Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 230

<Chapter 33. Titan - 6>

The battle was fierce. The Eater, Metafel, had set his sights on the core and rushed towards it, whereas the elites couldn't back off, so long as Lee Shin Woo was behind them.

[We have to avoid a direct confrontation. We have to be especially wary of those tongues. Each and every one of them has a High Rank Paralysis ability. He has all the abilities that help him eat his prey...!]

[This asshole's really tough... Shino!]


Shino stepped forward, as the one least worried about self-preservation.

He was aware of his limitations as a level 6, and the only skill that could overcome those limits and damage Metafel was... funnily enough, a skill called Titan Punch; he focused everything into that Titan Punch.

Once he used the skill, he wouldn't be able to move for quite a long time, but because he was fighting against the target of his revenge, Metafel, the damage dealt would be amplified, so it was definitely a skill capable of inflicting a severe injury!


[Now! Open wide. Eat ice and dirt!]

Shino was responsible for the offense, while the Giants were entirely responsible for defense. They wouldn't let Metafel advance even a single step!

Especially since Ellata possessed the ability to control the earth as she pleased; Metafel, whose entire body had become a giant mouth, opened wide. But because the Giants pelted him with ice and dirt, Metafel could neither attack nor advance. It was the best skill to have against Metafel.


[Damn it!]

However, Metafel soon familiarized himself with her attack pattern. Metafel continuously drew in both ice and dirt, and at some point, threw it back out at Ellata!

Moreover, his saliva was mixed in, which contained a powerful acid, as well as a paralysis ability, so it was quite the attack. Ellata quickly formed a dirt wall and blocked Metafel's counter, but Metafel's attack was much too strong, and her wall broke soon after.


[This dirty bastard is really...]

[Hoo, I'm going!]

Right when Ellata was about to be hit by Metafel's vomit, intense flames rose up into the air and burned Metafel's attack. It was none other than Chi Paul's ability.

[This is the power of the flames that Master gave me!]

The surging mana throughout his entire body turned into flames, and he shot them out at Metafel, halting his advance. Metafel pressed forward as if to eat those flames as well, but fortunately, it seemed like Metafel wasn't very compatible with elemental power!

Perhaps the reason Kratia had been able to stop his evolution for so long was because of the negative effect of his karma? Metafel hadn't been able to completely absorb the fire, as the fire burst within his stomach, causing internal damage.

[How troublesome! I'll roast and eat you all!]

[You'll be cooked before you get the chance!]

The flames were hot enough (due to him being a level 7 elite) that they left deep marks on his body, but Metafel's body was ridiculously large.

Though burned by the flames, Metafel continued to advance. Bisher Moon also rushed over, and with his sharp nails severed Metafel's tongues without pause.

[Damn it. I cut and I cut, but there's no end to them. Moreover, it feels like my body is melting away just by getting close...! So this is a level 8!]

[Don't falter. There's nowhere left to retreat!]

[Tch... Kuhaaaaaaahk!]

Ultimately, Bisher wrapped his body in darkness. Bisher had been saving his mana, but decided that now was the time to use it; the moment he released all that mana, Bisher became one with his clan's symbol, the very moon which didn't exist in the Empire.

That miraculous connection caused Bisher's arms to become hotter, and his nails to become longer.

[I didn't... come back to be devoured by this two-bit beast!]

As the mana consumption was severe, he couldn't maintain the skill for very long, but if he didn't use it now, he wouldn't have a chance to use it. All ten of his fingernails were as sharp as the finest blade, and he swung them forward. Even a level 8's body would be cut by them!


[I'll cut everything on you!]

Chi Paul and Bisher Moon fought hard, causing Metafel to continue to accrue injuries. While they kept him busy, Shino Rendu let out another powerful attack, causing Metafel to retreat a few steps back.

[You bastarrrrrrrds!]

He wanted to eat the Giants, as well as that fragrant mana beyond them! But because he was prevented from doing so numerous times by the elites, his desire continued to swell until it reached a peak.

At that moment, his body cracked, and deep black tongues burst out between those cracks. Anything that comprised Metafel, whether it be his bones, his blood vessels, his muscles, or even his skin was optimized for 'eating'.



One who reaches level 8 forces mana to assimilate with them. Anyone who comes within their 'turf' would weaken, and this ability could even incapacitate their opponents as well.

Metafel instinctively raised his ability to its very limit and dyed the surrounding mana with his 'Eater' karma. The characteristics of the eater karma had been injected into the dominated mana.

[I can't move...!]

[The magic!]

They felt it as Metafel was sucking in the ambient mana. It was quite shudder-inducing, but contrary to one might think it was only the preparation that came before the actual eating.


Metafel took a step forward. The moment he assimilated the mana, his body broke down, but in its place, countless tongues took their place; now his body was entirely composed of tongues. Bones and tongues, skin and tongues, blood and tongues, muscles and tongues... Metafel's body overflowed with tongues, as if ready to eat each and every one of them.

[Eat... I'll eat you all!]



