Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 276

<Chapter 51. Underground's Sun - 1>

The Sun General did his job. Befitting one of the surface's Heavenly Commanders, he was able to hold out against the last remaining Heavenly Commander of the Underground Empire.

Leofield likely possessed an artifact that tracked their movements, and so his subordinates attacked the Sun General along with him, rather than follow the Vampire's main force. Lee Shin Woo nodded his head in satisfaction, as he checked what was happening through the Mana Radar.

[No one else is chasing us anymore. Judika's holding them back.]

"That man... He'll die."

[You don't know that.]

"Hmph. I guess it doesn't matter. I just hope he does his job properly."

He strongly agreed with her, but he feigned indifference. The Light General changed topics, as she understood how he was feeling.


She didn't really care why the Sun Spear General had done what he did; after all, he, her biggest obstacle, got rid of himself on his own. She secretly formed a barrier so that her subordinates couldn't hear her and said.

"Do we really have to kill Seagald here?"

[We do. I believe I already explained it to you.]

"Did you? I'm glad to see you haven't been idling around all these years."

The previous day, Lee Shin Woo had acted surprised at the 'revelation' that Arema Steelworker's true body was gone (this was important) and conversed with the Light General. In the end, he decided to get his revenge.

Despite that, he was still committed to killing Seagald, as Seagald's vengeance wasn't only aimed at the surface's 'Emperor'.

[He'll eventually ravage the surface. We can't drag innocent citizens into our affairs. We have to finish it here.]

"Ha. You still care so much for the people who have long since abandoned you, I see."

[This world is nothing without humans.]

Lee Shin Woo said and was momentarily silent. He took out what he'd prepared while she was resting yesterday. It was an envelope.

"This is...?"

[Just in case I die.]

"I don't need it."

[You'll need it. No... I want to entrust it to you.]


Lee Shin Woo recalled writing a personal note for himself, yet a friend of his, who he thought was quite close, had revealed it to the entire school; he used that memory to help him put on a convincingly sad expression. His face became naturally tinged in betrayal and emptiness.

Seeing that, Jin wondered whether or not it was ok for golems to have advanced so far. Lee Shin Woo just completely ignored her consternation and continued.

[I know. The best case scenario is me getting through this battle alive. But if I can't return to the surface, then I hope you can do this in my stead. ...I'd like you to prove that I existed.]

"This is..."

[You don't need to look at it now. If I die and your feelings haven't changed, then open it. There'll be people who can help you. There's someone I met on the surface... He's a hero, but he's trustworthy.]


The Light General couldn't formulate a coherent response and just stared at Lee Shin Woo.

However, Lee Shin Woo was acting exactly as Arema would, putting up a front that would work on Arema's past lover! And that woman, who had loved Arema so dearly, just bit her lip and accepted it.

"I won't let you die. I'll hold on to this envelope for you, but I'll never get a chance to open it."


This time his 'hmph' meant 'You always say something that causes my resolve to waver'. At this point, Lee Shin Woo's acting was so perfect that it was almost impossible to differentiate him from Arema.

[Shin Woo, you'll definitely get an Oscar this year.]

[I'm in character right now, so be quiet.]

[You're not even denying that you're from the surface now, are you?]

Fortunately, his beautiful performance, which confused himself along with everyone else, would soon come to an end. After all, he started sensing traces of the Archmage and the Annihilation Flame Sword God close by.

'He really brought the rest of Anti-Skull with him. I'm sure of it. He's definitely trying to end it here.'

Seagald was planning on bringing the Lich and the Emperor to his side no matter what. If that happened, Lee Shin Woo's forces wouldn't lose, but the already complicated situation would become even more complicated!

'But based on how it's going, we're actually at an advantage.'

Originally, Lee Shin Woo hadn't expected the Magic Emperor to send two of his Heavenly Commanders down. Moreover, to think he'd be able to use one of them to hold off the underground Heavenly Commander, Leofield Von Tariman! Not only that, the Archmage wasn't staying next to the Emperor and was facing off against Seagald.

'Yeah, everything's perfect. I'll kill him here no matter what...!'

[Yeah, even if I have to die...]

"I told you to stop saying that!"

He instinctively muttered, and the Light General nervously yelled. He was supposed to add 'one or two times after it', but had deliberately omitted it. She obviously didn't know the truth.

This kind of thing was important. He kept saying things that foreshadowed his death! So that if he did die, they could say 'it really felt like he was going to die'!


The closer they got to their destination, the louder the monsters' screams became. They were probably summoned by the Archmage himself.

Had he been visiting the high level dungeons for that many years? Lee Shin Woo was speechless and tightened his fist. Surprisingly, his fist was covered in a blindingly bright golden mana... metal element mana!

[You have learned the Lv1 High Rank Metal Element and Magic has increased by 100!]

The gold element, or more specifically, the metal element. It was an element that could only be wielded by individuals with a metal body, and although it originated from the earth element, it was both stronger and tougher than its counterpart, almost resembling pure physical force.

