Stop, Friendly Fire! Chapter 278

<Chapter 51. Underground's Sun - 3>

When the surface's traitors (that's how the surfaced referred to the underground denizens) were chased out, they were forced to struggle desperately to survive.

As the surface dwellers had exiled them out of fear and envy, there were several talented individuals amongst them. And there were some whose authorities rivaled even God's.

[This will be our new nation. We'll live here. ...And survive.]

Of course, the one with the most talent was Jissehanu, the second prince who inherited the royal family's barrier ability (which was based on the darkness element).

Although he hadn't been able to break through the Magic Emperor's barrier, he had managed to expand the space underground, create a barrier that stabilized it and kept it from collapsing, and protected the people.

And thus, he had become ruler of the Underground Empire, the Emperor.

[Nature can flourish underground as well. The spirits will help us with that.]

The Elementalist Leader, who had formed an alliance with Jissehanu, recreated the miracle of mother nature over the vast land that Jissehanu had acquired.

The earth spirits would either flatten or uplift the land, while the water spirits were gathered to create rivers; even more water spirits were gathered to create the sea. The fire spirits provided them with much needed heat so that they could survive.

And thus, that woman became one of the Emperor's consorts.

[My lord, I will create the sun with my light. One that shines even brighter than the surface's.]

[If you're in charge of the day, then I'll take care of the night. Let's support this newly formed Empire together.]

The two with the brightest light and the blackest darkness worked together to create the Underground Empire's sun. The light user would be responsible for sunrise, while its descent would be managed by the darkness user. The sun wouldn't shine upon the Empire without either one of them. 

Thus, they formed a new clan and were responsible for helping the Emperor maintain the Empire. Until the day of their dissent.

[You wouldn't have known, Arema, as one who's come from above. That my family was responsible for maintaining this sun for several years. And now... I've fused together with it!]

It was impossible for Seagald to control the artificial sun by himself. That's why he'd sought to transform the capital into Anti-Skull through the Heaven Rending Cannon, but he'd failed, so he decided to enter the capital directly. He lured the Lich out and then stole the other sun controller from him.

Lee Shin Woo and his group had interfered in the middle, which had made this a lot more complicated, but in the end, Seagald had succeeded. With his controller, he drew the sun towards him, and with the Lich's controller, he was able to fuse with it.

While they were fighting, Seagald had looked up into the air; that hadn't been him acknowledging his defeat or giving up. He was trying to figure out how much time he needed to buy before he could counterattack. Though Lee Shin Woo was called the Heaven Defying General, even he couldn't have predicted this. Seagald had surprised him a second time.

[...Ha, you risked your life to enter the capital for that? You'll soon disappear without a trace, so what's the point?]

[Hoo, hoo. I applaud your bravery, Arema. I know just how much you've changed in such a short period of time. But now... it's over. If your mana was just a tiny bit stronger, then I wouldn't be here right now. You were so close.]

Seagald, having successfully fused with the artificial sun, acted triumphantly, as if he hadn't been struggling against him before.

Lee Shin Woo had disabled at least half of Seagald's body, but it didn't matter. What would he fear, now that he had access to the artificial sun? After all, the most powerful source of light in this world was now in his grasp!

[I grieve over the loss of Anti-Skull. If they were here, then they would've been happy to see a new world ahead of them!]

[Ha, are you going to use that sun to turn the undead in the capital into psychos?]

[It's called Anti-Skull. The moment we become able to move forward, despite being undead, is the moment we become perfect existences. A perfect existence which can coexist with both light and darkness... A new species that can challenge God herself!]

Lee Shin Woo looked up at Seagald. It didn't matter that Seagald hadn't mastered the light element. Right now, he was light itself. In other words, he was fused with an almighty item that bumped his light element to its max. It was an item on the level of his Titan!

'This bastard. His plan really came together. Moreover, he was willing to do whatever it took to achieve his goal... I really am unlucky.'

Lee Shin Woo had no choice but to acknowledge him. Seagald had managed to control the super artifact that had shined upon the Underground Empire for so many years, so he must be feeling invincible.

'I had my suspicions. I thought it was starting to feel hotter, but I thought it was just because of Seagald's ability.'

To think it was caused by the artificial sun's descent; he couldn't even imagine it. He thought Seagald's objective was the Lich, but he was wrong; his objective had been to steal the Lich's artifact and take full control over the artificial sun!

'Each and every thing he does surpasses my imagination. He'll probably try to use that thing to turn the undead into Anti-Skull. If missiles don't work, then fire a nuke, huh.'

Lee Shin Woo looked at the giant sun that shined before him, as well as... Seagald, who was completely hidden within the sun, and just muttered in astonishment. Now he understood; there was no way even his darkness would be able to sense him if he was in that thing.

"Keuk. To think even the artifact won't work...!'

[That pathetic darkness of yours can't protect you against this light. Give it up.]