However, the moment he was about to begin eating, Arogan, who was able to resist the mana eating, rushed forward and attacked Metafel by himself. Metafel stretched out his tongues in order to eat not only him, but the others as well, but Arogan desperately grabbed all of them and pulled.

[Where do you think... Kuaaaaaaaah!]

[Keuk, you troublesome bastard!]

Arogan's ability as a hero was 'taunt'. That miraculous ability would draw his opponent's attention, actions, and even magic towards him.

It was an ability that would allow him to be a shield for his party, and that's how he had lived his life as well. And by taunting one last time, he had decided to sacrifice his life to save the rest of his party!


[I've already lost an arm. It's better that I sacrifice myself, Ellata! Survive until the very end and stay by the Titan's side!]

Although Arogan had bought enough time for her to retreat, she not only didn't retreat, but attempted to save him as well, so Arogan yelled firmly. He activated his skill to its limit, drawing all of Metafel's tongues towards him. It was to the point that his body was no longer visible.

[Keuk. Urgh...!]


In the end, they were unable to see Arogan. Through his sacrifice, Bisher, Chi Paul, and Shino Rendu were barely able to retreat and gasped (though they really couldn't). They kept their eyes on Metafel, but Ellata, unable to contain her fury, struck the ground with her hands, encasing her hands in dirt and ice mixed gloves. Then, she charged at Metafel.

[Give me back my comrade, you monster!]

Maybe it was just her, but it felt like her body was overflowing with power. She was sure that it was because of her anger and believed it to be so. However...


Metafel screamed before she could land a hit. Did her intent strike first before her body? Ellata fists shook in surprise, and a portion of Metafel's body (which had become a mass of tongues) burst.


A Giant's roar resounded throughout the area. It wasn't Ellata. It was none other than Arogan!

[Lv7 Bone Titan Knight - Arogan]

Ellata's eyes widened when she saw Arogan tear through a portion of Metafel's body and come out. Arogan had been reborn; his once rotten flesh had been replaced by tough jet-black bones that went from head to toe.

[Titan! Oh Titan!]

[Oh, ooooh...]

He'd lost all his flesh, but that didn't mean he was weaker. On the contrary, the essence of his karma had enriched his bones and had made him even stronger... Plus, his lost arm had been restored in bone form.

Honestly, there was a world of difference in his power compared to before he had been swallowed by Metafel!

[You're the same, Ellata!]

[Is that so...!?]


Metafel screamed in acute pain and shot out his tongues at Arogan! However, Arogan stretched out his jet black arm and blocked the tongues.

[Kuuuuuu! Ellata!]


Of course, there was still a clear level disparity. He was still weaker in terms of pure strength, and his reinforced bones would still melt.

However, he could endure it. He could fight him head-on. Seeing that, Ellata felt something inside of her, some core part of her was sublimating into something greater. Then, she realized.

'The Titan has returned.'

They'd already heard that the Titan's strength would not last forever. They'd also heard that the Titan's appearance might not be as they imagined. However, the Titan Tribe had prayed and wished for the Titan's return for hundreds of years, and those prayers themselves became a mass of karma, amassing within the Giants' minds and bodies.

And when the Titan walked upon the grounds of Heita once more, they would be able to accept that karma! That karma was only for them, and would entrust them with the Titan's Pride!


Just like Arogan, Ellata roared and her body began to change. Because she hadn't lost her flesh, there was another evolution available to her, aside from Bone Titan. Her body lessened to about 2 meters, but in exchange, not only did her muscles and bones become tougher but her once dead blood had been replaced by pure mana blood vessels.

Her rotten equipment broke apart, just like her once rotten body, and her bare body was covered in red bone armor. All of the karma she had amassed in her life (Perium) sublimated into a greater form: her armor.

[Lv7 Titan Armored Knight - Ellata]

She was repaid for the karma she'd amassed for so many years, but she wasn't the only one that had changed, now was she? The Giants, who were hidden deep with their territory, couldn't endure the surging power and they all roared and came out of hiding. Right now, they were all being reborn as new elites!

[Lv6 Elite Titan Knight]

[Lv6 Elite Titan Rider]

[Lv5 Elite Titan Soldier]

Hundreds of Giants overflowed with new strength and new mana. The heat caused the ice, which hadn't melted for dozens of years, to melt and flow into currents of water, and even that water soon evaporated.

The ground was exposed. The earth that had been hidden for so many years along with the Titan's Heart was so pure and clean as if blessing the Giants.


Jin, who had been freed of lugging Lee Shin Woo around for a change, saw the Giants as they roared from all directions and could only say one thing.

"I feel like it'd be a cinch if we fought Ethan Cruz now..."

"Don't be careless. But against Metafel, yeah, we won by a landslide."

Kratia, who'd finished with the intense manufacturing and had obtained the fruits of her labor, wiped her forehead proudly. Creating this golem had significantly increased her skill level in artifact manufacturing, so she couldn't help but be happy. However, what made her even more happy was...

"Go get him, Titan."

The fact that she'd brought back a legend with her very own hands.


The Titan, Lee Shin Woo replied.

The Titan, which had returned in the form of red bones, took a step forward. 

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