications for it. In the end, it can only really be used to make a weapon by cutting it down. However, it's different for you, isn't it, Mr. Shin Woo?"

"Of course."

"Altogether, it costs 350 million Perium. I've cut the price down as much as I could, but if you don't have the money right now, then I can lend you... You have the money!? How did you get that much money!?"

"Thank you so much, Pleine!"

Lee Shin Woo quickly paid for his purchase and acquired the Shard of the Sun Temple's Central Pillar. The moment it touched Lee Shin Woo's hand, the shard shook and amplified his heat greatly!

The shard fell onto Lee Shin Woo, but when he touched it, the pillar emitted heat and disappeared. Surprisingly, just that was enough to increase his Fire Resistance slightly.

[You have acquired the Lv8 Sun Fossil.]

"Nice, the name's gotten simpler. Bone Reinforcement!"

He felt like he should use the Scarlet Solar Fossil to reinforce the Sun Fossil, but when he took into account their compatibility with the golem, he concluded that the Solar Fossil was better to use for the golem's body. Lee Shin Woo didn't hesitate and reinforced the Scarlet Solar Fossil by using the Sun Fossil. As a result...

[The Scarlet Solar Fossil is being reinforced to the very limit. In addition, it can now produce divine energy as well.]

[You have acquired the Lv8 Hands That Cover the Sun.]

[The Bone Reinforcement skill has become Lv11! Through Bone Reinforcement, you can use power once forgotten.]


The two miraculous objects had fused together in Lee Shin Woo's hands, and ultimately, an unfathomable item had been born. Upon seeing that, Pleine was shocked. Did God lead Lee Shin Woo into making an item like this? Mm, it didn't seem that way!

"Then, I'll eat this one."

[Absorbing the Bone of Lunatic Scarlet through Bone Reinforcement. Magic has increased by 23. The Intermediate Fire Resistance and Fire Element have become Lv10, and have evolved to the high rank level! Magic has increased by 75!]

Lee Shin Woo smiled at the overwhelming heat he felt well up in his body and turned around.

"Thank you so much, Pleine!"

"Ah, please tell me what you used that on next time!"

Lee Shin Woo waved his hand at her and left the secret shop. Pleine, who'd been left alone in the shop, looked vacantly as she thought back to the appearance of the 'Hands That Cover the Sun'. She soon shook her head and sat down in her spot. Then, she sighed and muttered.

"It's been a long time since I've pulled so many strings. It's a good thing I checked up on those ruins... I really hope no one will find out. Seriously, I really hope no one finds out..."

At that time, the surface was in chaos, but it seemed as though her prayer had been answered, as no one had seen the red haired beauty.

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