Whereas, the Light General stared at the man who'd cowardly brought a nuke with him... No, Seagald, who'd assimilated with the artificial sun, and activated the Dark Red Solar Eclipse. She was gritting her teeth, as the artifact had absolutely no effect.

Ultimately, the Dark Red Solar Eclipse was nothing more than an artifact that used the undead curse. Even if it gathered all of the darkness in the area, it wouldn't be able to block the sun's light (which was further amplified by Seagald).


[Y-Your... Majesty...!]

[Kik. Kihiiiiii!]

The Vampires were unable to withstand the light and burned away, and the Light General instinctively foresaw her impending doom. Lee Shin Woo knew that she'd given up.

[Run away.]

"I can't do that."

Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to use her much, but she still had a job to do on the surface, so the best choice would be to send her back. She shouldn't die here.

But as expected, she didn't obey his orders. Lee Shin Woo wasn't planning on dragging this out and inwardly sighed. He then activated both 'Command' and 'Instigate' simultaneously and yelled.

[Sorura Von Lilaine! I told you to run!]

"Keuk! Y-You coward...! Are you trying to bear the burden alone again!?"


Surprisingly, Seagald reacted to that name.

[Lilaine... Ah, I see. You come from a branch family. So they were still alive.]

Seagald's voice resounded far and wide, revealing a secret that he really didn't care for. As expected, there was a reason she could originally wield the light element. ...Though that really didn't matter right now.

[To think I'd have to kill a descendent of a branch family. But I suppose this too is fate. It seems like God has always given us such a cruel fate.]

"The Retadane name has long since been removed from the family register. You traitor, you're just a terrorist attempting to spread the curse all across the world. Don't get so cocky!"

Seagald's words actually reinvigorated the Light General. She raised both her arms, causing the sun's light to subside ever so slightly. She was really trying to fight that giant light crystal with light mana? He was absolutely gobsmacked.

"I've long surpassed the Retadanes. I'll make you regret using that light against me!"

[You're talented enough to talk big. I didn't think a level 8 would show up in a branch family. Unfortunately... it seems like you haven't achieved 'balance' yet.]


His Wild Card skill wasn't entirely ineffective against Seagald. The artificial sun accumulated mana above their heads, and Lee Shin Woo, sensing danger, rushed over to the Light General with Jin and stood in front of her.


Pure light shot out from the sun. One single property... the ability to annihilate the darkness that made up the undead, had been maximized.

Even if she could wield light, it didn't matter. The blast could kill her instantly! He covered her, as if he were embracing her, and then screamed.


[You're enduring it quite well, Arema.]


His scream sounded as though the very world was on the verge of collapse; in addition, his outer shell was being melted away by the light! Seagald was satisfied by his newly acquired strength, and the Light General wept as she looked up at Lee Shin Woo from his embrace. Lee Shin Woo gritted his teeth... and then spoke once more.

[Sorura... I'll be brief... Run away!]


Her voice was even more anguished than Lee Shin Woo's. However, he opened his eyes wide and then spoke even louder, so that she wouldn't forget his words.

[I said run away! Aren't you going to get revenge for us both!?]

"Keuk...! But I'm...!"

[When you get back, make sure you take revenge...]

Lee Shin Woo opened a gate behind Sorura. He'd obviously created it through the Heaven Door's Key, but she didn't need to know that.

No one would expect an artifact of its kind to exist, as it could infinitely create portals between the underground and the surface; most people would think it was a one-time use item.

"Arema! Are you going to leave me again!?"

[You should be able to do it with their help. ...I'll leave it to you.]

"Arema... Aremaaaaaaa!"

Lee Shin Woo softly pushed the screaming Light General back. Her body disappeared within the gate... and soon the gate closed shut. Seagald was shocked at the realization that she was no longer here.

[That ability...!?]

[Hoo... You don't need to know. But there is something I've been wanting to ask you.]

Lee Shin Woo was speaking so calmly, despite screaming so loudly before.

He sighed lengthily as if enjoying Seagald's subtle gaze. Lee Shin Woo had used every means available to him to analyze Seagald's state after he'd fused with the sun and had come to the conclusion that...

[You can't properly use the Annihilation Flame in that state, can you?]


Was he surprised by his question? Or was he surprised that his way of speaking had changed? The sun's light abated momentarily. It seemed like he was using the special passive skill 'Arrogance', which was used when a strong opponent 'was sure of their victory', as he obliged him.

[While the Annihilation Flame is indeed my specialty, it's not enough to control this giant artifact, which has condensed light energy for hundreds of years. But this is good enough. I can fulfill all my goals with this light...!]

[Ah, so that's how it is. I was wondering. So you can only wield light in your current state, huh? Only 'light'...]

If that's the case, then this battle...

"This battle is already over."

Lee Shin Woo, the wielder of Max Light Resistance, shed his golem skin and smiled. 

The performer's smile lit up blindingly beneath the underground sun.

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