"T-That's...!? Arema, you're finally able to wield an element on your own. And it's a never before seen element at that...!"

[I'm leading the way, so it's only natural that I'm the one who discovered it.]

"...You always did hide your own achievements. You really haven't changed at all."


While the element specialized in reinforcing metal, it was also possible to concentrate it and fire it off like a brute (like Arema).

It satisfied both physical force and mana, and was a well-rounded element that increased one's attack and defense. And Lee Shin Woo was now able to replicate that extraordinary element...

[When did you learn that element!? You didn't even absorb Arema's bones!]

[I actually just learned it right now. I thought it wouldn't work. I tried recreating it by basing it off the earth element, but it turns out I could do it.]

[It just turns out you can do it... It just turns out you can do it!?]

He'd tried to replicate the element, but had ended up learning it instead! Lee Shin Woo didn't know this yet, but by acting as Arema Steelworker for the past few days, he was able to completely understand him, enabling him to use his element!

[You are exceptionally talented in handling the Metal element. The High Rank Metal Element has become Lv4 and Magic has increased by 60.]

'Hmm, so it starts off at high rank level 4, huh? Maybe Arema's was at this level too. Though his body was tough, he wasn't very good at handling an element...'

If Arema Steelworker's friends hadn't come down and forced him to concentrate entirely on acting, then this wouldn't have happened.

It was such a relief that Arema Steelworker had wielded the Metal element. If Arema Steelworker had possessed an innate element, then even Lee Shin Woo wouldn't have been able to replicate it so easily!

Several coincidences had coincided, creating a miracle, and that miracle caused Lee Shin Woo to advance even further. It was truly a feat befitting a Joker.


'It's a good thing', he thought, and used his newly learned metal element to form a sphere and throw it.

He increased his arm's physical strength to an abnormal level through the Manatization skill, causing the sphere to rush towards Seagald!


Seagald had sensed the distant projectile and tried evading it by erasing his entire presence, but he was facing off against none other than the Archmage, Feotane Von Seldin.

The Archmage immediately froze the space around Seagald, so Seagald was unable to fully erase his presence. Ultimately, Seagald had lost his arm from the shoulder down. Lee Shin Woo inwardly tightened his fist and yelled 'Strike!'. It was a perfect surprise attack, a perfect combination attack, and a perfect...

'It was a perfect dead ball, Shin Woo.'

[I came for revenge, Seagald!]

Lee Shin Woo, like always, ignored Jin's retort and yelled boomingly! Seagald had belatedly freed himself from the time prison and retreated; he gripped his long sword with his still good hand and looked down at him. If looks could kill, then Lee Shin Woo would've been torn in half by now.

[Arema Steelworker...! After all that, you still didn't die...!?]

[My body, which you so lovingly broke apart, still throbs! This isn't nearly enough, Seagald. I won't let you die quickly; I'll break your arms and legs and then kill you slowly...!]

Seagald was genuinely angry. He'd lost everything in Bayran, so that's why he could speak with such hatred! Hearing 'Arema's' retort, Seagald realized that he'd made a mistake in Bayran.

If he'd finished off Arema in Bayran, then he wouldn't be in this situation where the surface had sent reinforcements!

[And who is this? Aren't you Arema Steelworker!?]

Several monsters were fighting off Anti-Skull, and the Archmage, Feotane Von Seldin, who was holding his own against Seagald, recognized Lee Shin Woo as well. To be exact, he recognized Arema Steelworker. Lee Shin Woo yelled in a booming voice once more.

[Lich, I have a lot I want to say to you, but let me tell you just one thing. Let's work together!]

[Work together? You want me to work together with you, someone who rebelled against His Majesty, to fight against this dirty flame wielding bastard?]


Lee Shin Woo firmly nodded his head and continued.

[We can settle things once he's dead. It'd be easier for you to fight against me than Seagald, no?]

[Ha, how entertaining. You led those dirty Vampires here, yet you want me to bury my head in the sand. I know you have an ulterior motive. I really...]

The Lich smiled wickedly and swung his staff. At that moment, a massive buff was applied to the Vampires!

[Like it! Fine, you rust bucket! Let's work together!]

[Archmage, you fool...! You're abandoning me, who has His Majesty's best interests in mind, to join forces with the surface. What the hell is wrong with you!?]

[Seagald Von Retadane, you fool.]

The Archmage's staff was clad in darkness once more.

[Try again once His Majesty forgets about that beam of light you shot at us!]

So that's what they thought had happened. This was great! Yeah, now that he thought about it, the Archmage had retreated early on, so he didn't know who had shot the cannon; he mistakenly assumed that Anti-Skull was the one that had fired the cannon!

[Didn't I tell you that it wasn't me!?]

[Seagald, you bastard. How dare you lie in front of me, Arema Steelworker!?]

"Those that heed the Emperor's command; all forces, charge! Bury those lowly skeletons so that they can never look up at the sky!"

Lee Shin Woo charged, and the Light General followed him, leading the rest of the Vampires. This was a battle that would decide the very fate of the capital, yet the heroes weren't even involved!

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